Chapter 34: Income

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Money came pouring in like crazy. It’s from the bathtub and the wet area, but the deposits are still coming in multi-levels, so it was amazing. I supervised the renovation at Ash’s house. Well, that’s the pretext; I’m just in charge of the materials. Some of the Commerce Guild staff came to observe at that time.

After a while, an influential person also sent his underlings to Ash’s house, and they took turns with the Commerce Guild personnel to do observation, so there were a lot of people. Ash was worried at first since they couldn’t readily move, but the Commerce Guild and the Mason Guild under it gave them a hefty compensation, so it was cleanly settled.

I was a bit worried, since Ash has potential pursuers her house layout will be exposed. Well, looking at these houses all lined up with similar floor plans made me think it’s useless to worry about it.

Other places were also finished and the observers transferred over there, so it finally calmed down over here.

If you’re really that bothered about the smell, then do something about it — I can’t help but think that way. It seems like they’re just covering the smell by spraying perfume. If they want it cheap, they just chew on garlic, or smear them all over the place.

Just stop already.

I got the feeling that the adventurers are more concerned with the smell affecting the game they hunted. Well, even if you splash them with water they won’t catch a cold, that’s how healthy they are.

There were guys among them who say they wear furs so that they’ll smell like beasts, or else, those who don’t take a bath, saying ‘carnivorous monsters will come near us!’, though.

Because their move had been prolonged, I managed to finish the down blanket just in time.

「 Finally, time to move, huh. Sorry for the trouble. 」
「 No, I also profited from the result. I even got change after paying the inn. 」
Ash and Noth were on standby, waiting to receive the the big furniture such as the beds and the clothing boxes underneath to arrive

「 This is the housewarming gift that I told you about before. 」

I handed the sack to Ash and Noth. It’d be troublesome if it got ripped while rubbing the stairs and the contents spilled, so I put it inside the sack. Their stairs are too narrow, after all.

「 It’s quite light for a blanket. 」
「 Mm. 」
「 I made it with the down feathers of Horned Snow Geese. 」


「 Isn’t this a luxury item! 」
It’s rare for Noth to raise his voice.

「 Snow Geese, are you talking about those extremely wary animals that are very difficult to hunt….? 」
The feather blanket’s price didn’t seem to ring a bell for Ash, but she’s familiar with snow geese, it seems.

「 Yep. 」
Actually, I didn’t know that, either. I just thought it must be expensive.

In the end, I had to spend a whole week to get enough feathers, then I sold the horns to the Adventurer’s Guild and the meat to the Commerce Guild as an alibi and for my track record too. I was shocked after that.

In order to get the feathers, they would wait for spring when the water is tepid, and they would search for the nests left behind by the migrating geese. Easy, it seemed. It’s just that monsters rarely pair up, so they don’t build nests, and that’s the reason why the horned geese’s feathers were worth a fortune, and that didn’t change.

The down blanket was already worth more than 200 gold coins, enough to build an ordinary house inside the castle walls. Amazing, right!

The meat was also sold for a steep price. One time, I brought too much, so I ended up hearing things like ‘This is difficult to preserve, so you can try selling this much to others’, or ‘if it’s just one per week, then it would’ve fetched a hefty price!’ and so on.

In that case, I can also sell feather pillows. I pretended to sell the stuff left over from the feathers, but there were a lot more inside 【 Storage 】 , so it was an awful lot when combined with the portion I used for myself.

I thought it’d be a pity to waste them, so I turned them all into pillows and cushions. That’s where I fell short — I should’ve sold them to other countries, instead. Ah, yeah, I can also sell the cushions later, huh. Alright, I’m going to sell them.

「 This is too much for a housewarming gift….. 」
「 I already decided on this before I knew the price, and I also got it on my own. I only used an arrow and string. 」
I also ruined a robe, though. I don’t want to get another gift after all this.

「 Well, it’s the privilege of an adventurer. Oh, right, here, apology gift for extending your move. 」

「 This is….? 」
「 What might this be? 」

Both of them didn’t know what to make out of this.

Even though it had been profitable, I still troubled them a bit, so as a compensation, I gave them a new commodity. It’s a toilet seat made from ceramics.

— It’s a bit funny that their move might be extended again because of the toilet seat. I just told them about the guild in the country that handled this, that’s it. Given the time difference, money might come pouring in again, I think.

There’s no porcelain yet, so in return, I requested them to make more enamel products aside from the bathtub.
The only flaw was its weakness against temperature differences, but it’s strong against heat, and it’s fine even if placed in direct fire, plus it’s also okay with acids, good for stewing jams.

The bathroom at the rented house was also finished. I already used it twice. I used well water the first time I tried it, but I used water from my house the second time around. The soft water from my house won hands down. Not sure if it’s because of being boiled at the fireplace, but the bath’s hot water was softer than the one in my house. It doesn’t stand a chance against the convenience of turning a faucet to get hot water, though.


「 Jean-dono’s house is like a different world. 」
「 It is peculiar, but not unpleasant — in fact, I certainly want to adopt this style. 」

Ash and Noth already got furniture and some firewood to ward off the cold, but they still couldn’t cook there so I invited them over for dinner.

I told them that they’re free to explore the first floor while I bring in the food. Well, the second and third floors are locked, though.

There are leather-covered wingback chairs in front of the fireplace on the first floor, and there is also a dining set. I also installed a few shelves on the wall, and lined it with different ceramics.
Ash curiously stroked the wingback chair. This chair, or should I say a single sofa, has a beautiful silhouette, looking like it sprouted wings on its back.

I initially considered the antique sofa I wanted in my previous life, but it all made sense when I placed them before the fireplace. This wing-like feature prevented me from drawing too close to the fire and warming only my face.

Aside from that, most of the chairs in this world are commonly bench seats, and chairs with back rest are pretty rare. I also registered this chair, haha.

I helped a furniture maker previously, so I also assisted a leather craftsman and learned a lot from him. I used a normal cow’s hide for this sofa, but if I see a cow or horse monster then I’ll remake it again.

The butler seemed to be interested in the table and chairs. I made several chairs while paying attention to comfort, so I’d be glad if you praise it. The seat is made from stacking several wool felts, covered with leather, but look at that back angle and that curve! I’m unbelievably proud of that, you know.


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