Chapter 4.1: House

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The outer wall, the roof materials, and the exterior design were all selected from the materials that were common in this part of the land. The stone wall was not too white nor too black; kind of like pale yellow with a tinge of gray, or maybe sand-colored shade would describe it better. The roof was tawny with hints of orange. Well, the window was fitted with a large glass just like that, and there was also a floodgate for water management like that, with a stream running through it.

The interior was cool and comfortable thanks to the water running under the paving. The floodgate should be closed during winter, though or else the floor would freeze over, and that would definitely be troublesome.

White plaster coated the house interior’s walls, and dark brown beams decorated the ceiling. Bright brown stones covered the whole floor, making it look as if it were tiled, but it’s just made from relatively thick stone paving. The same stuff stretched on towards the terrace outside the huge sliding glass door, and a rack that could be used as a grapevine trellis hung above the terrace. Upstairs, flooring was made of planks with the same dark brown shade as the beams.

There’s the entrance hall on the first floor, with the living room and kitchen at the right side.The kitchen also had a splendid room connected to it, probably for the butler’s use. The entire left side was dedicated to the parlor.

Three rooms occupied the second floor. There’s the bedroom, a study and a guest room, too. The living room staircase led to the bedroom, while the one in the entrance hall led to the guest room. The house looked like it’s split into two; a side that could be shown to the guests and a side for the private interior. The hall’s huge – a hall, mind you. Truly got that rich person vibes.

There’s also a few food storage rooms and storerooms. The one in the basement had a skylight at the side of the entrance hall. The ground was uneven between the northern living room and the southern entrance, so that window was small ー just the width of a few stair steps. Both the master bedroom and the guest room had bathrooms, but the one in the master bedroom had a large window, so it was bright.

The channels, sewage, food storage room, firewood and toilet were way too awesome, they’re totally against the rules! Normally, water must be drawn from the well or from the river, but here, you could get water by turning the faucet, and hot water would also come out in the bath. The toilet was also flushable since I chose water circulation over the gas stove and lighting. Had to sacrifice gas and electricity, but thank goodness the firewood in the fire rack would never run out. Didn’t want to go through the trouble of gathering firewood EVER again. Besides, I requested them to make me a stove and a kiln for cooking, as well as a kamado* that was designed so that a huge chinese wok’s bottom could sit on it. It’s also suitable for pots. This country didn’t have anything like it.

One of the brick ovens had efficient thermal storage. It could bake bread in series, and was also great for making slow-cook dishes that would take overnight to cook because the heat was preserved even if the fire was extinguished. The other one had high insulation efficacy, so it’s suitable for pizza and open-fire cooking where the fire was constantly burning. Both ovens looked identical, but the stones used in their hearths were different, apparently. Not that I can tell.

The food storage rooms were stocked to the brim with various ingredients. They were not unlimited, so I chose plenty of things I could use ー ingredients that did not exist or were difficult to get in this world, things that had a huge taste difference from the other world… in the end, I accumulated a lot of stuff.

I tried to recall the dishes I wanted to eat then listed their ingredients. They gave advice as they helped me choose, but it had been quite difficult to narrow it down.

The shelf was divided into squares. Rice, Chinese cabbages, potatoes, tea leaves, miso, soy sauce and all sorts of koji mold were placed in those squares. Beef, pork, lamb, and chicken were placed on planks and they were also lined up on the shelf. Sweetfish swam in the bucket, and there was also a school of Pacific saury ー rather than saying they were swimming inside the bucket, it was like the water surface rippled inside it. Maybe it’s like that so I could catch fish anytime, right at the center where the ripples started? I didn’t think it was connected to Japan, but what’s going on?

The pantry was an absolute dream. I could get all I wanted without worrying it’ll run out. Opted to pour the highest amount of power in it, to be precise. Actually, they suggested I get 【Complete Magic】instead of【Magical Talent】,【Complete Martial Arts】instead of【Martial Arts Ability】. No need to think twice, of course it’d be food and amenities!

As a result, I got a house that was clean and comfortable. Even linens had been prepared.

Nobody would be aware of this house, no one could enter without my permission and nobody within this site would notice that I exist. It was a completely safe house.

Since this world contained an abundance of magic and monsters, transmigrators were given protection for three moon cycles at the moment of transfer to learn more about it. Now I understand why I never saw a beast despite sensing them. The snow had been dangerous, but it seemed that I was barely safe from the monsters, too.

I was so fed up with having to put up with being severely bitten by insects during my stay at the island that it has been reflected in my territory system, rendering pests and monsters unable to enter my territory, naturally. By the way, those guys suggested that I should extend my authorization system to the woods for the invisible spirits, as well as beneficial insects, birds and beasts.

I had a lot of remaining life span compared to Sis and the others, but got very few skills to show for it because I used most of it on this house.

I already had been given talents while self-improvement could be done on my own, so I didn’t have any regrets.

I did think that I should train for a bit as a counterplan against Sis, just in case, though. My guardians would also gain more power if I became stronger, too. Well, apparently it would also depend on whether I cooked or made this house more comfortable, so maybe it would be fine even if I didn’t think about this too deeply.

In the meantime, let’s 【Cut Ties】 with Sis, her two friends and that ball of light.

T/N: kamado – Japanese traditional cooking stove fueled by wood or charcoal
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