Chapter 98: Setting Off

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「 Jean, take anything you want from what’s left, okay? 」
Madam said, apparently done with packing the food.

I turned on my ‘sight’. Spirits are fluttering around everyone. That sight makes me wonder if Dinosso and Madam — Shiva — and En formed contracts.

Those spirits wandering around seem like they’re part of the pedigree of Dinosso and Shiva’s spirits.
Dinosso’s spirit is a dragon-shaped fire spirit that looks like it can carry people, while Shiva’s is an ice spirit with the figure of a pale woman. Meanwhile, En, who was said to have been possessed when they were at the temple, had a squirrel spirit on his shoulder, and it seemed like it’s from a different lineage.

So, why is En’s spirit a squirrel? He is supposedly using his【 Storage 】, but all I see is a spirit stuffing its cheeks with the bags that Shiva prepared. Whenever it bit the edge of the luggage, they look like they’re being sucked into its cheek pouches — honestly, this scene is quite surreal.

It’s not certain what kind of system my own 【Storage】is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a squirrel or a hamster…

「It’s full! 」
The tiny squirrel’s cheeks were bulging, so En’s 【Storage 】 must’ve reached its limit.

Lil Squirrel, what’s up with those cheek pouches, huh? So, will the amount of things he can store double if there are two of them? My heart melted after imagining En with a squirrel on each of his shoulders.

The remaining packs and the divided bags can be stuffed in the saddle. By the way, the horses are the ones the assassins rode. They’re going to take the remaining horses with them, probably to sell them in towns or use as spares. Wait a sec, can an eight year old even ride a horse?

「Alright, we’re just going to feed the animals and open the corral then we’re off. 」
「Want me to bring you to Canum? 」
「Nah, thanks but it’s a good chance to travel as a family. 」


They have a few pigs, chickens, sheep and goats, and these livestock can probably survive around here even if there’s no one to feed them. They were left to graze whenever the weather’s great before, after all.

Yeah, if it’s alright to get them then should I just get them all?— I muse over this thought while watching the animals that ignored the open gate, so preoccupied they were in eating.

The kids took turns to hug me before they climbed on the horses. The trio’s eyes were starting to pool tears, so I patted their shoulders and rubbed their heads while covertly requesting the spirits that were fluttering around to inform me if something happened.

「You’re going to Canum, too, right? I’ll make sure you’re gonna know where we are through the Adventurer’s Guild, Ruf-dono. 」
Dinosso said while hoisting the kids who can control the horses but can’t climb on their own up their rides.

「Ruf? 」
「Coming to this place that’s in the middle of nowhere without even bothering riding a horse is nothing short of suspicious. You better be careful, alright?」
Dinosso told me while exchanging glances with the horse.

Neigghhhh, was what it said.

「…….When you reach Canum, go to the alley of『Ash Fox’s Back 』then visit house B with the blank number. And nope, I’m not Ruf. But yeah, I’m someone suspicious, I guess. 」
「Oh, I got it wrong, huh. 」
Dinosso chuckled.

「The journey will be pretty harsh on the kids, but we still have some leeway. Yeah, my gut feeling told me that you’re a powerful guy, but I don’t want to rely on that power while we still can handle it ourselves. 」
He then continued on with a serious face.

「You’re our friend, after all. 」
Madam smiled at me.

「That’s why, see you at Canum, alright! 」
Dinosso said his piece, so he turned his back, and the other four waved at me before following after him.

And now, I’m all that’s left standing here, feeling a bit awkward.

Yeah, he has a point. It’ll feel a bit different to when I bring food or help around with work if they were to rely on this cheat ability .

Alright, let’s reward the Dinosso family with a bath and food once they reach Canum. Hmmm, was I too hasty in renting out that house?

Oopsie, let’s set that aside for now and 【Teleport 】the livestock first back to my house. They will escape from the corral once they’re full so I have to hurry.

I started with the pigs who will likely run off somewhere far and【Teleport】them to the shed back home. Next, I 【Teleport 】 the sheep, goat and the chickens that I placed inside a cage. Didn’t forget to bring their feed and the straw for them to sleep on, of course.


Alright, let’s make an enclosure for grazing. I don’t have the time to bring them to different spots everyday just like what Dinosso used to do. Ah, but I want to release those pigs to the woods when acorn season comes.

Not sure if those chickens are trained or not, but they always return to their roosting spot come nightfall, even if they’re left alone. Oh, but it’d be useless if they don’t remember where the shed is, huh.

I’m in a great mood while building the fence when Riche came charging towards me. He probably sensed my presence. As for the fence — it’s just a series of evenly-spaced stakes that have ropes stretched on 3 places — top, middle and bottom — in between them.

Riche started to gnaw on the left-over rope, playing while I’m working, but he then switched to gnawing his tail halfway through. He ran round and round chasing it before falling down, then getting up and repeating this scene several times. Ahh, so cute.

I have seen a lot of different spirits, but yeah, my Riche is still the cutest of all.

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