Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 3 Part 2


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko




Her appearance right now is similar to a fairy caught up in a spider’s web. What has been tied tightly from top to bottom is a body similar to a boy’s, but soft and plump chest, narrow waist and round, fine butt similar to a peach were without a doubt that of a girl. Long and slender legs trembling on it’s knees had a strange balance between changing from a girl to a woman.

Drip, drip, drop, drop…… From the bodies of demons drops a filthy liquid, sticking to Takeru’s skin. Thin tentacle comes closer and begins sucking the back of her ear.

In that ear rings Mikoto’s voice, freezing Takeru in place.

“In the name of the Shiratori! Activate, Explosion magic!”


Demons who tried to barge onto the rooftop from the corridor stop immediately in their tracks, as if being hit by something. Activated by Mikoto’s word of power, her [ki] was caught up by demonic magic barrier.

“Kuuh!? What is that, it’s so large……”

Hearing Mikoto’s shout, demons began to drag their limbs towards her. It would actually be nice if you could close the other line –– that thought ran across Takeru’s head.

Splash, splash! Splash, splash!

“Uuh!? Kuh, nhh……!”

A hot liquid was splashed over her crotch. Quickly spreading to the groins, it felt as if she peed herself.

(Ku, uh…… I’m losing…… I’m losing control over my [ki]…)

Slimy liquid spreads all over Takeru’s pubic area, sinking into her bare skin and eroding her [ki]. All the strength is being drained from her waist. She tries to move her legs desperately, her wet underwear sticks to her privets, slipping aside, causing her to feel a filthy sensation, as if warm and wet tongue traced over her skin.

Nuchu, kucho, nichyu…… Small tentacles flocked around her crotch, grinding their heads against the clothes, enlarging the liquid stain. They press against more and more visible secret place, wiggling and moving themselves, not likely to move away.

“What!? What was that!?”

Don’t ask about such things –– She was angry at her insensitive sister.

“It’s, it’s nothing…… Nh, kufuh!?”


It wasn’t only one. And not just only meat beans.

Red snake-like tentacles managed to remove her bra to the side, squeezing her erect nipples and crawling all over her breasts.

“Fu, nuuuh! Aaah, no way……!”

They soon retreat from her breast, ceasing the storm of pain, but the places where they were began to burn. Especially those pale places, that looked like mosquito bites. Or more like teeth bites. It tore her shirt in some places, making a mess out of her chest ––.

“Just hold on, Takeru! Your sister will soon be here!”

The Guiding Voice seemed to transmit the whole situation through senses, so the response of Mikoto was imminent. The little demons began to pull back from the rooftop to the Main School Building, making sounds like zuru, zuru.

(So far……)

If you want to go to the west end, you must first pass through the whole school building. It’s a good distance. For tired Takeru, that distance between her and the demons was desperate.

Squish, squish –– the demons behind her wiggled their bodies, making lewd sounds. Negative feelings such as fear and despair were these monsters favorite dish. Sensing the weakness of their prey, they strengthened the movements of their tentacles.

“Ku, uuuhhh!”

Thin tentacles wrap themselves around her breasts, soft meat tightening in a spiral. Losing in size to that of Mikoto’s, hers were the breasts which combined fresh tension and moderate softness, so they are disgustingly distorted while being tied up. They rub her hard and swollen nipples against her shirt, causing her voice to burst in uncontrollable manner.

(A…… Aphrodisiac!?)

This tingling covering the whole surface of her breasts becomes hard to endure, quickly changing into warm pleasure. Her breasts feel like they are on fire. Poison must have accumulated on her skin through rubbing and caressing of her chest –– when that snake like-tentacles entangled her like a spiral, sending ripples of pleasure through her body like a warm slime, causing something very hot to accumulate at her very core. Her nipples got harder and harder the more they rubbed against her shirt.

“Fuh! Uh, nhh…… Ah!? No…… Kuh!?”

Tentacles entangled around her legs pulled with a great force, spreading her knees apart as far as they could. If it could only be that –– Rip, rip! Her clothes began to tore apart. Maybe it was because of the strange liquid, or perhaps it was because of the thin tentacles themselves.

(How, my body……)

Supporting her back, it held her legs at the knees and lifted them up, so that her secret place could move forward. It looked just like an embarrassed girl who was held in the air so she could take a piss.

