Chapter 30: Warning and Realization

Translator: Haruchin   Editor: Marky

「 Riche. He’s known as the Wolf of Destruction, and he was formerly arrogant and egocentric, acting like he’s the boss. 」

Riche already remembered ‘sit’, so I was teaching him ‘shake’ after our morning stroll, when Ludere suddenly appeared and said that comment.

「 What are you scheming? 」
Khadar strode in, then he struck the floor with his cane.

「 Fufufu. Riche didn’t associate with us before, but he was cute. But he’s a bit suspicious, sorry. 」
Mischt flipped her soft, loose golden hair then she cutely shrugged her shoulders.

Riche was still little, so he couldn’t hold ‘sit’ for a long time, and his hind legs were sloppy.

「 Hm? Why? 」
Attaboy, he did a good job with ‘shake’ so here’s a bit of jerky as a reward for him. It’s just unflavored strips of dried meat, though.

「 This one was a Feral Deity before losing his powers; he shook the heavens and destroyed the earth. He just fulfilled his desires, stubbornly refused to listen to advice, and he would bite to death anyone who stood in his way. 」

「 So you were an Alpha dog, huh. 」
I squeezed and rolled Riche’s face with both hands.
「 Alpha…? 」
「 Alpha — the No. 1 Leader. Dogs are animals that follow their pack leader, and if there are disobedient dogs, that would be stressful for the leader, and he might become aggressive. People should establish themselves as the leader if the dog’s gonna live with them, else it’ll be a disaster for both. 」

Not holding them above shoulder-level, humans must eat first during meal times, stuff like that. There are times when you want to eat or sleep together, but you have to endure. If dogs are going to live according to human rules, then humans should definitely act as the leader.

「 Riche is a wolf, right? 」
「 Riche is a spirit, though… 」
Mischt and Khadar’s voices overlapped.

「 Same thing goes for wolves. Is it different for spirits? 」

I jostled Riche while asking. He rolled over, twisting his whole body — so, wanted me to scratch here, huh, does it feel good here, huh?

Ludere had a complicated expression on his face, but just ignored it.

「 There are people whose dispositions are drawn towards appearances, and there are others who are not. I recalled that Riche could speak, and he was highly intelligent. Beware. 」

That’s what Khadar said, but intelligence and instinct are two different things, so nobody can really tell. Anyway, Riche is adorable.

「 I’ll think about it when he starts speaking. 」
I patted Riche’s flank before standing up. A puppy’s tummy is full and round.

「 Thanks a lot for worrying about me and coming here to warn me. 」

Khadar might have been bashful; he disappeared when I thanked them.

「 Take care! You’re my precious person~ 」
Mischt giggled before vanishing. What a tease! Well, she’s probably referring to me being a powerbank, though.

「 The high and mighty aloof wolf… 」
Ludere mumbled before disappearing in thin air.

Ah, Ludere, it might be better for you to just let it go. Riche was frolicking with his ankle. If you’re just acting then that’ll be a huge shock, Mr. Aloof Wolf.

Alright, time to prepare the meal.

Take out the mountain-shaped white loaf from【 Storage 】 then cut it into thin slices. It is still warm, but gonna toast it ‘till it’s golden brown. Now that it’s crispy enough, smear some butter then heap up lots of the sweet and sour plum jam.

Slicing the bread thickly is also good, but this is also nice. Get some half-cooked, sunny side up egg, bacon and cheese, salad with dry-cured ham, plus warm soup.

Last, brew some coffee. I used a nel drip, but there’s no coffee oil floating up. It’s a bit mysterious so I checked with 【 Appraisal 】; tuned out that the nel here is made from 100% cotton, so the cloth absorbed the oil. No wonder it had that same mild flavor I get from the paper drip coffee.

Hey, keep it a secret that I didn’t know the difference in taste until I noticed that there’s no oil and did 【 Appraisal 】 . It’s in the mood, mood, d’ya hear me.
Haah, it’s nice to relax at home, staring at the snow falling gently outside the window. I planted some trees and flowers in the garden these past few days, so the scenery had changed quite a bit, but they were all blanketed in thin snow, so the boundary between the garden and the mountains seemed a bit fuzzy to me.

There’s still a lot of that plant-growing powder I received, but yup, don’t wanna go out and work in that snow-piled yard, after all. I’ll just plant some more when it becomes warmer.

Alright, today’s the scheduled date to claim the bathtub. And so, I made my way towards the pottery with a spring on my step, humming a tune.

「 Good day, is it ready? 」
「 Oh! It’s good that you’re here. Yup, finished it, safe and sound. 」

The enamel bathtubs were finished with no problems. The feet were encased and gilded. This side was my clawfoot bathtub, and on the other side stood the other one that had feet shaped as shells.

They were going to show the shell-feet bathtubs to the aristocrats who placed their orders. The clawfoot style was plain, and I just randomly chose the shell for it’s connection with water, but it turned out pretty well.

「 Here you go, these are the things you requested. 」
「 Whoa, thank you very much! 」

He handed me a sugar jar and a salt jar. Sugar lumps when dry so the jar was made from glazed ceramic. Salt, on the other hand, lumps when moist so the jar was made from bisque that had a better airflow. I asked them to paint the glaze inside the jar, so even if the color changed for a bit, they still looked the same.

Thanks Master, my kitchen wares are complete now.

I already got almost all the stuff needed to complete the bathroom, too, so I’m pretty much hyped up — wait a sec, how on earth will I bring the bathtub home? Horse cart? Ehhh, that’s too far, er, it’s actually in a different country though.

Anyway, they wrapped the bathtub sample they’re gonna show to the nobles, so I also had mine wrapped. I just pretended that I already arranged a delivery cart, and requested them to take it out to the roadside. Then I posed as if waiting for someone.

I tipped the workers who carried it here, thanked them, and made them return back. I know you guys are busy, so you don’t have to wait with me for the horse cart — just like that.

【 Storage】 is convenient, but bringing home huge things from the city is a pain in the neck.

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