Chapter 68: Horse

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The walls here were basically made of stones, except for buildings in the city where I bought my lumber. They supported the building so it could stand on its own.

「 ….tss 」
「 He was more powerful than any other spirit. 」

There were no pillars or beams, and the roof was made of wood and placed on top of the stone walls. The roof itself was already heavy enough, so it seemed like the whole structure was being held in place from the force on top?

「 …tss 」
「 No other spirit was more unbridled than him. 」

The arch structure was probably strong enough to bear heavy loads above it, but there was nothing more dangerous than this when an earthquake hit it, since the pressure would be coming from below.

「 …tss 」
「 His roar can reach the ends of the world. 」

Well, it would be a different story if we’re talking about castles and fortresses which used ginormous stones, but I’m just a Japanese living in a normal house, so of course I would be uneasy.

「 …tss 」
「 He crushed the humans claiming to be the Acolytes of the Wind. 」

Still, there were some pros too, such as stone and plaster being fire resistant. Wood easily burned, while reinforced concrete would deteriorate over time. Lime plasters that would return back to being limestones again were actually more durable than I thought.

「 ….tss 」
「 He protected this forest. 」

And so, I decided to use posts and beams, and to make the walls using stonework and plaster.
Maybe it would be better if the stones were uneven to prevent resonance, I guess.

「 …tss 」
「 And yet, look at what you have become… 」

Eh, wait a sec, wasn’t it said that it was better if the stones weren’t stacked so tightly so they could still move up somehow, up to a certain extent, because that would help absorb the shaking even more?

「 …tss 」
「 One year ago, even the faintest trace of your aura had vanished from this world. 」

Hey, isn’t that because Riche came to my house. Plus, what’s up with those ‘Acolytes of the Wind’? Did they have something to do about the barren prairies and bald mountains that stretched in the eastern part of this continent?

The snow leopard had been going on and on, gushing over Riche one moment then lamenting his current appearance the next, so I had been ignoring his one-sided rave review episode, but now, he started talking about this continent, huh.

Riche kept on playing with the branch and gnawing it without a care in the world.

「 What do you mean by Acolytes of the Wind? 」
「 …tss 」
「 They are the minions of the person claiming to be the previous generation’s hero. 」

What a good-for-nothing hero!!!!

「 …tss 」
「 He was stripped of the power of Khadar, the one who governs Verdure.」

「 …tss 」
「 He created a thing that could run across the water. 」

Run across the water… A ship? The scenery of Nalluadhid’s port came across my mind.
Ah, sorry, the previous gen’s hero. Yep, I also received blessings thanks to you.

「 Sorry, but I’m probably using that vehicle for convenience, too. 」

I unconsciously rubbed Riche’s chest and tummy with both hands. I wouldn’t know what to do if Riche hated me for it.

「 …tss 」
「 The problem lies with the extent. 」

「…tss 」
「 The forests didn’t return to how it was in the western land, even until now. 」
Yeah, grasslands stretched beyond the current Central Plains. I wondered why the old houses there were built from lumber, given the situation over there, but that place was also a forest in the past, it seemed.

「 I heard that a light spirit was the master responsible for the summoning for this generation, but it seemed like peace is just a pipe dream now. Did you know, I just went there to take a peek, but the current hero used magic to forcely suck my mana from me right then and there, so I ended up looking like this.」
The horse snorted, sounding like he’s mocking himself.

「 …Thanks. You know, thanks to you, I didn’t end up devouring my fellow spirits. 」
Horsey averted his eyes as soon as they met mine.

「 Say that to these two, I just got this place. 」
Well, it seemed that it was Riche’s territory originally, though.

「 Something’s fishy, and there’s a nasty ‘thing’ over there. It’s cannibalistic, even though it shouldn’t be lacking anything, considering that it’s a high-ranking spirit. Well, it’s weak right now, but the hero is protecting it. Don’t go poking your nose there. That hero is a lot stronger than you, you know. 」

「 I absolutely won’t go near that so there’s nothing to worry about. 」

Horsey and I seemed to be on the same page, but I still didn’t get more info on Riche. Snow leopard kept on praising Riche to the skies while on the verge of tears, and the deer was still as poker faced as ever.

Horsey’s shoulder had seemed like it vanished before, but it was already filled up a bit. Thank goodness he was recovering. By the way, Horsey was pure white before he was dyed in black.

「 Hey you, did you lose your memory when you lost most of your powers? 」
I didn’t really understand the map’s mechanism, but I didn’t have an inkling about how much Riche remembered, either.

I was dragged into Lightball’s summoning, but that must be after Riche became small. I’ll be super lonely if he runs away from home after suddenly getting his memories back.

I hurriedly finished my afternoon tasks and returned home. Hey, it’s totally not because I was exasperated from the snow leopard’s story that had been going in circles. Horsey stopped him before that happened, you know.

I discovered a relatively flat place in the mountain, so I turned it into a field. Plan was to plant some of the potatoes of this world. The planting season was spring and autumn, and I chose and bought relatively big seed potatoes for this. Their color was similar to sweet potatoes, so it bothered me a bit.

I halved the seed potatoes and smeared ash on them before burying them into the ridges. I still have some growth powder left, but I’m going to let them grow naturally. It’s been almost a year since I came to this world, so I was starting to understand what things were here, and what weren’t.
There was a lot of inedible stuff even among the things that could be found here. I could check with【Appraisal】whether it was a true-breeding plant, if I knew what vegetable it was. The stuff in my food cellars would only grow on this site, so I decided to try doing my best to gather true-breeding plants from all over the place and cultivate them so that they would be edible.

I was all fired up when it came to the spirits’ existence. According to the book, I could get good crops and even have never-before seen flowers by getting along with and training the earth and water spirits in that lot.

I didn’t know anything about GMO’s and selective breeding, but it sounds good, right?

It would be nice if I could enhance the dining experience of the folks in this world.


  1. Considering Jean has that ‘sever’ skill I wonder if he can apply that to others, like for example ‘severing’ his sister’s connection to spirits

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    Also, I hope you three die ignoble deaths for creating a tragedy in the making. None of them actually cared about MC, so just die peacefully in the background.

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