Chapter 54: Back at the Camp

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We found the Tri-Horn faster than we expected, so we could already return. It was decided that we would go a little further in consideration of the camp location, even though we could go home now. We’re going to spend the night there, hunt monitor lizards tomorrow for a while, then we will set off on our way home by noon.

However, it would take us a maximum of two days to the next campsite originally, so they also talked about whether we should hunt enough for all the team members since the plan was supposedly to check out the surroundings. It seemed that the two Silver-rank guys would certainly have to stay for an extended period of time in this forest to decrease the monster population.

Thanks for your hard work in protecting the city, you guys. Retze and Ash seemed like they would also participate in the next expedition, so it would be good to prepare their equipment. I won’t join them though, I’ll be going on day trips to the deepest part to hunt while they do that.

We carried the lizard’s raw hides, horns and claws on our back as we travelled. The number of days was still within the scope of the contract duration, so I couldn’t complain. But then, I’m not sure whether they’re being considerate to me, ‘coz it seems like they’re going to give me some claws and horns, except for the parts they had to submit to the guild. Alright, it’s my chance to sell the ones in my house! I probably won’t get discovered if I added a bit to what they’re going to give me, right.

Retze and I were currently guarding our base again.

「 Why are you so fixated on arranging the campsite? Ah, well, comfort is very much welcome, of course, but it’s actually cool that you can think of it. 」
Retze was washing the odor of blood by the riverside while dissecting the monitor lizards. He was situated a little further from the campsite.

Retze volunteered to do the job saying that he wanted to get used to it. And so, I was busy rearranging our campsite while he was doing that. My job was an easy one, I just had to cut the timber with the hatchet, and insert it between two sets of poles, with a total of four poles staked in the ground.

‘Hmm, I got a hatchet, my arms are strong, and I’ve got stamina. Ahh, I’m so moved now that I feel like crying.’

I found some fuyuhira — mushrooms that were the remaining vestiges of winter; asparagus, dandelions, nettles, garlic mustards that were part of the mustard family.

Nettles are thorny. I had to be careful when picking them, ‘coz getting pricked would really hurt, kinda like getting scalded, but I was in my element once they were boiled. I would mix them with garlic mustard, pine nuts and olive oil to make a paste, and make some pasta, too.

They had formed two teams to hunt in different directions, but no monsters would appear even if they followed the path alongside the river. Our campsite was somewhat guaranteed, so I moved a bit further, just far enough so I could still hear Retze’s voice. 【 Search 】 never caught anything, either.

Wait a sec, I just thought that, and now there’s a fox. It seems like it’s a bicorn? We’re far apart, but these guys have a very keen sense of smell. They don’t avoid fire, too, and I got the feeling that this one was checking out our prey because it knew it was here. I should return back to Retze.

「 Jean, we caught three trout. 」
「 Whoa, we’re doing good. 」
Retze and I used some poles to make an enclosure in a corner of the river, and three fishes were swimming in there right now. It was an easy, V-shaped trap that tapers off, but it was quite effective, especially after we put some bait and added some wood branches to make it a bit darker.

「 Retze, there’s a fox monster nearby. Do clean up the stinky stuff. 」
「 ‘Right. 」
I didn’t see it, but I was positive about it.

「 I might have done too much. 」
Retze stared at the hide. He had covered it with cedar leaves to hide the odor.

We crushed some cedar leaves to mask our smell, then we entered the forest by following the downwind route, hiding beside the roots of a huge tree. We already agreed on doing this beforehand in case of emergency.

「 Smear this. 」
Retze handed me some deodorant cream.

Oh, body odor, huh…We took baths in the river, but we didn’t have any clothes beside the ones we’re wearing. I didn’t think I stink, though, but we just finished disassembling, so that was it. Alright, I have to learn from this, I would prepare an apron next time.

It was a bit tense, but when I thought about it carefully, I guess I could defeat it. Or, maybe I should have slain it right away before it discovered us. It’s my fault for being caught up with checking the monster’s movements when we met it.

The fox drew nearer to us. Fox monsters are faster and bigger than monitor lizards. It was about the same height as me, at any rate. It could probably catch up to Retze even if we tried to escape.
「 Well, it’s a fox, so it’s softer than the lizards, right. 」
「 Hey…」
Retze was flustered when I stood up and took out my sword.

I already decided I would fight, so I shouldn’t be in an unfavorable spot. I moved towards a wider place where I could swing my sword freely.

The fox lunged at me just when I thought I saw it. I already expected it, so I smoothly stepped behind and avoided it’s attack, then pierced it through the throat even before its hind legs landed.

Monsters followed the fighting styles of the body they possessed, even though they were fast. Well, it’s a different story for the strong monsters who could speak, though.


I didn’t manage to pull out my sword and jump out of the way on time. The blood sprayed my entire body.

The monster fell to its side while spurting blood.

Its hide was tough since it was a monster, too; though it was nothing compared to the monitor lizard. I also pierced through the bone. I assumed that the sword wouldn’t break even if it’s blunt as long as I stab it directly, but not being able to pull it off was outside my expectations.

「 What a blunder…. 」
「 Whoa, amazing! That’s a bicorn! And you did it solo! 」
Retze was in awe as he praised me, but it wasn’t like that.

「 Wait a sec, how about the poison!? 」
Retze’s tone abruptly changed with worry.

Normal animals didn’t have poison, but the same couldn’t be said for monsters, depending on the spirits that possessed them.

「 It’s just sticky and warm, really disgusting. 」
There was no poison according to【 Appraisal 】results.

It’s important to slay monsters cleanly without getting covered in blood and bodily fluids, but I failed big time. I should get used to fighting with a normal sword, I guess.


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