Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 2 Part 2


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



No matter how you look at them, they were love letters. Being cheerful and lively, Mikoto was immediately becoming popular wherever she goes. Glossy red hair tied in a ponytail, refreshing features, plump breasts and feminine hips clad in white school uniform, pure-white skin, relaxed arms just like a model’s, legs –– her overall appearance was blessed enough to be envied even among the same sex, causing her to receive a few letters like that everyday since coming here.

“Look, Takeru! Take a look at this! Why don’t we ask one of those girls for cooperation!”

“And here I thought it was something important…… Haa.”

Takeru dropped her shoulders and gave her a tired, bitter smile, going towards the opposite shoebox with her name written on it and opening it.

–– Basabasa, dosasa, pasa!

Pale envelopes spill out from the box like avalanche, until they form a small, ankle-high mountain. It looks like Takeru’s cool and intellectual impression is as popular as Mikoto, only in a different sense. She seems to be adored less openly than her sister, having lots of stealth fans.

Her hair was cut short, almost like a boy’s, conservative glasses gave her cool and intellectual aura, white blazer only served to stress out her fine figure, well-formed butt and flawless leg lines.

“T, This is amazing, Takeru…… But, in that case…”


With only one word, Takeru managed to interrupt her sister. While placing all envelopes into a paper bag pulled out of her bag,

“There won’t be any good in involving normal students in danger. Did you already forget about Kayama-san?”

She said so coldly.

Mikoto, being carried away with her own idea, hung her head while taken aback. Kayama Sui –– a slender girl that they befriended during their previous job. In need for help, they asked her and she agreed enthusiastically, but because of that she was faced with grave danger. It was something that they deeply regretted, and must never forget.

“Kayama-san is Yamato’s childhood friend, and she is attracted to him. With those girls, things are not so simple.”

“Yeah, that’s right…… I was getting way ahead of myself. I so sorry.”

Kayama Sui was a childhood friend of Shiratori sisters colleague ––Tachibana Yamato, holding an unrequited love for him. From that reason and will to help she has been actively involved in their affairs, and as a result her life was put in danger not only once.

(I…… I think so.)

If one of the love letters senders were interested enough in Mikoto or Takeru, even to a point to eagerly help them, they would most likely come in a harm’s way. It’s just like Takeru said. She didn’t want to have to go through something like that ever again.

(I’m so useless…… I’m not anything like Takeru……)

Mikoto, who was reflecting upon herself, even if it was strange, missed hearing coughs and calls of her sister. Assertive oppinion on love and sex of the same gender, Christian respect ––.

Out there, Takeru was feeling uncomfortable.

* * *

Classrooms of Seisen’s Girls Academy are quiet.

Apart from a time of worship being performed at the beginning of every morning class, even during breaks usually full of buzzing, the whole school, classrooms and corridors are full of majesty.

Mikoto finally noticed that some three days ago, that there was no laughter in here. It was weird for girls of their age to just move their chopsticks in and out of their mouths, not even giggling and talking. There was no small talking, no running through the hallways, and of course there was no arguments and fights at all.

(Fuu…… No wonder why the mood here is so boring.)

The red-haired girl lay flat on her desk at the end of the classroom, aside from the prying eyes of her classmates. Although their features were clearly young and happy, their behavior seemed much like that of an adults. They would always walk with their backs straight, sticking out their chests covered in dark-green blazers and always walk quietly. And although their plaid skirt were relatively short, none of them ever flutter. Modest and humble, self-disciple and at the same time proud of themselves, being as lovely as idols –– that kind of impressions sum up in Mikoto, making her feel downright uncomfortable.

On the contrary Takeru, who was assigned to the classroom just opposite from here, haven’t got any such complains when they were coming back together to the dorms.

(I wonder if am the odd one here, or is this class in particular just especially strict.)

She stared secretly at the petite and lovely girl that they met earlier this morning. Fujisawa Masumi of the Disciplinary Committee. Her wavy, glossy black hair were spreading all over her back, and her iris pupils were narrowing elegantly while she was talking with other students.

She knew that it was kind of cliché, but Fujisawa Masumi was as adorable as an angel. Always having a cute smile on her face, she looked like someone who could never be distraught. Also held in high regards by the teachers and having vast knowledge in theology, he has been a model student.

(I am rather difficult to deal with……)

Having taken her eyes off of Masumi, Mikoto sighs deeply and rests her jaw on her hand and crossed arms. Just in the same way when she was near dignified Takeru, when she was near elegant and picturesque girls, she would always become conscious of her boisterous behavior. In other schools there were a lot of people just like her, so she would rarely get depressed over something as trivial as that, but here it was different.

Everyone in class seemed to be dyed in the color of Masumi –– quiet green, just like deep forest. And in the middle of that green, there was a lonely drop of white paint, herself.

Touching everyone around her wherever she went, her own white left stains on other colors, but soon was eroded by Masumi without any effort –– Such thoughts were popping out unexpectedly in her head, making her back feel cold.

(The sooner we exterminate all the demons, the sooner we can leave this place.)

Fuu, sighing one more time, she tried to shake off that delusion from the inside of her head.

“Are you feeling unwell?”

“Eh!? Ah!?”

Hearing a voice that sounded like a bell toll, Mikoto bounced in place.

“Uh, uhh, I’m okay! I am just a little tired!”

While feeling her face becoming hot, Mikoto shook her hands with pitter-patter. No way, there is just no way that her condition became so bad that other people started watching her, right!?

It was true that she was tired. Wielding Exorcism Sword [Raikou] almost every night consumed large amounts of Mikoto’s [ki], which manifested in sore limbs and tiredness. No matter how tough Mikoto was, accumulated fatigue was pushing her towards her limits fast.

“If you can speak so loudly, I guess you must be okay.”

Masumi responded with a bright smile to Mikoto’s forced smile. No, although her lips were smiling, her eyes were full of criticism. Apparently, her voice was too loud.

(Uhh, uh, that’s why I’m not feeling so well.)

Feeling like she was about to cry, Mikoto thanked the girls with a short [Thank you for your concern]. She said so with as much of an innocent and apologetic voice as she could, but the Disciplinary Committee seemed not to like it. Under the scornful look of her face , she has leaned on her desk.

“Have you and your sister exited the dorm at night? Did you, or didn’t you?”

“Uh…… This is…… There was a reason for that……”

Mikoto was becoming flustered. She couldn’t possibly tell her that it was to fight demons. Just like Takeru said in the morning, they didn’t want to involve the general public, but they were drawing attention. And this all-to-serious classmate of hers just wouldn’t believe in something as shady as demons.

(I wonder why am I here, in this class……)

With beads of sweat dripping on her back, she thought that class dividing teachers must have had some kind of a grudge against them.

“Is it something you want the teachers to not know about? If that is the case, I have no other questions.”

Surprisingly enough, Masumi let it go just like that. Not expecting this, a goofy ‘fueh?’ leaks out of Mikoto’s mouth, together with surprised expression.

“Does it have something to do with molesting cases that started this spring? By any chance, are you patrolling the school?”

“Uh, yeah, something like that.”

She didn’t hit the bull’s-eye, but she was really close. Since the demons have been hiding, there was no way that Masumi could come out with a more accurate information.

“If it is like that, I’m not going to say anything anymore.”

This time without even putting a smile, the tender girl lets her off the hook. Shaking her glossy and fluffy hair, the remaining aroma is similar to that of a deep forest. Most likely perfume.


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