Chapter 6: Dean, Amille and Kaina

Translator: Haruchin

I went to the guild early the next day. Adventurers could register either by paying a fee, or doing one commission without compensation — I paid right away.

The guild interior had few windows, so it was a bit dark. And why was it connected to a pub?
Wasn’t it the worst to get drunk before taking on a high-risk job that required you to be on your toes? Or maybe it’s for celebrating after work?

There’s still some time before my Adventurer’s Tag is finished, but I didn’t want to get drunk so early. Good thing there was also a reference room, so I went there to read some documents after informing the staff member.

Some required money to read, and there were also some with copies being sold.

Anyway, gonna start with the documents about the Magical Woods – topography, places where monsters frequently appear, how to defeat them, what to use, and so on. I skimmed through the battle histories, too.

「 So? Wanted to learn about the basics of being an adventurer, you said? And a commission as a guard, huh 」

「 Yes. You’ll just have to show me the ropes..Also, I am not sure about the extent of my capabilities, so if you can, please do give me advice. 」

A man came while I was reading the Adventurers’ Handbook I found.

It’s my first time to fight, , and I don’t even know my own limits. Anybody could post a request so I made one right there and then for a ‘safe’ party who could escort me while being my role model. Got weird gazes, though.

Only one person came. I didn’t have a discerning eye to gauge if somebody’s good or bad, so it’s troublesome even if he vouched for himself. Not sure if it’s because of my circumstances, but basically, I’m treating everyone as an enemy.

「 I’m Dean, ranked with two silver stars. Had to coach juniors due to a compulsory commission. You’re the last one. 」

I thought I’d get a referral to a party with great conduct, but an instructor came, instead.

Oh, looks like this isn’t self-recommendation like I thought? Seems like he’s in his late twenties? He’s a young guy with great body build.

Adventurers were ranked as Bronze, Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold. Bronze to iron had five stars, while silver and gold had three. The highest ranking was three Gold stars.

「 I’m Jean, please take care of me for today. 」
My former name was Jin, but I tried matching it to this world ー er, hurriedly elongated its pronunciation when I heard Dean’s name, so it ended up sounding like his.

「 Hey, Dean! Don’t go choosing on your own. 」

Just when I thought he’s special for having two silver stars, the guild personnel came.

「 So noisy. Already told you, I don’t want to associate with those noble bunch! Don’t use me as you please.」

Dean glared at the guild staff who came in a fluster.

It seemed that the guild accepted a request and they wanted Dean to guard some aristocrat. So nobility enjoyed preferential treatment in this guild, huh. Seemed troublesome.

「 I don’t want to get dragged into a mess, though. 」

「 Sorry, will settle this now so wait a bit. 」

Dean apologized then faced that guild staff again, who kept on sneaking glances at me in turn. Didn’t seem like she’s that much older than me, but her behavior’s a bit childish.

Strawberry blonde hair was already a bit rare with its tinge of red mixed with gold, but this girl’s loosely-tied, shoulder-length hair was pinkier than that. Will I ever get used to this world’s colorful hair?

「 Chris will be back tomorrow. That guy will gladly take on any request from those aristocrats; even those that are not required by the guild. Their only requirement was Silver rank, so doesn’t have to be me, right? 」

「 That’s true, but if we rely on Chris too much, then the only one person will become our contact for the correspondence with the aristocrats.」

「 That’s why I’m telling you, I won’t be your contact person. Don’t rely on adventurers, just rely on the guild, you hear me. 」

「 That’s precisely what we wanted, so we don’t like to be biased to a single person. There’s only two people with silver rank here, so please cooperate. 」

Not sure if she wanted me to mediate, but she kept on throwing furtive glances towards me while pouting like a duck.

Hey, can I go home already?

「 Quit it, Amille. You’re acting too spoiled towards your older brother. 」
「 Kaina-san! 」
「 Kaina, I’m saved. 」

「That’s the result of Dean being too soft. Dean can also reject the request to teach the juniors, but you have to choose from the candidates recommended by the guild ーwe apologize for showing you such shameful conduct. 」

The last sentence was directed to me as the guild staff called Kaina bowed her head. So that’s how it was. Just when I thought they were over-familiar with each other, it turned out they were older brother and sister with an age gap. Either way, they’re still out.

「 No, it’s fine. I’m also withdrawing my request. 」

「 Thank you very much. 」

Amille thanked me – seemed like she misunderstood.

「 In return, we will look for a suitable party for you. 」

Apparently, she thought I was retracting that request to Dean.

Withdraw my request. 」

I ignored Amille, and directed my gaze towards Kaina as I repeated what I said.

The guild’s fee wouldn’t be refunded regardless of whether the commission was completed or not, so verbal withdrawal should be fine.

The aristocrats were troublesome, but right now, sisters – older or younger, I don’t care – were taboo for me. There were brothers and sisters who had normal relationships, but right now, there’s no way I could watch over them calmly.

「 Hey ー 」

「 We apologize for the trouble we have given you. We will process the refund for your request fee. 」

Kaina blocked Dean’s words as she apologized once more.

「 No need. Can I have this instead? 」

I raised the Adventurers’ Handbook in my hand. It’s way cheaper than the request fee.

「 Yes. 」

When Kaina agreed, Dean and Amille wanted to say something, but I walked past them without so much as a glance and strode out of the guild.

Really, they could have done that somewhere else.

I chucked that brother and sister into my ‘memories to forget’ box, making that the end of it. I won’t bite the bullet for human relationships anymore! Not obligated to put up with it!

I had to enjoy my freedom to the fullest.


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