Chapter 20: Spirits

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The clean room and the presence of the three beings made the work tool I’m holding seem totally out of place.

Riche dashed towards me and snuggled at my feet. Good boy, you’re guarding the house, huh.

「 Sorry for the abruptness, but we have a matter to request of you. 」
「 Yeah? 」

I stared at Ludere while I gently put the tool down as naturally as possible. Well, I was overly conscious, so it must’ve been awkward to look at.

「 We’re really sorry to trouble you, but can you please name the spirits that have taken refuge in this place? 」
Pal looked anxious as she said that.

「 Your older sister’s using a lot of magic. But the way she uses it is rea~lly reckless. Well, it can’t be helped since she can’t see the spirits yet. 」
Mischt was talking about my Sis.

「 She’s obsessive and flighty, after all. I guess she’d be extremely unreasonable for at least a year. 」

Sis would use time, use money, and use me thoroughly for whatever she’s hung-up on, be it a TV channel, an actress, aquarium or whatnot. Then she’d eventually toss away whatever hobby that was. This time, it’s Sis’s own abilities we’re talking about, so she probably won’t dump the spirits after she’s done with them, but she’ll probably use her new playthings within an inch of their lives.

「 Well, to be precise, she’s been exhausting her power, and almost all of it is gone. Namina already warned her, it seems, but Namina is also a luck-pusher and it’s something that gives her power, so… 」

Not sure who this Namina is, but it must be the light ball, based on the context. She’s not proactively stopping Sis because it strengthens her? Ha, as I thought, I really don’t like that ball.

「 Your sister will be able to see the spirits once Namina regains her powers. I sneaked a peek, and based on how things are going on, we’re really worried that she might put ALL of the spirits under the 【 Domination 】 spell. 」

Mischt looked at me with puppy eyes.

「 We understand that you do not wish to be involved with that person, but the spirits are so boisterous that it’s truly unbearable. 」

Ludere seemed to hate noise, huh. Oh, right, he governs Silence, after all.

「 We periodically check on this yard, because it is under our protection. If this continues on, it will really affect us all, you see. 」

Pal glanced outside.

「 Jin, I think you should see the spirits in here. 」

Mischt said that, so I looked at the spirits.

— Looked.

「 Whoa!! Scary!! 」

A-a-a colossal amount of spirits were jam packed and squished against the glass!!!

「 You didn’t notice that, huh… 」

Ludere averted his eyes as he muttered.

Sorry, I didn’t look properly before. So, I had been living in this kind of place, huh…. You don’t have to be Ludere to hate this. Yup, not ‘seeing’ had been the right choice.

Sis’s 【 Domination 】affects everyone beside her even without her using it. The spirits knew that, so they fled to me, since I possessed 【 Liberation 】, so they said.

【 Liberation 】 is the same as 【 Domination 】, it’s already effective just by being nearby.

If they were called out and placed under【 Domination】then it would be a different story, but if the caster was unaware that they exist, then they could still escape. They’d flee while they could, before they vanish from being used up and exhausted, to someone who had 【 Liberation 】 so that they could erase the traces of 【 Domination 】.

In short, they wanted to be beside me, so this happened. They couldn’t enter the house except when I used magic, after all.

「 If you named them, anyone else’s 【 Domination 】will no longer apply to them. They will be free, just like before. 」

Pal looked at my confused expression, and she bowed her head deeply as she explained.

「 Well, it all depends on whether your magic is stronger compared to the other person, or you have a deeper bond with the spirits.」

「Ludere was the one who bestowed the power of magic on you, after all. If you bonded with the spirits first, then I think they will definitely choose you. 」

Ludere pointed out the problem for me, and Mischt was optimistic about this.

「It will depend on how many spirits you can name while that person is still unaware. 」

Pal reminded me again of what I should do.

It’s not really like I returned to how I was before, but I felt motivated, since I knew what would happen. Besides, it seemed that this whole naming business was really important for my comfortable life. It’s just weird that the plants outside weren’t affected by that amount of spirits, though.

「 I’m not really good at naming things, though. 」

Gonna name ALL of THOSE? Isn’t it impossible?

「 Number or anything else is fine. They came here with the goal of【 Liberation】. 」

Ludere said.

「 If you mutually like each other, then you can change the name again. The person who gave the name can easily overwrite it, you see. 」

Mischt beamed.

「 That’s also favorable for the spirits, you know. If a spirit that isn’t named yet finds a person it likes, and it’s strong-willed, then it will definitely ask the person to name it. 」

Pal also explained.

It’s kinda confusing, but in short, the spirits must like me instead of Sis, is that it?

「 The spirit you named will lend their strength to you. If you find a good spirit, then it’d be best to give it a personal name. Right? 」

Ludere supplemented.

Alright, numbers, then.

「 Ye~s, yes. Jin will name you, so line up, okay. 」

「 If you don’t line up you won’t be named. 」

Mischt called out to the swarming spirits, but only half of them willingly lined up. Ludere made those floating as they pleased to line up too.

I listed the numbers while they were arranging the spirits. I took a table and some chairs to the porch with the grapevine trellis. Put some black tea on top, and preps done. I opened the window and started naming them.

「 Red 1 」
「 Green 1」
「 Yellow 1」
「 Red 2 」
「 Blue 1」

If it’s just numbers then we might end up with an extremely high number, so we decided to go with color of the spirit plus number. After being named, some of them stayed in the garden, while the others flew off to who knows where after tasting freedom. Hey, why do I get the feeling like I’m vaccinating these spirits, huh.

Riche was tired after doing his best by my feet and watching me do the same thing for a few hours. He was already splayed out, fast asleep.

Khadar and Ish also came without me noticing.

「 Ugh, break time. I’ll go check Ash. 」

The spirits waiting for their turn were becoming unbearable. Pressuring me to hurry up and name them, so I’m gonna escape for a bit. Haah, yeah, this is for my comfortable life, but still, it’s tough, you know.

「 Thanks for the hard work. 」
Khadar’s voice rang as I teleported back to the rented house.

「 Who’s Ash? 」
「 I freed her from a spirit, so I’m looking after her since she collapsed. 」

Mischt seemed free, so she came after me.

Oh, she’s still sleeping like a log, no movements whatsoever. Doesn’t she get tired of this? The bird noticed us, so it flew over. Ahh, this fluffiness is healing me.

「 Oh my, it’s a tough spot for a maiden. 」
「 Hey, I’m never gonna make a move on her, you hear me. 」

Mischt seemed like she could properly see her as a girl. What’s her basis?

「 No, that’s not what I mean~. Okay, now, the toilet can wait until she wakes up. 」

Hey, so that tough spot, huh!

「 Sorry, didn’t think about it. Thanks. 」

Close, that was a really close call.


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