Chapter 19: Bathtub

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Ash was still fast asleep when I peeked inside the room. I brought the table near the headrest. Wrote a memo to inform her that I’ll be out for a bit to go shopping, then put a glass of water so she could drink when she woke up. Also gave the little bird some water, and patted it. It had a different kind of fluffiness from Riche. Seemed like it’s really tired from all those years of pecking — it didn’t even move an inch.

「 I’m going now. Take care of Ash when she wakes up. 」

I said that to the bird before leaving to shop.

First stop was firewood. It’s troublesome to keep on returning just to buy this, so I bought just enough to cram under the stairs, and requested them to deliver it. Anyway, I’ll just buy the stuff that would seem odd if I didn’t have them.

Would it be fine to pretend that I’m always eating out? Buying some seasonings and wheat flour would do in that case. Not sure if the business was poorly managed, but the tea leaves they’re selling here weren’t delicious. I’ll get them from the royal capital then. Ah, the bathtub too.

And so, teleported…. from the royal capital to another country’s town famous for their pottery. The bathtub they had was an oblong cask. There were stone tubs at the royal capital near the waterfront, but most of the bathtubs here were either made from casks or barrels. Ah, I think the nobilities had brass ones?

Mine back home was a white clawfoot bathtub, but it’s enamelled. Hmm, not sure, but wasn’t it something like applying a glassy coating on a metal casted object? I don’t really know how to make it.

So, anyway, the plan was to glaze the pottery so it’ll turn into something like a smooth and slippery porcelain. If that didn’t work out, then maybe just fashion it like a wooden bathtub from cypress. Maintenance seemed like it would be a pain though.

There were porcelain vases in the royal capital. So after asking around the market and following rumors, I finally came into this town.

「 Good day. If I may ask, do you know of any workshop that can make a relatively huge porcelain? 」
「 Relatively huge, is it? 」
「 Yes. 」

Not familiar with the place and I didn’t have a middle man, so the fastest way would be to find the Commerce Guild building and ask there.
「 Is it a new custom order? Or is it an arranged order? 」
「 It might be a new custom order? Or maybe an arranged order, too. I’m sorry, I don’t know. 」

Not sure what the existing products here were. If they had a gigantic flower pot-like thing then I could go with an arranged order? I only see unglazed pottery for those pots, though.

「 Do you have a license? 」
「 Yes. 」

I took out my Guild Coin, and the lady receptionist wrote my identification number on the documents.

「 Do you have specification documents? 」
「 It’s not actually a specification document, but this is how I wanted it to be. 」

I handed a paper containing the side view and the top view, size, material texture and other stuff to her. It’d be difficult to explain it verbally, so I prepared this plan earlier.

A bathtub that you can lie in, the part of the bottom is a bit inclined so you can lean back comfortably, and there’s a step at the other side so you can put your feet up, or sit on it too. There’s two plans, the other one for a normal type that didn’t have a step.

I didn’t think the ball and claw foot would cut it, so better to have the support and legs made from metal. Or maybe I could just embed it on the floor so water won’t seep into crevices. Molds will be a problem if I can’t clean the gap between the floor and the tub. Ah, of course I shouldn’t forget about the drainage hole so that water won’t get stuck. Maybe I could use a cork or wood to plug it?

「 Do you have any preferences for the manufacturer? 」
「 If there’s any artisan that you are confident in…」

Didn’t know a single person here.

She made me wait for a bit, then it was decided that I would meet the artisan tomorrow afternoon. The messenger brought some samples he was entrusted with, and he gave me a beautiful cup as a freebie, too. That made me a bit happy.

I also bought complete sets of tableware for my own home and the rented house. People in this world commonly used wooden utensils, while those rich folks used silverware. So porcelain and chinaware were a bit rare — ended up stocking-up now.

Also bought some food and ingredients before returning to the rented house. Maybe I could make soup for now then leave it at the fireplace.
I immediately installed the locks on the doors of the second and third floors. I checked Ash while doing the second floor. Not a single noise, though.

「 Hush any noise I make, 『 Silence 』 」

Just remembered magic halfway through, so I used it. It’s a bit weird if I couldn’t hear a single thing, kinda like muting a game, so I just toned the sound down.

Apparently, the spirits around me would do their best every time I used magic. Well, although it also depended on the ability of the caster, spirits still influence the spell, so even if the same person casted the same spell, the strength would depend on the environment.

The firewood delivery came in the middle of work, so I broke the spell and requested the delivery guy to stuff the firewood under the stairs. The wheat flour delivery guy also came while I was carrying some of the wood. I took the flour and brought it together with the wood to the cellar.

The cellar was beside the sewerage. It bothered me, so I added an extra wall. Well, yeah, yeah, they’re not super near each other, but if I say I’m bothered, I’m bothered, no helping it. Too bothered! In fact, I had already stuffed the space with charcoal, added a brick wall, then painted it with plaster before I even noticed what I was doing.

Also added a shelf to that new wall. Stored the flour and legumes there. The wine I bought from the royal capital also lined the shelf. Was this okay? I picked stuff that would not go bad even if I left them here. All that was left were some boxes.

Finished installing the lock on the guestroom. So now it’s time for the demolition of the laboratory. I actually made it at the corner of the yard, but now I’m turning it into a bathroom. I could boil some water both in the kitchen and the fireplace. Pretty sure I won’t be taking a bath here, though. It’s just that it’s fun remodelling a narrow space, kinda like making a trailer house.

「 Sorry to bother you while you’re having fun. 」
「 Hm? 」

A candy-like, golden-haired girl peeked at me.

Didn’t sense the door opening. I spun around in shock, and a cold, handsome youth and a kind-looking granny were standing behind me.

「 Mischt, Ludere, Pal? Hi, it’s been so long. 」

But why were they here?

「 Let’s talk about the details in your domain. 」

Ludere didn’t bat an eye as he said that and suddenly, my surroundings changed, and we’re inside my house.

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