Chapter 99: Moving

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The day after I was done fixing the corral for the livestock, Butler announced that Dean and Chris were interested in moving into the house. I already anticipated it, and since Ash and the others were fine with that, the three rooms on the second floor were filled just like that.

Dean and Chris were really happy with the beds and the pseudo-closet space. Chris, in particular, was apparently glad that he now had a place to store his plate armor since he normally didn’t wear it.

It’s understandable that he’s going to use it if it’s a battle against some bigshot, but it’s easy to see how difficult that get-up is just by imagining him moving around the forest in that plate armour. Frankly speaking, that kind of get-up probably doesn’t suit the adventurers’ activities.

Chris is probably a true knight, judging from the carefully maintained silver armour with gold patterns on it that he showed us.

The two guys who just moved in are currently having tea with Retze and Ash on the first floor of the rented house.

「So, when will we go to the brothel? 」
Dean grinned.

「And why the heck do we have to go out of our way to that far-flung fortress just to have a drink, so troublesome. 」
Plus we had to be on horses.

「Treating Anoma Citadel as some kind of far-flung place…!!! 」
Chris looked as if what I said was blasphemy, what with that tragic expression on his face.

「Brothel, troublesome!? 」
「The courtesans might be shocked if they were visited by a guest that possessed a face that far surpasses their beauties. 」
Butler cut Dean off before he could say anything else.

He probably wanted to change the topic before it got too graphic since Ash was here. Courtesans refer to a high-class prostitutes, but it’s kind of a sophisticated term used since it also included the significance that they are also appreciated for their talents.

「Do you even know where『Moon Pleasure House』and 『Supreme Bliss of Heavens』are…」
Retze mumbled.

Stop turning back to that topic!!
「Setting aside those courtesans, Jean, do you have anything you want? We also enjoyed that cow, so it’s probably not considered as thanks, huh. 」
Retze changed course, probably because he noticed how Butler and I were staring at him.

Sooner or later, Retze will probably discover that Ash is a girl. Dean was mumbling stuff like ‘when I was Jean’s age, I’ve been riding throughout the night’, so ignore.

「Ah, yeah. My friend’s family will arrive at Canum around one month and a half from now, so I’ll be happy if you take care of them for a bit. 」
「Friend? 」
Retze repeated.

「Ah, I thought you’re a misanthrope. Never did I imagine that I’ll hear the word ‘friend’ from you instead of ‘acquaintance’. 」
Actually, it’s not that I’m a misanthrope, it’s just that I hated the people around Sis — Oh, majority of the people in my tiny circle of acquaintances were Sis’ friends, huh.

I knew in my head that there were other people, but yeah, the distrust towards humans already ran too deep, I guess.

「Jean is a good guy. If a person can’t be his friend then that person is blind, that’s it. 」

Wait a sec…!! Ash, stop spouting embarrassing things all of a sudden after keeping mum the whole time! And that face is scary!!

Ugh, my tears are pooling now…

「Yeah! Twi…Jean, you’re a great guy! Just let me know if that family is here. I, Chris, will tour them in this city! 」

My heart instantly calmed down when the ridiculous guy who always acted embarrassingly comforted me.

「What shall we do with the third floor of this house? 」
Butler is asking me if we’re keeping it open for that family.

「Nah, don’t mind it. They have kids, so they might settle in a place where there are other kids who can play with them. If needed, I can always rent my second floor to them. 」

「If it’s after one month and a half, the area around here might have vacancies, but it might not be the case in the Central, you know? The Guild’s official subjugation already ended, but since Amadeo’s cronies are still sneaking around, majority of the folks think that it’s still dangerous. 」
Dean took the cup by its rim and sipped tea.
「The Gold-ranked trio had already moved towards the fortress city, though… At any rate, there must be a lot of people who wish to transfer residences into the Central. 」
The 『Fae’s Bough』is located at the Central, after all, and it’s one of the places they could possibly take refuge in. Above all, being in the center of Canum is safer, because the other houses could act as shields, after all.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard that the Central people who were renting vacant rooms while living in the same house increased the number of people who could fit inside the room. You’re sharing the room with strangers, you know, plus it’s one heck of a narrow space, yet you’re cramming them in.

In contrast, this area where we live is still unpopular as ever, probably because the memories of its destruction are still fresh. The value of the house probably depreciated when I bought it, compared to when I first rented it.

「Just in case, they are also welcome to stay in our third floor. 」
「Thanks. Mine is vacant so it’s okay. 」
It’s okay, Ash, so please stop suggesting such dangerous things that might expose your gender, alright. If they need a house then I can just leave the entire thing vacant.

「Then let’s vacate the house behind…No, let’s buy it. 」
Oy, Butler. What are you planning to do with the house behind, huh? You just said ‘vacate’ now, right?

Everyone except Ash were speechless for an instant while staring at Butler’s smiling face, then we simultaneously averted our eyes.

「Eh, isn’t there a rule that folks can only purchase two houses within the city walls? 」
Moreover, they are not allowed to buy two houses in the same place, and it’s also prohibited to buy two houses favorably situated near important places such as the gates and the towers.

「Indeed. Jean-sama has already purchased his house and this rental house, so I will be the one to do so now. It’s just that I have a request to make, but…Let’s leave it for later. 」
「Hm? 」

— Later, he did consult me, and he wanted advice on how to connect Ash’s house with the one behind them using the attic. He apparently came up with the idea when he saw that I opened a back door to my house. Is it because he wanted to secure multiple escape routes just in case?

What would he do with the house he bought if Dinosso didn’t choose to live there? Upon asking, it seemed that he would leave the attic vacant without renting it out, focusing instead on renting the first to third floor to one or two families who must be as ordinary as possible.

Dinosso will probably be happy if he has an added escape route because of En’s matters. Well, let’s just leave the choice to the person himself.

Eh? Ain’t I being surrounded by people who are being targeted? Only two are normal?

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