Chapter 72: Fundraising

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Back to Nalluadhid it is. My current identity is a guy selling stuff he bought from adventurers. I am using that pretense to sell fox hides to a huge store that handles pelts. Anyone, even folks who are not native here, can sell goods in Nalludadhid, being the trade nation that it is.

Many of the other places require proof of residence in the city where you want to trade, or else you could only go through the Commerce Guild and the like.

「 Wow, this is gorgeous. Both the adventurer’s skill and the craftsmanship are superb, so I’m going to give you a good sum for this. 」
「 Thank you very much. 」
I did both of that, so thanks for the praise.

There are adventurers who can hunt fox monsters, but there are not many, and only a handful among them could slay them without inflicting unnecessary damage on the fur. Those few adventurers mentioned also preferred to hunt stronger monsters and leave out the horns and other parts, rather than wasting time on a prey that they had to be meticulous with. If there were no commissions for foxes, they would hunt monsters that would fetch a high price, ones that are not too bulky to carry home.

Well, there are also others who will hunt fox monsters if their pelts will sell well, but slaying oak silk moths is the current craze, apparently. Technically, the trend is gathering cocoons, but since these moths live long lives when they reach adulthood, unlike the other normal insects, the adventurers would have to fight them if they went to their nests.

Cocoons that are still intact, meaning to say the moth still hasn’t come out yet, are the most prized. Well, even if the cocoon had a hole, because the moth already emerged, it is still much more expensive than pelts. The adventurers would only move here during the cocoon season before it became a fad, apparently.

The light green thread harvested from the cocoons are used to make the finest silk, so the hero wanted them, and it is also popular among the ladies…I don’t really have the right to judge, given that I’m also using high quality cloth for my underwear.

Now back to the fur. It is also being sold in Canum, but the price is cheap, considering the supply is readily available. Of course, by virtue of supply and demand, furs will sell for more money if you offer them in places where they’re considered rare. I actually considered going to the colder lands, but this nation is considered to be the leader in terms of fashion, and besides, the monetary value of rare clothing materials is quite high here.

「 Do you want the payment to be in gold coins? Or do you prefer large gold coins? 」
「 I’ll take the large gold coins, please. 」
Twelve gold coins is equivalent to a large gold coin, but it actually looks more like a golden ingot than a coin.

The size and quality of fur would determine the price, of course, but generally, a fox is worth around 180 gold coins. The gowns of aristocrats currently in vogue — those outerwear that either reached to the knees or were floor length — were approximately 50 gold coins each.

This made me wonder how much the finished product would cost, considering that the fur would be used to make clothes. For example, this fox was huge compared to the normal ones, so just this one was probably enough for one dress, I think. But then, it would still probably undergo screening like the ordinary furs, so you can imagine how expensive it must be.

I also sold some wolf pelts before, but fox is considered the creme dela creme, so it is by far the most expensive. Just to give you a rough idea, the cost of building materials varies depending on whether it is easily obtainable or not, but a single fox pelt is already enough to build a humble house for commoners.

Be that as it may, it still didn’t mean that I could just relax and think that it would be enough for the books. Grimoire and original books are more expensive than that. I already used up most of the funds the deities gave me in the beginning, so I really should diligently earn money.

I got totally carried away — just imagine, I had money I could freely spend on whatever caught my fancy when I first came into this world — so of course I was excited, who wouldn’t be? But, yeah, regrets, regrets. I would still buy them, though!

The trading rate for today is approximately 233 large coins. By the way, I entered this shop after I sold two pelts in the first shop that I went to today. That’s because the shop didn’t have enough capital to buy the rest!

Okay, I think I have enough money for the book now. Well, at the very least, it is enough for the deposit fee for the book, right? I am actually nervous since I don’t know what kind of book it will be.

After my selling stint, I had my lunch at a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea. It is of a higher caliber than the one I went to previously. I am eating at the seat that the restaurant reserved for business negotiations!

I have some wine, a canape with ham, salami and chicken liver paste on top, a broad pasta dish with lots of cheese entwined with the noodles and topped with truffles, and beefsteak.

The wine is clear, and the liver isn’t stinky. The pasta is simple, and the steak is cut from high quality lean beef, seasoned with salt and pepper and infused with the smokey flavor after being grilled over a charcoal fire. Quite simple.
The amount of ingredients they used may be few, but they were carefully selected. The wheat noodles are delectable, and although the beef’s tenderness and marbling are different from those you can find in Japan, the lean meat is still scrumptious. The wheat and cattle are probably especially cultivated.

I enjoy fine food with fine scenery. The view from the terrace of the restaurant is breathtakingly stunning. The continent and the peninsula surrounded the sea so it is calm, and it is dotted with wooden boats, too, aside from the commonplace ships that are going to and fro in the harbor. Because of the high vantage point, I can see the roofs of the buildings on the island, and although the color intensity varies, the orange hue is still subdued.

Houses here are mostly made from materials that can be found within the vicinity, so the parts that use a lot of the same materials, like roofs and walls, will naturally match in color. It is quite difficult to carry the materials, after all.

The houses that scream luxury with all those windows in them, and those that are more subdued follow the same color palette so it is very beautiful to me.

That beauty is best enjoyed from afar, given that the environment of the port area is far from ideal. You can find all sorts of people there, and colorful swear words also fly here and there, plus there are sanitation issues, too, so yep.

Afterward, I also took the time to look for a sword that resembled 『 Zanzenken 』 since its appearance changed, but I didn’t find any. Well, there’s a scimitar? But that would be stretching it. I gave up on my search and decided to look for a blade that had a similar length, so I ended up getting a sword that is bigger than normal to be my everyday sword.

I discovered that Spirit Weapons also exist while I was in an arms-dealer shop in Nalluadhid. They told me that the Spirit Weapons had three kinds — a weapon that spirits possess because they feel attracted to it, enough to live in it, a weapon made by a spirit, and a spirit that had transformed itself into a weapon.

The strength and power of the weapon depended on the spirit, so the variations are endless. There is no need for any maintenance or repairs, but they should be kept in a place that the spirit prefers. Adventurers who possess Spirit Swords will leave them in the care of shrines or in the 『 Fae’s Bough 』 . The frequency of entrusting their weapons depends on the usage and circumstances, apparently.

My 『 Zanzenken 』 was made by a spirit. Well, I just chuck it inside the 【 Storage 】 whenever I don’t use it. Maybe I should take it out from time to time…? I didn’t receive any care instructions for it, though.

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