Chapter 47: Hero’s Side

Translator: Haruchin   Editor: Marky

「 Yuka is still shutting herself up with Jin? 」
The girl asked, as she directed her inky eyes towards the closed door.

She has gorgeous jet-black hair, a white face with traces of innocence that could invoke one’s desire to protect, and a calm — but not subdued — voice that could gain people’s confidence.

「 Yeah. No need to fret, my princess. My sister is just being carried away with her first love, and it so happens that it is your brother. You have me, don’t you? 」

「 Oh my, that’s not what I meant. Besides, I have Hisatsugu and Fatin, after all…. It’s just that, Jin doesn’t trust women, you know? I’m worried about Yuka. 」
The girl — Haruka averted her eyes, then she heaved a small sigh.

「 Yeah, you were the only woman beside Jin-kun, after all. But, that Jin-kun is an existence that my sister wished for as her power, so there’s no helping that she’s sticking to him like glue — and please don’t mention the name of another guy here. 」
Hisatsugu took a few strands of Haruka’s hair and brought them to his lips.

「 Besides, that thing might be Yuka’s power, but it is a doll that could read our memories and act accordingly, you know. Your brother is still in Japan. 」

Only those who had a short lifespan remaining in the other world were summoned to maintain the stability of the world. That was the reason why Haruka and the rest of them were teleported to this world.

「 Well, we are healthy after all, so the reason for our short lifespan is that traffic accident, right? Maybe we should have waited for Jin and crossed the street with him…He must be lonely now. 」

「 In that case, Jin-kun will become the older brother, is that it? Haruka is currently younger than Jin-kun, right? 」
「 Oh my, a younger brother is still a younger brother, no matter what happens. 」

In order to live in this world, the summoned people’s desired abilities will be granted unto them.

Haruka chose 【 Complete Magic 】 【 Domination 】 【 Youth 】 【 Beauty】and 【Language 】.

Hisatsugu chose 【 Complete Swordsmanship 】 【 Ability Reinforcement 】 【Youth 】 【 Beauty 】 and 【 Language 】.

Yuka chose 【 Doll 】 【 Youth 】 【 Beauty 】and 【 Language 】.

【 Language 】was automatically bestowed so that they would be able to understand the language of this world, and strengthened physical abilities were also granted to them without the need for them to request those.

【 Youth 】 and 【 Beauty 】 were just like what their names implied. Haruka’s appearance became younger than that of her brother, although she was the older one. They retained their basic features, but these were also enhanced to become more beautiful, just as they desired.

With【 Complete Magic 】 and 【 Complete Swordsmanship 】, there was no need for them to study all the related things that are recorded in this world, because they could use all of them right from the start.

Setting 【 Complete Magic 】aside , 【 Complete Swordsmanship 】was composed of skills and moves commonly appearing in legends and lore, so it was important to have a foundation and experience in swordsmanship. One look was enough for him to be able to grasp all the moves and make the ability his own; however, that bare minimum requirement was still considered as troublesome by Hisatsugi. Tus, the deity suggested that he compensate it with 【Ability Reinforcement 】, which would raise the high-level fundamental abilities that he currently had.

【 Ability Reinforcement 】, 【 Domination 】 and 【 Doll 】 were abilities that would improve along with the natures and behaviours of the people possessing them, so their effects were not limited.

「 Jin, did you become stronger again? 」

Yuka stroked Jin’s slightly raised abs. He was a lot more toned than Yuka’s memory of him when they were in Japan.

「 Yeah. It’s what Yuka wished for, and it’s fun getting stronger. 」
Jin would only leave Yuka’s side when it was time for him to train. Yuka would frequently watch him wield his sword as he mingled with the knights.

「 Aren’t you having fun because Haruka isn’t here? 」
「 Is that it? 」

‘I should not let him meet Haruka. If I let him go to her side, he will be drawn into Haruka’s memories. Jin is different from what Haruka thinks. She was really confident that he would cave in to whatever she desired even if he didn’t want to have anything to do with it— she’s absolutely mistaken. Haruka’s memories are all mistakes.’

「 I will free you. 」

‘I am the only one who can see Jin for he who is.’

「 Yeah. 」
Jin answered as he embraced Yuka.

A【 Doll 】 would take on the appearance that Yuka wanted it to have. The deity granted her wish to strengthen it no matter what, so it added the abilities Yuka did not use for herself onto it.

Apparently, this thing would gradually get stronger by taking in something, but Yuka failed to ask more about it in her excitement when she saw the finished 【 Doll 】.

Unfortunately, Yuka did not know a lot of things, and she borrowed the memories of her brother and Haruka to create this doll; however, as long as it was stable then she would no longer need that stuff.

Yuka had planned to confess to Jin on the day of the fireworks festival despite being discouraged by Haruka. She was devastated when she learned that she could no longer return to Japan, and that even if she could, she would die. However, as long as Jin was here and would stay beside her, then that was already enough.

She was absolutely positive that Haruka’s perception of Jin was a mistake; however, she did not consider that she herself was also mistaken.

An existence that loved a【 Doll 】— Yuka did not realize that that is what she is in reality.


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