Chapter 23: Training

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I baked three pieces of batard and baguette.

A batard is a short, fat kind of french bread, and it’s springy inside after baking. I’m gonna use this for the sandwich.

The baguette was long and a bit thin, so it’s crunchy, perfect for making slices and topping it with different stuff, so my plan was to make some hors d’oeuvre.

It would take a while to bake, so I took a stroll with Riche first. Maybe I could make a frisbee next time. Riche was tumbling as he ran. We gazed at the scenery together.

Had coffee and freshly baked bread for breakfast after.

The coffee was brewed using flannel drip simply because I already had all the tools I needed. It was a bit bitter, but I could taste the full flavor of the beans, without any other flavor mixed in.

I want to change the taste depending on my mood, so maybe I could also make a siphon?? Or should the flask go first? The ones here were leather bags, after all….

Made the sandwich as planned, then I checked Ash and fluffed Az.

After breakfast, I went to the forest to go bear-hunting — well, that was just a front. I teleported to the depths of the woods, instead. It’d be a disaster if I haven’t mastered my magic in times of crisis. If I activated another blinding light at the bear hunting grounds like yesterday, the guards watching from the gate towers would discover me, but I don’t wanna do violent magic near my house too.

Searched for someplace that’s a bit hidden. I finally found a spot with some steep rocks, and the woods surrounded it from above and on the ground.

「 Alright. 」

I said that to no one in particular before concentrating. 【 Search 】 was already getting some aura that I’ve never felt before.

This is already a bit far from the place I did the naming, so what I’m currently using now is just normal power. None of the spirits I named should be in this place.

First would be the usual Fireball. Yup, it’s stronger than I thought.

Magic is a phenomenon that occurs because of the power of the spirits. People would use mana to lure spirits in aiding them when casting spells or else forcefully drawing out magic from them — I call it mana, but I don’t really know it’s difference with that of mental energy.

If the spirits like you, then they’ll be more proactive than usual in giving you power. Meanwhile, it is also possible to forcefully draw their power out by naming them or having the 【 Domination 】 skill like what Sis has.

The rest would be just going with the flow. I actually experienced this myself the other day.

You can count on one hand the magicians who can instantly activate their magic, and if it is known that they can use attack magic and healing magic, the country will zoom in on them — that’s how rare it is. There are plenty of shamans and conjurers, but they need a lot of preparation and they’re going to plead to the spirits for a long time, bit by bit…….anyway, it’s a method that needs tons of patience.

「 Lights on 」
Yup, this one’s brighter than usual.

If you named a spirit, it’ll be easier to draw power from the surrounding spirits that have the same attribute. That’s why even if it’s not as bright as when the named spirit is around, the power is still amplified.

First would be to practice toning it down to the level of power I wanted. Before that —

「 Sorry, but you’re in the way. 」

Used 『 Zanzenken 』to slash the Horned Monitor Lizard that came. I’m way faster, and this blade won’t break. I can manage this somehow just by swinging it with all I got.

The region inhabited by humans was surrounded by monsters from all directions. There is the Magical Woods in the east, the Desolation Kingdom in the west, the Black Mountain in the north, and the Dragon’s Hunting Grounds in the south.

The reason I chose the borderland city of Canum was because of the easy climate, plus it’s far from Sis’s country. Besides, I could somehow manage defeating the monsters here with 『 Zanzenken』. There were some places where monsters like wraiths weren’t governed by nature.

These monsters are tough, tenacious and have strong vitality.

The monitor lizard that I slayed was more like a fantasy animal compared to the bears and wolves that I usually hunted. So the animals in the depths of the woods are weird and more troublesome, huh. I’m not really in the mood to go there, but the government periodically sends
investigator teams, it seems.

Anyway, it would have been great to just live leisurely and comfortably to a ripe old age, but my ideal lifestyle is higher than most people, so it is more expensive, and I have to make some things on my own.

One of my goals would be to create a down blanket. I heard people talk about the white goose monster. Maybe it has some fine feathers?

Can’t be helped, did you know, in this world, the quilts of commoners were made from bear hide.

My blankets at home were only for summer. Imagine, a bear hide imposingly sitting on the spring mattress! Yeah, there’s no head but still, I don’t want it.

Down quilts were usually made with wild goose or duck feathers. Wild geese are relatives of the geese. I wanna go to the forest’s lake and try hunting white wild geese. They’re birds of flight, so I’m gonna rely on magic, but it’s meaningless if they are scattered .

That’s why I’m gonna train. Even if the number of spirits around me changed, I should be able to control the strength of my magic! Gonna hit them all!
……………….I don’t have a sense of control, right.

That’s why training is really important. The strength will be fine if the imagination is on point. It’d be fun if the image I conjured had game-like effects.

It’s difficult to hit them when they’re moving, so if I concentrate on hitting them, the strength would also rise.

I’m a bit tired so I take a break and have lunch! Took a deep breath before searching for a place to sit.

….. I already slayed a monitor lizard and a three-horned fox with 『 Zanzenken 』 before I knew it…. Felt like it was pointless killing, but if I didn’t defeat them, then they were gonna eat me, so they had to give up.

Nothing else came after that, and【 Search 】didn’t catch anything. Is this it? Did monsters acknowledge that I’m a dangerous guy?


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