Chapter 50: Theory About Spirit Fetishes

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Chapter 50 Theory About Spirit Fetishes

It’s nighttime.

The sun was still shining around 9pm in summer, but because it’s currently early spring, everything is dark by 6 o’clock. It turned dark while we were still eating our dinner around the campfire.

There were two types of clock in this world. One was a sundial, and the other one was a long incense stick kept at the 『 Fae’s Bough 』. The bell rang every two hours in the towns, but it was impossible to know the time if the sound didn’t reach the place you were in.

Well, it’s not as if there’s a train schedule, and meet-ups were basically done in town. You’ll be fine outdoors as long as you know the schedule of sunrise and sunset.

I would wake up naturally every morning, probably because of my strolls with Riche, and I also sleep early. My lifestyle has become healthier ever since I came here. The books are limited, there are no games, and I finished all I had to do during the day, so there’s nothing left to do at night.

They seemed to sleep with their shoes on so that if an emergency occurs, they could readily deal with it, but now they’re removing their boots. I also copied them and removed my boots, but the spirit…Won’t it stop sniffing them?

I requested my spirit helpers to relay that I’m taking a break from naming spirits,so this one probably came here out of curiosity. That’s what I think, but then, it was only interested in the smell of boots.

The spirit briefly went around sniffing the boots, then he settled on Dean’s feet. Don’t tell me you’re going to sleep there tonight?


Dean is a lot stronger compared to ordinary folks, right? Perhaps, that spirit with a stinky fetish is yours? Does it live inside your boots?

It’s curling it’s lips up like a cat’s flehmen response*…are you that happy? Spirits are fickle creatures, and it’s rare for them to bestow power constantly unless you name them, but if it’s sticking to a person for a long time until his physical ability rises, then maybe it has some kind of fetish?

I unconsciously turned to look at Butler. What kind of fetish does Butler’s spirit have?

「 There are also others who are drawn to blood. 」
Butler grinned as he quietly muttered. It’s as if he’s saying that I shouldn’t lump his spirit with that other one, besides, his was already named.

「 Would you like to use this insect repellant? 」
「 Nah, I brought one. Thanks. 」
Butler continued on with a totally unrelated topic. He probably didn’t want the others to think we’re talking about something weird, so he’s referring to the possibility of insects feeding on blood.

Az, who was perched on Ash’s shoulder, was normal and adorable, so I was relieved. Butler and Ash are awesome for staying calm. Ah, maybe Ash’s scary face was because she was trying to endure her laughter….

Alright, time to sleep, even though it’s still early. I scrupulously smeared plenty of insect repellant on my exposed skin.

Monsters generally didn’t come near this area if there was a campfire, but it would be a different story if they were famished, so there should be someone to keep watch while tending to the fire.

Everyone except Dean and Chris would have to take turns doing that, so each person would have a two-hour shift. Retze was first, followed by Butler, then me, and Ash was the last. Butler was used to having interrupted sleep, and he said he was fine since his sleeping time was short.

I lay down first to secure my sleep time. I plan to take Riche for his morning stroll after my shift is over, under the pretense of free time that I requested.

I placed my sleeping bag on top of the thin layer of moss, then I wore my boots again and placed the water bottle beside my pillow. The exterior was made of sheepskin, while the interior was made out of stomach, so the shape was as is. I was a bit surprised because no matter how much time had passed, the water temperature was still the same.

Hmmm, I really want to remove my shoes and socks.

「 I can really feel the difference with this. 」
I already pulled the blanket over my head, so I ignored Dean.

「 Twilight, I could really feel the gap between our civilizations, as expected! 」

Chris always spoke with exaggeration, so the people around him usually reacted with 「 He’s at it again 」, but I’m not sure if it’s a wild guess, or if it’s because of his jaw spirit, but he was amazingly sharp.

「 This leather is really handy, huh. What leather is it? Is it really leather in the first place? 」
I also used the same leather as my sheet for the exterior of my sleeping bag. The inner lining was made from fine textured cloth that I filled with a thin layer of snow geese feathers to make something like an ultralight down blanket. It was not cushiony, but I could roll it up, and it was warm.

Retze’s manner of speaking was similar to Dean, but he’s more attentive to details. It’s like he was looking at the world and things from a different angle.

Hmm, seems like social skills were the secret to success in life, huh. Dean’s overfamiliarity, like that of a big dog, is impossible for me, but I want to learn from Retze.

「 It’s a great material. 」
「 Mm, the coat is also light and comfortable. 」
Butler and Ash said.

Monitor lizards don’t have scales and their hide is smooth, so it didn’t look like a reptile hide. Bicorn hides, in particular, lend well to dyeing and waterproofing. Once you dye and oil the hide, it becomes so super soft that you can’t distinguish it from cloth. It is a marvelous material.

Tri-Horned were closer to leather, probably because they’re thicker.They stretch well, and they’re more durable than the Bicorns, so the rest of the clothes aside from the coat, plus the shoes and gloves were all made from Tri-Horned.

I didn’t answer a thing and just curled up and slept. It had been a while since I slept outdoors, but there were other people now, and I was prepared, so I didn’t feel the anxiety that had lulled me to sleep back on the island. It was an incredible feeling.

Still, should I tell Dean about that spirit with the stinky feet fetish later?

T/N: Flehmen response ー usually done by cats and horses when exposed to pheromones.

Funny pics 😀

What is a Flehmen Response in Cats?


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