Chapter 31: My Neighbor-san

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Currently in the first floor of the rented house. Yeah, I know it’s a waste to destroy these tiles, but had to tear them off so I could put up new ones.

I also dug up the inner yard, then connected the drainage stone pipe there to the one in the kitchen. I already revamped the kitchen to stop the stinky smell from the sewage from floating up, so I already knew the layout of the whole place. Plus, it didn’t really matter even if it took a lot of time since I’m not using the water in the rented house.

Put the tiles in, and the bathroom floor’s all done. The walls were made from brick sized stones. The place is a bit narrow, and it’s near the fireplace so it’d be super scary if I used wood. Maybe I could make a stone oven in the gap between the wall and fireplace, then pour some water on the bathroom walls so that it’ll be a steam bath?
Steam baths are big time in this place, it seems.

The deities don’t benefit much from remodelling the rented house, but it can’t be helped. I’m actually using【 Manufacturing Ability 】 all the time and raising my skill, so they’ll just have to forgive me on this.

I should make the down duvet soon. The feathers and downs were already washed and they’re spread out to dry in the shed. Have to buy cloth with great texture and sew them soon.

「 Hm? 」
Somebody’s knocking on the door.

Ah, I don’t know anybody around here, so who might it be? The people living on both sides of the alley, or a person from the Commerce Guild.. Or maybe Ash?

「 Sorry for bothering you while you’re busy. Here. 」
I’m right, it’s Ash.

「 What happened? 」
I took the present from Ash and invited her in. Ah, I was in the middle of work, so the chairs and table… let’s see, I know they’re somewhere here.

「 Wait for a bit. 」
I got the table back, and offered her the chair, then I went to the kitchen to get the tea set.

It’s cold, so there’s fire in the hearth, and I also have some warm water. I boiled the soft water from the other house for myself, but I left it by the fire, so there’s more than enough to go around.

Hard water’s the norm in this place, right. Drinking mineral rich water is fine, I guess, but soft water is really good for cooking and bathing, I think.

A kettle would be so nice ~ I scooped the water from the pot into the cups and warmed them while thinking so. Er, this is hot, not warm. Tried to cool it down by bringing the teapot higher and pouring the water from there. Yeah, I don’t know any manners! Just bringing it to moderate temp is already plenty!

「 Here, it’s cold outside, right? 」
「 Thank you, I’ll drink this right now.」

This present looks like snacks, so I unwrapped the paper packaging. Simple tarts peeked out. I returned to the kitchen to get some plates and a knife.

「 Your tea set is rare, huh. 」
「 Yeah. Silver sets are the most popular here, are they? 」
「Mmm. We also had a silver set back home. Troops use wooden ones during expeditions, and the majority of the commoners also use wooden cups. 」

「 Silver is pretty, but maintaining it seems troublesome. Why did it become popular? 」
Because it won’t break? I plated the snacks on the plates then handed one to Ash. I imagine the silverwares turning black soon enough.

「 Silverwares are good as a countermeasure against poisons, and they’re used for flaunting status, plus they’re nice for discerning excellent, conscientious servants. That about sums it up. 」
Ah, did silver change color when reacting to arsenic and potassium cyanide? Amazing, it’s a jumble of usefulness and pretentiousness of nobles!

Eh, so did that mean we should do poison testing first? Hey, Duke’s son, er, young lady. Well, too late for that, I guess.

Oh, these tarts have figs soaked in wine and sugar, and the sauce seeped through the dough — so tasty. The taste gets better as it crumbles in your mouth. I’m gonna make some later.

「 This is the most delicious snack I tasted in this city. 」
「 It’s Noth’s reco. 」
You’re so capable, Butler.

「 So, what’s up today? 」
「 We came to greet you, since we already moved.」
「 Whoa, so you decided on the house! Where? 」
「 The right side of this alley. 」

Wha, we’re super duper close neighbors!?

「 I thought there were people living there, did they move out? 」
「 It seems that the couple’s going to live with their daughter. 」

What an amazing coincidence, but maybe they already agreed a long time ago? We’re just on the level of exchanging nods and hellos, never talked about them before, so I don’t know.

「 Ahm, sorry. 」
「 Why? 」
「 Noth was the one who found this. I don’t think I told him the location of Jean-dono’s house, though — 」

Bffff! *splutter, cough*

Is this what they call doing monkey business!?

「 Come again? 」
「 Well, it seems that I’m in a great mood when talking with Jean-dono, so. 」

… Good mood? Where, where!? I can already tell when she doesn’t mean to scare people off, or if she didn’t have any bad intentions even if she had that terrifying face on, but how on earth did he see that she’s in a good mood?

「 Ah, well, it’s fine, though. Isn’t the rental fee too expensive? 」
When I was looking for rental houses, I also asked a similar empty house for the price, but isn’t 6 gold coins per month too severe…?

「It’s a lot better than that rip-off inn, and there’s no price for safety. In the worst case scenario that assassins came for me, I’ll be causing too much trouble to the inn or rented room. 」
「 I see.」
How upright~ oh, I unwittingly thought of a feedback comment.

「 By the way, what are you making? 」
「 Bathroom. 」
「 Bathroom? 」
Ash is making another dreadful face, but that must be her puzzled look.

「 It’s not a bucket tub, you know? Well, it’s faster to just show it to you. 」
I invited Ash to the newly made wall.

「 This is…A bathroom? 」
「 Yeah, the wall’s still wet, and there’s no door, though. 」
「 I have never seen anything like this before. Beautiful. 」
When I told her she could touch anything except for the walls, Ash started to stroke the clawfoot tub. Super smooth, right?

「 I’m also thinking of making it into a steam bath, so I plan to make a stone oven in the gap between this wall and the fireplace, too. 」
「 The window in the bathroom is also luxurious, but this one… I want to use it. 」
「 You can try it when it’s done, okay. 」

I made these, so I wanted to boast for a bit.

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