Chapter 40: Only One Reason to Worry

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「 It’s my, Chris Eades, sixth sense! 」

Chris was persuading the guild staff now. I already retreated under the pretence of helping Ash.

「 Sixth sense, huh. ….Please wait for a moment. 」

Not sure if the staff was already exasperated so he agreed, or if it was because of that ‘sixth sense’ phrase that he did.

「 Oy. Are you sure it’s your intuition? 」

Dean had been looking the other way and oozing with disinterest just a while ago, but now, his expression was grim as he strode towards the counter where Chris was standing by.

「 I swear that it’s my intuition. 」

「 Argh, then stop stalling already and spit it out! What the heck, is it right now? Will we make it in time if we go in spring? 」

Dean scratched his head vigorously as he asked Chris, who had his chest puffed out.

「 We will make it in time if we go in spring, I think… 」
Chris’s reply was a bit quieter compared earlier when he was brimming with self-confidence.

Why did they suddenly change their tune and agreed with Chris? Is it because they respect that so-called ‘sixth sense’?
「 A light spirit is attached to Chris-sama, and apparently, it is a type that bestows 『Divine Oracle』. He cannot see the spirits himself, apparently, but that ‘intuition’ has brought him great achievements. ]

Butler softly whispered in my ear.

Oh, so he has a light spirit, huh.

Although the people who are blessed by the spirits can’t be considered many, there is a certain number who are. The spirits’ powers are divergent, and they even bestow questionable graces such as skin that doesn’t tan, or hair that turns red, so there are also people who continued living their life without noticing those blessings.

The people who can see spirits aren’t few. It’s just that the spirits’ presence is already a wide spread knowledge, so if a person is well endowed with abilities, or if they are like Chris whose hunches are almost always spot on, it’ll be chalked up as the work of spirits, and they’re not treated coldly because of that.

Apparently, it’s hard for people to pretend as if they can’t see them when in fact they do, so I turn off this ability by default whenever I’m not in the rented house. I also do that when I’m at my home unless I have to name the spirits. The scene is quite terrifying, after all.

「 Actually, we’re not going there to investigate, but to fight those Tri-Horns, right? If this goes on, then I’ll be summoned for sure. I have to eat my dinner here in the pub, if that happens. 」
Dean muttered, seemingly resigned.

If a battle is already certain, then they’ll probably require those two Silver ranked guys, I guess?

「 Hmm hmm, you seem to owe the guild, huh. 」
Chris happily commented.

Ahh, so he can’t refuse the guild because of Pink Head, huh. Good luck ~.

The food in the pub and cafeteria are geared towards the employees. They’re mostly focused on the amount rather than the taste, so I avoid them. Well, not having to worry about food is a luxury, though. The reason meat is abundant here compared to the other cities is all thanks to the bounteous forest.

Rabbits are not only great as salt-cured meat, their tendons are also important ingredients for making glue, and their hides also sell well. This city buys wheat and ore in exchange. There are fields outside the city walls, but the probability of the monsters destroying the crops is high, so it seems like the people here are caught between a rock and a hard place.

They have the culture of eating liver and other innards from animals raw, probably to compensate for the vitamins and nutrients they lack because they can’t readily buy vegetables. When I think about the environment — urk, parasites…… They don’t even eat veggies raw, let alone fish, so why meat, of all things……

「 If a battle is already set in stone, then we have to recruit Irons who are experienced in slaying Bicorns, then? 」

I’m worried about germs and whatnot, but it’s not a big deal for the residents here, I guess. Oh, now that I think about it, hay fever and e.coli usually affect developed countries, maybe because they’re too concerned with hygiene that they’ve become weak against germs. Then, what about my body, is it okay, too…. I won’t test it out, though.

「 No, it’d be good if they already defeated at least one Tri-Horned. I don’t have any plans to stay in the forest depths for too long. I want not only our guild, but the ones from the other cities, and also the Golds, to act. 」

「 Gold ranks, huh. 」
Dean scowled bitterly.
Oh, the topic turned to Gold while I was busy thinking about germs.

「 The aura of the entire forest was abnormal. 」
「 Overflowing? 」
「Yeah, that’s it. 」

Both of them looked really serious now. Blonde is talking in hushed tones, and it seems Ash is the one who posed the question. I thought Blonde is a guy who recklessly spouted whatever is on his mind, but it seems that he also has a considerate side, huh. My impression of Chris changed.

I took a sidelong glance at Ash — she is deep in thought, and that face is mega scary. It’s a secret that I almost wet my pants, just a little bit.

When I glanced back at Dean and Chris, both of them were frozen solid as they gaped at Ash.

A moment later, Ash’s bear and Butler’s rabbits and fox assessment was finished and Chris and Dean were called by the staff, so we went our separate ways.

A few days passed by after that. Dean stopped me one day.

「 It’s hard asking for a favor when I already owe you one, but can you come with us to the Inner Forest in Spring? 」

He took me to a restaurant, and he then invited me when the food was served.

「 Pass. 」
「 That’s too fast! 」

「 Your front is just a porter, and it’s fine even if you run away and leave fighting monsters to me. I just want you to check the spirits’ situation in the forest depths. 」

「 Eh~ 」

「 Well, you don’t have to reply right away. Ash already agreed to join us, so I won’t force you. I just thought it would be better if there were two of you to check things out. 」

If Ash is there then Butler will surely go, too, so you already got two peeps to check it out for you. But I’m not gonna say anything, though.

According to Dean, they need Silver-ranked guys, so it’s already decided that he and Chris will go. They are allowed to decide who will go with them up to a certain extent, and they’ll send out the requests via the guild.

Chris wants to speed things up so he plans to slay the monsters himself to a certain degree, and he’s looking for guys who are strong enough to bring a lot of things. Dean agreed, though he wanted to bring his own baggage so that I could secretly check the spirits.

I knew Ash and I were singled out from all the iron ranks of the guild. Well, not many people can carry bears as if it’s nothing, notwithstanding their rich experiences after all.

Expeditions were usually carried out during autumn, when the forest is abundantly filled with goodies, but it’s decided that it’ll be done in spring; although they wanted to set out as early as possible, it’d be inefficient to go inside the forest blanketed in snow.

The monetary compensation for the expedition isn’t that huge, but the Silver ranked guys would get a star, while Coppers and below rise one rank.

The compensation isn’t that low — is what he said, but I’m not tempted at all from either of them. The only thing that drew me in is ‘knowledge’; I can’t judge whether the forest depths are normal or not, plus I wanted to know how much of the raw ingredients I can sell.

But I don’t like long-term camping, though.

Dean, Chris, Ash, Butler Noth, and Retze will form the team. Chris is like that so I’m not sure about him, but staying with the other members for a long time doesn’t seem to be a bad idea after all.

Camping, huh ~.


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