Moreover, her panties are all wrinkled, largely mimicking the look of her secret part of her lower body. The tentacles on her legs strengthen their grip, spreading the panties fabric and creating a breach in them, opening the space from her pubic hair all the way to her butt with a dry sound.

Splash…… Pinch…… Slam……

Panties wet with warm liquid are firmly stuck to her skin over her crack and butt. And there, pressing against the fabric, there was a small bud. There are countless flexible tentacles down there, surrounding the embarrassing and impressively pulsing meat covered with the cloth, touching it with obscene sounds.

“Afuuh!? U, Uhn!”

Her cheeks turned red, and her frightened-colored pupils reflected in her glasses, instead of her calm and collected green.

Countless tentacles gathered around her, angry meat whips massaging her naked skin –– trampling her nether petals, prying them open and crawling inside like caterpillars –– fishy mucus wetting her skin, sweet bites sending pleasure through her nipples, and clit –– huge amount of shame shook her whole body.

(N, No…… I must remember, I can’t……)

During the previous job when Takeru was alone, she was facing against exhausting monsters attacks. Mikoto and Yamato came to her aid and they managed to rescue their target and defeat the monster with joined forces, so she thought that she overcome her fears of such things ––.

The body of a maiden remembers it.

Hideous, slime-covered tentacles of the demons, that sweet and pleasant indecent pleasure.

(This, this much is, no big deal……)

She tries her best to pretend to be strong, but she cannot stop those disgraceful moans from coming out of her mouth. She tries hard to grind her teeth, hoping to stop those obscene sounds from coming from the back of her throat and through her trembling lips, caused by that sensation in the crack of her wet panties.

Swing, swing…… Having the back of her slit assaulted, she becomes hot. This unexpected pleasure causes her to shiver, leaking this shameless honey out of her, her vaginal walls swelling and hardening.

Squeeze, squeeze, her massaged breasts are becoming hot. They feel like they are about to melt. Her genitals fret and shiver, her breasts skin tenses up and becomes sensitive. When the tentacles wrapped around her rub her like a warm slime, the pleasure accumulated at the back of her chest becomes hard to endure, ecstasy approaching her nipples.

Pikin! Pikin!

Sharp ecstasy flicker through her chest. Sensitive nipples tenses up strongly, pleasant shocks developing thanks to rubbing against her torn shirt.

(Uhh, this…… this…… feels, good……)


Chapter 2 Part 3 Illustration


It was embarrassing, she hated it –– each time the tentacles made wet and sloppy sounds, her cheeks blushes and overflows with joy. Her eyes melt under her glasses, most likely to let out tears and cries from her mouth.

“Be strong, Takeru! More, just a little bit more……!”

Right now, Mikoto’s voice was only a nuisance. She heard a sweet, trembling voice, she knew she was feeling it –– thinking about it, it was so embarrassing that her head was becoming all white.

(That is why I wanted to close the line……!)

Her usually calm demeanor was now broken. It was because of the Fire element weakening her own [ki]. During the fight with demons, one should not forget about one’s own shame –– the reason is, holding back the words of condemnation that were almost about to spill.

“Mi, Mikoto…… I think my voice was rather strange right now……”

Takeru musters her voice enough to ask.

“When you finish your extermination…… please forget about it. Please don’t tell Yamato and Yoru about this…… Nh!”

“I understand! We won’t talk about that ever again, so hold on just a bit longer!”

Taking the curse spreading upon her shoulders, the red-haired girl was about the two-thirds of the main school building. Coming to the edge of the building, she went there immediately. However, it was still far. As if predicting the intent of the older Shiratori sister, the demonic tentacles were resisting fiercely.

More, just a little bit more…… Repeating the words of her sister, Takeru somehow managed to endure ––


A sense of wet cloth slipping. No, not that, it was a feeling of wet tentacles crawling directly inside of her. Her wet underwear melts away, uncovering her bare skin.

“Aaahh, uuuhhh! S, stop….. Kuh!”

Her bewitchingly pink flesh shivers as myriad of small tentacles are crawling around it. Pleasant feeling spreads all over her abdomen. From beyond her petals, deep down her hole, a sweet and sour honey is leaking.

(Kuuh!? Aah, don’t…… N, no!)

Groping around her entrance, they pry open her meat lips. Thin, finger-like strings crawled into her crevices, sprinkling about droplets of her love juices. Her throbbing folds squeeze around the tips of tentacles.


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