Chapter 21: Taste Depends on the Person……….

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A disaster was avoided thanks to Mischt. Those invisible dangers are the most troublesome, right! Well, I feel like I’d still be running away even if I knew about it, given the kind of situation that it was.

That aside, Mischt said that Ash will probably wake up at dusk the day after tomorrow.

「 And this child’s name is? 」
Mischt asked while staring at the little bird.

「 I think it’s Lu. 」

If I’m not mistaken, the 【 Appraisal】 result said that Ash’s father named it 『 Lu 』 when he made it his servant.

「 The contract has been broken, it seems. You can give it a new name, you know? 」
「 Is that so? 」
「 Yup. That child also wants you to do that. 」

The little bird’s feathers were slick and smooth, and it was blue from its head down to its back. The breast was a pale blue color, and it’s super soft and fluffy. Fluffy Fluffy Fluff- chan — ugh, I really didn’t have the knack for naming stuff.

「 How about 『 Az 』? Do you want a different name? 」
Azure is the Italian word for blue, and it’s kinda reminiscent of Italy’s blue skies.

The little bird came fluttering happily towards me, so it’s fine with Az, I guess. It then started to scratch the spot above my ears. The bird’s ear holes were just below its eyes, so it’s really just a hole — it’s a bit scary.

「 Will you stay with Ash? 」
Ash will wake up the day after tomorrow, but they have always been together, so she might get lonely if the bird’s gone. Besides, the bird didn’t seem strong enough yet, so I don’t want to take it back with me.

Ah, but the bird had been under contract to endlessly peck Ash, so maybe their relationship’s a bit dicey.

The naming session with the spirits continued on until night, but it’s over. Finally! After this, I just have to do this once or twice every month, when they increased.

「 It’s a bit dark. 」
Days here are longer than when I was in Japan, but it’s still dark.

「 Lights on 」


Ugh, this must be the perfect part to go screaming that famous ‘my eeeyes, MY EEEYES!!!!!’ line, huh……………uuu…..

My body flopped to the ground while I’m still clutching my eyes.

「 Oh my, how amazing! 」
Mischt’s voice came floating from somewhere. Yeah right, you got the LIGHT attribute, for crying out loud.

「 I told you to wait and yet. 」
Ludere called out with a sigh. Felt like the place seemed to have darkened a bit.

「 Isn’t this painful for a human? 」
Everything IS white, it’s STILL white even if I shut my eyes! It’s SUPER PAINFUL, Pal!

「 Thanks, Ludere. 」
Ish was still chill as ever.

「 Don’t fret. 【 Healing 】will work. 」
So I had gone blind? I hurriedly casted 【 Healing 】. Haaa…finally recovered.

「 What was that? 」
It’s like a soundless explosion, or something like that, and it’s not as simple as being dazzled.

「 They may be tiny, but there are a lot of light spirits in here. 」
Mischt giggled.

「 All of them grouped together to give you power, so that’s the result. 」
Rather than chill, Ish was totally expressionless.

「 Ludere blended darkness to weaken the light. If you’re not careful, it’ll be dangerous, so you have to imagine it properly and communicate that to the spirits. 」

I agree with Pal… wait wait lemme get this straight, I was fine up to yesterday doing exactly what I did earlier! I’ve been totally fine with that degree of ‘light’ before!

Also, do spirits hear what I’m thinking? Communicating the image — did that mean these five are currently eavesdropping on my thoughts?

Uggghhhhhh, so tired. So hungry too. This won’t do! I’ll make some dinner now.

“Will you be eating here?”
Tentatively asked them.

「 Honey! 」

「 Wine. 」

「 Bread. 」

「 Medicinal Tea. 」

「 Salt. 」

That unbalanced diet is like an impregnable iron wall, huh. I was prepared even before I asked them, but nothing is more useless than getting them to eat properly, huh. Spirits with humanoid forms were stronger, so they could eat different food, but they don’t taste it, apparently.

Spirits will eat things related to their attributes, like water from morning or evening dew, flames from a bonfire or a fireplace, fragrance of flowers, and so on. Other preferences depended on the person, so it seems. Only Pal’s bread was well thought out, but it can’t be helped.

I prepared all the stuff they wanted. My meal was grilled salted saury, grated radish, and some of the cucumbers and carrots I pickled in rice bran, plus rice and pork miso soup with veggies. The carrots overlapped with those in the pork soup, but the pickles went well with it, so everything turned out great.

The girl made a sweet face like sugar candy while happily scooping the honey from the cup.

The white-faced, gorgeous young man sipped the wine silently.

The granny earnestly tore the bread and ate it.

The old man was scrunching his brow— maybe it’s because of the bitter medicinal tea. But hey, he’s the one who requested that.

The lad was scooping the white crystals in his cup and then bringing it to his mouth without a single expression on his face.

Everything felt surreal. And Ish’s salt really is standing out! Kinda worried how much to serve him, but was that enough?

Will he dislike it if I used matcha salt? This big brother has the perception of a human, so kinda worried about Ish’s body. Although that’s his appearance, Ish’s older than me.

The saury’s skin perfectly broke off with the chopsticks, and the fat came rushing out. The pork miso soup warmed my tummy on this cold day, and the rice and side dishes were really scrumptious even on their own. Those who can’t understand how delicious this is…. Oh well, I don’t understand how morning dew and evening dew’s delicious, too.

Alright, let’s try tackling chawanmushi for tomorrow’s challenge. Don’t have a steamer, but I could try to wing it by putting an upside down colander inside the pot, then putting them on top.

Maybe I could go to the Dinosso family, or maybe join the carpenters for a hotpot. It’s a bit lonely if they can’t eat the same stuff with me.


T/N: Chawanmushi ー savory steamed egg custard with mushrooms, chicken, shrimps and other ingredients.

My eeeeyes ー credits for Kobracon here, apparently, it’s from the Ghibli movie Castle in the Sky, when Musuka, one of the antagonists, got blinded by light and went screaming ‘my eyeess!!’ It’s a pretty famous JP meme. Here’s the link if you want to see that scene, it’s so on point with Jean’s exp 🙂

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