Chapter 26: Resolution

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I activated ‘seeing’ so I could see the spirits in front of the Adventurer’s Guild. I ignored the details and just focused on whether they’re interested in people, or if they’re malicious.

By the way, I requested Rouge (Red 1) and Olive (Green 1) to take the spirits lingering beside me back to my home in my stead. I got a moment of peace and quiet thanks to these guys. I didn’t expect that I could also make them do things like this, though.

The guys coming out from the guild didn’t have any flowers sticking on their heads and they’re normal. Some of the adventurers were surrounded by spirits, though it seemed that they weren’t aware of it.

The problem at the guild was resolved, and Ash was currently requesting me to recommend an inn to her. The guild would, up to a certain extent, supposedly support livelihood and also back you up if there’s a fight in exchange for money — if they’re decent, that is.

「 Noth. 」
My problem was solved the moment we entered the Adventurer’s Guild. Ash’s butler was at the guild’s pub.

Noth stood up when Ash called out to him. Black suit embroidered in silver plus that monocle — uwah, his outfit is really sticking out like a sore thumb. Is this really alright? Aren’t they being pursued? Ah, but then, there’s a guy over there who is naked from the waist up and covered only with a bright red pelt, so maybe he doesn’t stand out that much? That guy was also wearing a belt with thorns, just like a bulldog.

Ash introduced me to Butler. The way he carried himself made me think he is one, but actually, he already retired a few years back and is currently living as a free guy now, or so they said. He was already replaced before Ash was evicted from that house, to be precise.

「 Ash, you met the person you’re waiting for? 」
Yeah, it’s obvious that they already met, it’s just that I couldn’t come up with another topic so I could bring up her name.

「 Ash-sama, thank goodness you’re safe. 」
Noth deeply bowed towards Ash, then he nodded towards me.
It’s probably thanks for telling him her name.

We already left their country, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful. The Adventurer’s Guild and the Commerce guild forged their bonds within their guilds across all countries, instead of the various nations, big and small, that had fallen into ruins or else flourished. It was probably because people affiliated to either guild travelled a lot.

Every country is different, but there were kingdoms where the guild was stronger than the ever changing royalty. Well, there are also completely useless guilds like this one, though.

There’s not a single guy with a flower on his head all around the guild, and no sight of Pink Head, either. Maybe she was sent home.

「 Oh great, you’re finally here. 」

Dean came. He is probably the center of the hustle and bustle now.

「 Let me treat y’all to a drink as an apology for making you deal with all the trouble. Seems like I’m finally done with this, so this’ll be the last treat for you guys. So, who’s this? 」

「 My name is Noth, and I believe this is the first that we’ve met. I’ve been working as a butler until a few years ago, but I handed my duties to my son, and am currently trying my hand as an Adventurer. Ash-sama and I are related to each other, so I’ve been selfishly acting as his attendant. 」
Noth bowed again.

「 Well, it’s all the same whether there are two or three of you.」

And so, Dean led us to the edge of the tavern; we were to drink while talking.

There’s a red lizard darting around Dean’s shoulders. Looks like Dean is also a beloved of spirits, huh.

「 I told the same story to all involved, but I already took my younger sister to 『 Fae’s Bough』to drop that spirit off. Many of the guild guys fainted at the same time, but everything’s calmed down now. We probably couldn’t hide this huge incident since a lot of guys collapsed, but please don’t go spreading this, since it’ll be shameful for the guild. 」

「 What happened to your younger sister? 」
The beer came just as Ash asked that.

【 Appraisal 】 showed me it’s gruit beer. Ingredients were malted oats, wheat, barley, and sweet gale for fragrance. So it’s not made from hops?

「 She’s going to start all over from the lowest position. She’s been spoiled so if she didn’t fix that character of hers, she can’t return to being the receptionist….The 『 Mischief 』 casted by spirits can affect all people, so the effects will be different. If it’s not intentionally activated by the person, then it’s possible for the start-over to get postponed. 」

It must’ve been pretty obvious that I wasn’t convinced, so Dean explained it to me.

「 Spirits’ sense of values are a bit different than ours, so their simple pranks can spell disaster for us. This time, it is thanks to Dean-dono’s perception and being able to deal with this as her relative that she is given such generous treatment.

Ash’s words showed consideration towards Dean and Pink Head, and they were also a warning that he shouldn’t reveal that Ash and I were involved.

She’s also saying that if not for Dean, people would get suspicious that Pink Head got away with it lightly.

My impression of Ash was that she seemed out of it, but she’s smart. She can work, so maybe she’s just bad with real life? The maids probably handled everything from shopping to lodging arrangements for the duke, and the environment must’ve been different, I guess.

「 Yeah, I know that. Oh right, they’ll refund Ash’s money through the guild, so make sure you do the procedures later. 」

Dean finished talking, then he grabbed the tankard and chugged it all down. The important convo’s already done, huh. Well, it’s not like he goes around gossiping about the guild matters.

I also tried drinking the beer. It had grains in it, just like New Year’s sweet sake, and it’s treated as preserved food here, so even children drink it. Only 15 years old and above are allowed to drink in pubs, though. Well, I passed the age limit, but still, I’m not comfortable with it, probably because of my memories of Japan.

「 I’m also staying in an inn, by the way. Can’t help but spoil her when we’re together, so I called on our parents and left our house. 」

Dean said while ordering another beer from the pub waitress.

Seems like Pink Head’s gonna hear an earful from her parents, particularly from her mom. Well, she didn’t like her mom’s harsh discipline, so she went to live with Dean originally — how old are you, Pink Head?

「 It’s a great inn, so if the place you’re staying right now is no good, want me to take you there? 」

「I’m making stuff, so I already rented a place. 」

The snacks were served — cheese and nuts. The nuts were damp, they should’ve roasted them instead.

「 Can you introduce me? The place I’m currently staying in is very comfortable, but I had to leave, too.」

Ash took up Dean’s offer.

「 I’m considering looking for a house to rent as soon as possible, so can we please request two rooms for short-term stay? 」
Noth followed up with a smile.

Oh, right, if Ash’s going the route of pretending to be a guy, then she’ll have problems, like taking a bath beside the well and other stuff. If she wanted to avoid catching the eye of others, then renting a house is the way to go. I also rented the house for that reason.

Anyway, the stews here managed to hit the spot, but the rest of the dishes were really lackluster. If they put more effort then they could make it more delicious even with the same ingredients.

I don’t have a hobby of making others eat the foods I cook, but every time I eat the bland foods, I get the urge to ask them whether those are truly delicious, and at the same time offer food that I think is delicious so they can compare.

That urge is particularly strong when talking with people while having a meal.


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