Chapter 58: Location

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I headed to the guild after I walked Riche to bring the rucksack — or is it a backpack — they requested, plus some prototypes I made from cloth before using the hide. They were going to take them apart anyway to check how the backpack was made, so there wouldn’t be any problems with this.

I was already registered in the Commerce Guild, but the Adventurer’s guild would also register products in the Commerce Guild for the sake of other adventurers whose extent of trade was limited because they weren’t registered. The conditions were as follows: the product must be convenient for adventurers, and they would receive a lower percentage if they filed via the Adventurer’s guild. The good thing about it was the longer duration; it was 5 years instead of just 3.

This backpack was handy no matter how you look at it, and it was for long-term, no mistake about that. I decided to register this product via the Adventurer’s Guild since it might become more widespread among the adventurers, and it was also harder to trace the developer who received the payment.

I submitted the ‘product specification’ documents and the actual product and left everything to them, so no sweat.

I glanced at the pub, intending to apologize for my escape stint earlier, but Dean and the others weren’t there. No idea where they lived, too. Dean requested me to check the spirits and we already talked about that multiple times during our investigation, so it was fine even if we didn’t meet now, I guess.

Alright, time to make some soap.

People around this area used tallows to make soap, the fetid stench during the manufacturing process was really something. The final product was probably not that refined, so it was still stinky. By the way, they also sold glycerin, a byproduct from making soap. Both of them were quite expensive, but they were slightly cheaper here in Canum compared to the other cities, probably because they could hunt plenty of beasts here.

The basic ingredients for making soap were tallows, ashes from burning plants, oils and alkali agents, huh. The soaps here were soft because the ash and alkali agents they used were not strong enough. The sodium from seawater should be alkaline, so I should head to the sea first.

I spent three days doing trial and error, like boiling it in seawater, or burning seaweeds to ashes, and finally, I finished making a rectangular soap with a pale olive hue. I just noticed the existence of soapberry after finishing this experiment, but well, maybe I was just imagining things.

…Well, it was another option, I guess.

The soapberry seeds were black, and they were also used as feathers for the shuttlecocks. The pericarp also foamed like soap, and they also function as surfactants, so they could be soap-substitutes as they were. The fruit of the Japanese honey locust tree was also similar, but I didn’t see that tree around here.

I also bought some sheets, and there were silk ones among them. The alkali of soaps would damage silks, so using soapberry and honey locust was better, huh. What a slip on my part. Ah but then, using soaps were easier, though making them was another story. I already got the recipe for making soap, so I would be able to work smarter next time.

I went to the nearby mountain beside my home, found a suitable place and started digging a hole so I could transplant soapberries. Riche probably wanted to help, so he also dug the earth. He made an adorable little hole.

My home really was the best, huh.

Despite the comfortable feeling, I still ran around the forest, chasing the spirits for a few hours, and I also named them back at my house. I also wanted to use magic, but they looked like they would collapse before they were named, so it seemed like an impossible feat until the situation of the destroyed spirits was stabilized.

I gathered the fresh verdure of wild asparagus and dandelions that grew in my hometown mountain to make some salad. Dandelions were frequently eaten around here during this season. The ones with bent sepals were western dandelions, while Japanese dandelions were the ones that looked like their sepals were supporting the flower. The ones here were bent, so they must be western dandelions or something similar. The leaves were a bit different, though.

The flora of this world closely resembled the ones in my previous world, but it also felt a tad different. The names were also almost the same — wait a sec, was I simply replacing them based on my knowledge? I didn’t really understand this 【 Language 】 skill that I received.

Just to give an example, when I teleported to a distant place, the folks there were speaking in dialects. Or maybe they seemed like they had an accent, at least for me? It was a bit the same, though, but when I tried asking the other people, they couldn’t understand the other languages at all. As for me, I could speak without any accent, and we could talk normally, so I didn’t really understand. Well, I felt like I was thinking and speaking in Japanese, and they would also reply in Japanese, though. Well, it was quite convenient, so all good, I guess.

According to the map I got, The land resembled the upper half of a dragon looking down as it spewed fire with its wings spread wide open. The east side corresponded to the lower half of the dragon, and it was engulfed by the Magical Woods, so it was a bit of a mystery.

My house was located in the place called Dragon’s Lower Maw, while the region where heroes like Sis wandered around was called the Dragon’s Eye. Mountain ranges stretched in the Dragon’s Lower Maw, and although there were also ships for trade, the land route was quite isolated.

Ash’s country was beside mine. Canum was in the country called Azirh, and this nation was far more closer to the east where the Magical Woods were compared to Ash’s country.

I didn’t have the faintest idea about the scale, since I was moving around via 【 Teleport 】 or on foot, but there were many small and large nations in this continent. Well, they even considered the mountain where my house was as a country, so it felt like they were naming cities — not even prefectures, mind you — as countries.

There were way too many countries, and the territorial lord would change in an instant after a victory or defeat, so it was impossible to remember them all. The map that was given to me was like a super amazing cheat help, since it would reflect the change in borders whenever the territories were changed. I avoided the areas where the borderlines were moving bit by bit, since that meant they were in a war.

Would they have a country similar to Japan if I crossed over the Magical Woods to the East? No idea what kind of monsters were lurking there, so I wouldn’t just【Teleport】and waltz right in then and there. It would be better if I steadily and gradually made my way further through the Magical Woods.

I did say ‘gradually’ but well, it was through 【Teleport】, though. Right now, the issue about the spirits was more pressing and we had to do something about this. I guess I would try moving around after the capturing session was done.

Yeah, I should check Ash and Dean’s subjugation sched and plans so I wouldn’t clash with them.


  1. His sister is really going ham on those spirits to the point of where I’m not sure if Jin has enough names in store

  2. Jean’s sister is far more worthy of being a Demon Lord than a Hero, and she won’t even listen to the god responsible for summoning her.

    Yeah. A disaster is only a matter of time.

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