Chapter 52: Tri-Horn

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「 I feel like I’m eating much better here than when I’m in town. 」
Retze had a faraway look as he gnawed on the woodcock.

「 Nah, you’re not imagining stuff, and man, beer sounds awesome now. 」
Dean looked like he was going to drool even though he was already stuffing himself.

「 Aine’s Red. 」
「 Matured grapes, laced with the taste of black pepper, its sweetness tinged with spiciness — indeed, it seems to be well suited with the taste of this black woodcock. 」
Butler replied to Ash. Is it the name of an alcoholic drink? Red wine? He was elegantly holding his food with his bare hands, or should I say it’s amazing how he could do that.

I just grilled them the traditional way and brushed them with a sauce made from the innards and bones, but it turned out really delicious. Might be because of campfire magic, or maybe because the ingredients were topnotch.

「 It’s really astounding. Well, I never imagined that one could bake bread in a pot in the first place..The blow I received that morning, on our second day, is forever etched in my mind. 」
I spread the liver paste on the bread and baked it to go with our meal, and Chris savored it.

I didn’t bring a mortar and pestle with me, so I chopped the liver finely, then crushed it with the back of my knife. The black woodcock’s innards are apparently prized here, but even if that’s the case, our diet would be leaning more towards meat and fish on this trip, so I wanted to supplement it with liver, since it’s rich in iron and vitamins A and B.

It would have been great if I had some milk for getting rid of the stinky odor, but saltwater was enough for bird liver, apparently . Plus, I was the only one concerned about getting balanced nutrition, only me, hear that!!

We’re currently eating our fourth day dinner.

Dean, Chris, Ash and Butler caught black woodcocks. They fly in zig zags, so they are supposed to be difficult to catch, but everyone’s amazing. I dunno, but it feels like they’re all fired up recently when it comes to getting ingredients.

Retze and I looked after our things while they were hunting, and we also prepared the camp while at it. I didn’t have to worry about water and food so I did a lot of things in a spot a bit far from the river. This place was not really familiar, but I got the feeling that we’re entering the monitor lizard zone. I might even see that steep rock from the treetop.

Gigantic spider monsters, and strong monsters that could be dicey such as black wolves and red bears appeared. Actually, I can’t really tell a normal wolf or bear from the monster ones. Well, that’s why I basically moved in pairs with everyone except for Dean and Chris.

「 You won’t put your sheet up? 」
「 Do you need a hand, Twilight? 」
Dean and Chris asked me.

「 Then, can you please help me. 」
「 My pleasure, let me become yours! 」

I’m already used to Chris’ exaggerations.

「 Isn’t this too far? 」
「 Even if it’s dark, I don’t want it to be too close. 」
I bought my canteen and a burning piece of firewood as I walked away from the campfire.

「 What are those sticks? 」
「 I made it while taking care of the camp. 」

I could still see Retze at the campsite while the sun was up, but right now, everything else beyond the campfire already blended into the darkness. I couldn’t make out anyone’s silhouettes now.

I drove the pliable branches to all four corners and tied them to make a dome-shape frame. There was a small stone structure for the fire right at its center. I thrusted the burning wood into it to build a fire. I already prepared firewood and everything else, but I had to adjust it so that it wouldn’t flare up too much.

「 Push that part down. 」
「 Okay? 」
「 Next, here.」
「 I got this. 」

I covered the branch dome with the sheet. It was a bit misshapen, but there should be no problems, I guess.

「 Thanks. 」
「 Was it too cold even with the blanket? 」
「 Nah, I thought I’d make a steam bath. 」
「 Bath… 」

I turned the edge of the sheet over, and tested it by sprinkling some water on the flat rock that I placed half-way above the fire. The steam rose right away with a hiss, and it spread through the narrow space covered with the sheet.

Sweating it out inside this make-shift sauna then plunging into the river — now that would hit the spot. The earth here seemed like it would collapse as soon as I dug the dirt, so it’d be difficult to do the improvised bathtub I made back when I was on the island. Well, this is a lot easier, so yeah.

「 Twilight, you are peerless when it comes to things concerning comfort! 」
He subtly praised me!

Afterward, those who wanted to enter took turns. Well, everyone did, though. It would take a lot of time for everyone to finish, but yeah, it can’t be helped. Dean and Chris had to gather firewood in the pitch black forest, but yup, there’s no helping it.

The weather was great, so I decided to sleep in the open air without a roof over my head.

We resumed our journey the next day after my morning stroll and breakfast. Everyone strode on briskly, despite staying up so late. Well, maybe it’s the result of taking a bath, huh.

— Dean’s spirit was nowhere to be found today, probably displeased. That, or..maybe Dean shouldn’t wash up for him to be strong? What’s up with that?!

Plenty of spirits hang around the forest, and many of them loved to gather at the riverbank. It was peaceful thanks to my little helper spirits who flew around me so the other spirits wouldn’t come near. Black spirits that looked like they were dunked in ink fleeted in and out of my peripheral vision, though.

I wanted to capture and name them, but I shouldn’t act rashly during this subjugation commission. They really looked pitiful and it tugged on my heartstrings when I looked at them, so my sense of duty kept on whispering that I need to catch those guys. I so wanted to grab them if they came near me!

「 Oy, monitor lizard. 」
「 Tri-Horn! 」

Chris continued Dean’s tense words with a suppressed shout.

Ah, as I thought, they were nearby, huh. Or maybe their habitat was really huge? Which one is it?

「 So Tri-Horn Monitor Lizards stay at this depth, huh~ is this for real? 」
Retze raised his head to the sky while grumbling.

Most of the monsters who appeared at the shallow parts of the forest had one horn, or else they were Hornless with tinsy tiny horns. That was considered normal if the scope was the land that they could force their way through in a week. Just how wide are these woods, huh? Yeah, it’s given that it’s a huge, dense forest.

But, well, I was already so used to seeing Bicorns and Tri-Horns that I didn’t have a shred of emotion while standing here.


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