Chapter 32: If This is the Normal, Instead

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It seems that the previous owner already moved out, so they were inspecting the house’s condition just now. They already checked it out before, but maybe they wanted to see it again for negotiations?

「 Is it okay if I also look around? This house was newly built, so it’s empty before, and I have never entered a normal single house before. 」
I wanted to see what’s normal and turn it into reference. Az jumped on my shoulder, and I stroked with a finger while asking Ash.

「 Yeah, sure. We don’t have any furniture, though. 」

And so, it’s decided that I’ll go visit, then.

There’s a back gate in the middle of the alley, so I thought we’d go through that, but she especially brought me to the front.

「 Oh, hello there, please come in. 」
「 Please excuse me. 」
I felt someone’s presence when the door opened — Noth came to welcome us.

「 Please pardon us, the house is in this state, so we couldn’t even offer you tea. 」
「 No, I’m sorry for bothering you even though you are so busy. Thank you very much for the snacks. 」

Noth toured me through the house. The windows on the first floor were small except for those facing the courtyard, and they were built high. Also, they were raising livestock like horses, pigs and others here not so long ago. Based on the remaining traces, I guess they didn’t use the first floor as a living space, huh. Maybe that’s why the windows were small? Maybe it’s related to public order?

The houses facing the main street also had the first floors converted into shops, so maybe it’s normal for the living rooms and bedrooms to be on the second and upper floors.

The width is different from mine, but the general structure is mostly similar, huh. My rented house is sandwiched between two houses, so I don’t have windows on the sides. I have the inner yard with the well on the first floor, a kitchen in the furthermost part, second and third floors, plus an underground cellar.

The staircase was opposite the wall with the window, and part of the fireplace blocked the window looking out into the yard. My rented house was built just recently, so there’s a fireplace on the first floor on the get go. Since this floor was used as a shed for the livestock, then it probably didn’t have any fireplace right from the start? It must’ve been difficult to connect the chimney, or should I say vents, way up to the third floor, so they just made it so the smoke would go out into the yard.

And there are a lot of shelves on the wall.

「 They were weavers, apparently, so they put the materials, dyes and tools on these before starting to spin. 」
「 I see. 」
Yeah, not sure if it’s from a dye, but the stain spread out on part of the floor.

Wait a sec, I just stared at the shelf and yet he already knew what I was thinking? Really can’t treat Butler lightly.

「 Ugh. 」
Like I said, whose brilliant idea is it to put the toilet inside the kitchen!!!! And for goodness sake, STOP building a stone dais seat with A. GAPING. HOLE!! SO STINKY!!!!!

Yeah, yeah, I get that it’s logical to just drop it to the sewage, but I CAN’T accept it. If this is the norm in this world, then sorry, I’ll never compromise.

「 Oh, now that I think about it, Jean-dono’s toilet is partitioned by a wall, and the sewage didn’t stink. 」

I made the kitchen’s drainage pipes into an S-shape, so it’ll stock water and prevent the odor from rising up, and I also connected the drainage to the sewage via the toilet. I also remodelled the toilet since it was just a straight hole leading to the sewage. I attached a lid, then placed a bucket nearby just in case it’ll get blocked, then splash everytime…..

I won’t use it, but if I make some friends later on, then they’ll probably call on that rented house, so I prepared it so they can use it.

Moreover, in the Duke’s house, they use a wooden box as a seat, and there’s a drawer-like thing under it. Everytime they’re done with their business, a maid would call a servant to replace it……………………..

Even if there are no slaves, the jobs of the servants seem to be divided by rank? If they become ladies-in-waiting, then they don’t do scullery jobs and other stuff. The ladies-in-waiting in the Duke House were also nobilities working as apprentices to learn proper conduct, so maybe that’s only natural?

The servants’ toilet was, of course, located at the corner of the servants’ kitchen. Not to mention Ash, even Noth rarely went to that place, apparently. And the rest of them would do it outside…………….. What an extremely spacious toilet, right!
「 Is it okay if I look at it? 」
「 Eh? Yeah, sure. 」
I can’t say no, since he showed me their place.


「 This is….? 」
「 It’s a bathtub. 」
People usually use wooden tubs, and it must be rare for a private home to have a bathroom in the house because of drainage. This enamel bathtub already went way beyond rare, for sure

「 He promised that he’ll let me use this when it’s finished. 」
When Ash said that to Noth, one of his eyebrows shot up.


Shocks, what the, she’s a woman!! Aside from her appearance, she had been under my care in the past days, so that fact totally, COMPLETELY slipped out of my mind.

「 Butler-san is also welcome to try it after it’s finished. 」
I don’t have any ulterior motive, so please relax.

「 Thank you very much. I know I should restrain myself because of my status as a servant, however, I am truly interested in it, so please pardon me. 」
He bowed gracefully. That was close, too close.

Next, the kitchen.

「 Ohhh. Indeed, it doesn’t smell.」
「 Mm. It’s a wonder.」
He peeked inside the toilet, then sniffed at the sink.

Ah, the sink here had two adjoined places to stock water. It takes too much effort to draw water from the well, so apparently, they use it by stocking water on one side and washing the things in it, then the other side is for rinsing.

「 With this, I am thinking of postponing our move to another day. May I ask which workshop did you commission to do this? If it is alright with you, can you please introduce us. 」
「 Me. 」
「 Yes. 」
Noth was expectantly staring at me, but as I said, it’s me.

「 Noth, Jean-dono did all the work here himself. 」
「 Oh my! — Have you registered this technology to the Guild and did an exhibit? 」
「 Not yet. I’ll do that from now on. 」
Following these lines means I’ll probably be requested to remodel that house. Renovating is fun, but sorry, I’ll never touch a toilet that’s already been used!

Well, it’ll be good if the city becomes more sanitary. Honestly, whenever I enter a restaurant, the image of the kitchen pops up to my mind and I lose my appetite.

And so, my pseudo-patents increased because of this.


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