Chapter 91: Drunk

Translator: Haruchin   Editor: Marky

「Please do it with a clean stroke. 」
「… I’m afraid I cannot. 」

I asked Butler to cut my hair, but he refused!

「If you’re going to sell your hair, want me to lend you some money instead? 」
Retze said.

「 I have money. And why did it turn to selling hair?」
「Oh, I just thought you’re following that pattern —you know, not enough money then sell your hair that you’re so proud of. 」
Retze shrugged.

「Jean’s hair is beautiful. 」
Ash commented.

I was about to retort that it’s normal, but stopped myself from doing so. I don’t do anything special to my hair, but the water I’m using is different. It’ll definitely turn stiff if washed with the hard water here. Yeah, it’s really more glossy and voluminous than the residents around here.

「I’m getting tired of washing it, simple as that.」
If I cut enough to make a wig then I’ll be bald then, in the first place.

「Those aristocrats grow ‘em long, so why not try it, too? 」
「Too troublesome. 」
Retze suggested that, but an annoying thing is annoying, period. Maybe I should just cut it on my own.

「Then I’m going to cut it for you later, so don’t cut it yourself and don’t shave your head, okay? 」
Retze seemed to read my mind and what I’m planning to do, but…We’ve only been acquainted for a short time, right? Am I really that shallow?

「Why not take this opportunity to employ a servant…」
Really? Just for washing and drying my hair, huh, Butler?

The subjugation team finally returned, and they’re at the Guild reporting. I was invited for a drink to celebrate Dean and Chris’s safe return. Right now, the four of us are gathered here at the beef party resto, chatting while we wait for the two protagonists to arrive.

Anyway, never mind Retze, it’s only been a short while since Ash and I hung around with those two, but…Not sure with Chris, but it’s actually a mystery in Dean’s case, since he’s a popular guy with many friends.

Maybe he lost them because of his relationship with his sister…?

「There you are. 」
Dean strode towards us with firm steps.
「Oh, it’s been a while, my dear friends! 」
Dean and Chris might be different in the way they are boisterous, but they are both so lively.

「Missy, one cask of wine! 」
Dean’s bum hadn’t even touched the seat yet there he was already ordering liquor from the waitress.

Welcome back, thanks for the hard work, cheers for your safe return~ and we toast. This wooden cup doesn’t really suit the wine, but there’s no other choice, I guess.

「How are Amadeo-sama and the others? 」
Butler broached the topic.

「Those three really ooze with the Gold-rank vibes. Amadeo’s physical strength is awesome, but he frequently bickers with the other two. 」
「Honestly, having a spirit weapon is so enviable. I also want to be loved someday! 」

「Uwah, what a lonesome declaration…」
「 That’s because even if you get your hands on a spirit weapon, it’s just a dull thing if it doesn’t like you. They say ‘you’re loved by the spirit weapon’ if you can exhibit its real ability properly. 」
My expression is weird, so Retze explains it to me.

…Alright, let’s tend to 『Zanzenken 』 later at home.

「Those lackeys are useless as usual. Just blindly following around. 」
「There are also some who want to raise their status within the party, right? 」

Thank goodness I didn’t go.

「As for the result we got this time — there’s the information that there are four heroes, and the empire’s letting them do whatever they want. Don’t underestimate that lackey’s info-gathering ability, it’s nothing to scoff at. 」

「Four people? 」
They increased outta da blue! Did somebody else aside from me get dragged into this? Well, based on that lifespan thingy, that person probably crossed the street first and met an accident afterward. In that case, then it’s not really something surprising that he or she is here, I guess.

The deities didn’t mention anything about this, though. It just seems like they’re not really allowed to say anything about the spirit and her contract, as well as the heroes that she summoned. I couldn’t get any info from them regarding Sis’ abilities, except for the ones that Lightball already said in a slip of tongue.

「Normally, no matter how much the heroes project their magic, they usually start with the weak magic spells, or tranquil abilities such as offering prayers and the like, to gather the spirits. In this case, those four guys just do as they please, apparently. 」
Dean looked disgusted as he waved his hand.

「I heard that the number of people who can see spirits in the west has lessened…Did nobody warn them? 」
Ash tilted her head with a terrifying face. Whoa, the pressure’s getting stronger, the pressure’s getting stronger.

If I’m not mistaken, I heard them say that the people who can see spirits over here are quite rare…I wonder if there’s far fewer of them there compared to here?

「 They didn’t say anything ‘bout that. 」
Dean noticed that his cup was empty when he raised his cup for a drink, so he took the pitcher-looking jug of wine.

「The last time was 300 years ago, was it? There are a lot of inexplicable matters regarding the heroes and their surroundings. 」
Butler snatched the pitcher from Dean and poured him a cup.

「At any rate, it’s thanks to them that the threat of overabundance is years earlier than the Guild’s projection. 」
Dean drank the wine in one gulp.

「Last year’s large-scale use of magic in the war was also outside prediction. I heard that they didn’t get a single hint that it will occur during the previous investigations. It’s as if it just came pouring all out once; oh, ‘twas so dangerous. 」
Chris closed his eyes and placed his hand over his heart as if he’s lamenting.

「 Anyway, let’s just drink for today! Jean, drinking contest! 」
「Why me? 」
Dean suddenly pointed at me.

「If you win I’ll take you to 『Moon Pleasure House 』! If I win then tell me one of your most embarrassing secrets! 」
「Ohhh! So you have secrets, huh, Twilight! Then let me join you. If I lose then I will introduce you to 『Supreme Bliss of Heavens』. 」
「You guys, aren’t those high-class brothels? 」
Retze dejectedly retorted.

「I don’t care what you wanna bet, but Chris, call me by my name, for goodness sake. 」

Both Dean and Chris bet an introduction to high-class brothels, apparently. So it’s probably one of those luxurious ones that you can’t enter without an intro, huh.

「Then please call me by name, too. By the way, wouldn’t it be considered boorish if you go back and forth between two brothels of that class? 」
Ash asked, perplexed.

Oy, wait a sec. Is that what you should be bothered with, huh, Ojou-sama?


Three guys collapsed on their chairs three hours later — Dean and Chris, and for some reason, Retze also got dragged into this. Butler didn’t join the bet, while Ash just drank at her own pace.

「Let’s just leave them here and go home? 」
I will never get past tipsy thanks to 【Heal】, hahaha.

「Indeed. — I will settle this, so can I entrust Ash-sama to you? 」
「Yeah, I’ll send her home. 」
I turned to look at Ash — she’s looking straight ahead, and only her hand is moving, steadily bringing the cup to her lips without a slightest quiver.

「…Hey, don’t tell me Ash is also drunk? 」
「 Yes. It is very unusual for her. 」
Butler smiled before turning his back on me.

Wait, shouldn’t it be better for me to do the cleaning-up? Hey, Butler?


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    • There was a chapter focused on the heroes some time ago. From what I understood one of the 3 heroes, a girl whose brother is a friend of Jean’s sister (and the same one that made the false confession to Jean before 2 times if I remember it right), was making a doll/golem based on her perception of how jean was (but totally different of how Jean actually was) to cope with having lost every contact she had with Jean after being iseakaied. So the fourth hero is doll jean whom she must be getting “closer” to.
      That was a strange chapter, but I got more interested in seeing more of the heroes and how they will finally get the shortcoming.

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