Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 6 Part 1


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Chapter 6: The Evil God’s Ressurrection


“Fu, Fujisawa-san……!? Why are you here, in such a place……!? And what do you mean, your Lord is going to be revived!?”

Mikoto flooded Masumi with questions, expecting the girl to answer them. Masumi smiled at her in a cute way and started talking.

“What you just cut down was the seal imprisoning our Lord. I myself tried lots of different spells and techniques, but none of them seemed to work. Honestly, I was beginning to lose hope.”

It wasn’t the statue of the evil deity that was causing the girls to go berserk with lust. It was the other way around –– Masumi was feeding the seal with lewd energy in hopes of breaking it down!

(Why, how…… You were so kind to me before!?)

So in order for Mikoto and Takeru to not notice anything, she was feeding them false information. Mikoto understood that much, but she still refused to acknowledge that.

Her eyes shining like obsidian, and just a slightly wicked smile. She didn’t change a single bit from her daytime self. However, Mikoto couldn’t understand what was going on deep inside of her.

Masumi gives Mikoto another lovely smile, seeing just how stunned she was.

“The statue that you cut down was of Dionysius, a Greek god of wine and festivities. He is a paradox deity: one side of his presides over cheerful festivities, while other indulges in lust and wild orgies……”

She says that in a proud tone, as if she knew the answer to the question that no one was able to answer.

(I… see.)

Mikoto somehow came to understand.

This girl was pure evil.

She didn’t look the part, but it was the truth.

Mikoto wondered if such a thing was possible. No –– it sure was. There was the living proof right in front of her, talking to her with sparkling eyes.

“I even tried to use youmas offspring to boost our Lord’s strength, but that didn’t work as well. It wasn’t nearly enough.”

In response to the words of the angelic little sorceress, the fallen girls began to stand up one by one. But their consciousness didn’t return. It was a spell that controlled them just like a puppet master would with his dolls.


She couldn’t use [Raikou]. The lightning dwelling inside of the blade was so strong that it would cause serious damage even if wielded by normal human being, but it was all for nothing if she couldn’t direct its lightning towards her enemies.

The swarm of girls approached her while swaying form left to right, reaching their hands towards her. And since they were already unconscious, thunder would be useless against them.

“Turns out, and color me surprised, that Lightning was the correct answer. Lightning beats Water, and Lightning is beaten by Fire –– It was the last element that was needed to upset the balance of the seal, strengthening Fire in the process. Struck with your Lightning, the seal was broken, and Dionisius can now be revived to bring chaos and debauchery onto the world!]


The whole cave suddenly started to vibrate. The floor was covered in a web of cracks and parts of the ceiling started to fall down to the ground.

(Ah…… What now!?)

From the place where the seal’s pedestal was located, the ground started to crack up and the cracks began to spread rapidly. Then, from under the rubble, long and thick tentacles began to crawl out. They were a few meters long each, thick as a grown man’s arm and covered in green and purple spots. Oozing slimy liquid from their tips, they were covered in snake-like scales or had suckers just like some sea creatures. Their main bodies were just a swollen lumps of flesh with short and thick legs to support their weight. Truly, a demonic sight.

“Come down from the Heavens and smite my enemies!”

Mikoto points towards one of them with her finger, making a cross mark.

“Cut through, Small Thunder!”



The youma gets hit by lightning that suddenly shot out from Mikoto’s fingers. It shakes it huge body, sending another wave of tremors throughout the cave. However, it was of no use. As soon as the lightning disappeared, youma’s wounds covered with thick layers of its own mucus and its wound closed instantly.

“I’m afraid your struggles are quite pointless, Shiratori-san. Your Lightning attacks are only going to make our Lord stronger.”


Hearing Masumi’s words, Mikoto could only bite her lip in frustration. At the same time,

“Ah!? S, stop it…… No……!”

One of the girls that lost their consciousness was caught by the monster’s tentacles. Its tentacles slowly move around her legs. She was now firmly in its grasp, unable to escape.

“Let me go! Let me go, I said……!”

When the tentacles began to find their ways to the girl’s privates, another tentacles caught another girl in their iron grasp.


The tentacles tear the girl’s skirt to pieces, burning her skin with their secretions in the process. It’s too dangerous! Mikoto needed to act, and act now! She tried to get away from the tentacles grasp and rush towards the statue with [Raikou] in hand.

It wasn’t a situation in which she could wait to conjure up a plan.

However, the other girls that were under Masumi’s control launched themselves at Mikoto, as if they were waiting for an opportunity to strike.

“Ugh, I’m sorry!”

Apologizing, Mikoto twisted her body and threw a mighty kick towards the girls. She then jumped on their back and jumped forward, using them as the kind of stepping stones.

At the same time –– GRAB!

Mikoto shook and twisted her upper body, trying to get rid of the girls that managed to latch themselves onto her back. They weren’t giving up, but she had to move forward. Then ––


She was thrown to the ground and hit it with her back, then the loud moans sounded right next to her ear. However, she couldn’t move her arm to fend the girls away. It seems that they were the perfect tool in Masumi’s hands: invulnerable to pain and focused on completing their designated task.

“Tsk…… Kyah!!”

A number of hands latched themselves onto Mikoto from all directions. They grabbed her arms and held them firmly in their grasp, making her unable to do anything. Also, the strength with which they were holding her was enormous.

“S, stop that! You’re going to break my arms!”

In a desperate attempt at freeing herself, Mikoto tried to kick the girls with her legs. Her skirt gets rolled up to her belly, exposing a pair of cute, pale-pink panties. Still, these girls weren’t feeling any shame, so their assault didn’t stop.

The girls manage to take a hold of Mikoto’s legs and press them against her chest. They grope her thighs and some of them take a firm hold of her ankles, pinning Mikoto to the floor.

“Ah……!? No, wait…… stop!”

They put their hands on her knees, forcing her legs open and leaving her abdomen completely exposed. One other girl comes behind Mikoto, becoming something of a resting point for her back.

(No way, this position……!)

Being positioned like that, Mikoto’s privates were offered to the incoming youma, while the feeling of incredible embarrassment began to spread throughout her whole body. The girls pushed her body forward, causing Mikoto’s ample chest to stretch her blazer’s fabric to its limits.

Her skirt fall back down, covering her pink panties and her special place underneath them. However, the girls reach out their slim fingers and tear Mikoto’s skirt apart, exposing her milk-white skin and lovely shapes for the youma to see, leaving nothing to the imagination as to what lies underneath the tattered fabric.


“Ufufu…… What a lovely shape. It will surely please our Lord greatly.”

Masumi chuckles devilishly, leaning over Mikoto and surveilling her body with her eyes. Even now, she still looked and sounded just like a little angel.

“Fujisawa-san! Why are you doing this!? What is your goal!?”

Mikoto, having been deprived of her freedom to move, shouted those questions at Masumi. She continued to struggle, making angry faces all the time. Although it was undeniable now that Masumi was the perpetrator here, Mikoto still wanted to believe otherwise.

“Who told you to do that? Are you being controlled by someone!? In that case……”

“You big fool. Who would dare to threaten someone who can use magic?”

Masumi smiled in a weird way, her voice suddenly cracking.

“What’s my purpose, you ask? Precisely this. Resurrection of the heretical god. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Masumi shook her long hair in front of Mikoto, and suddenly the space began to shook and sway, only to transport them back to the school’s basement.

“Even though there are supposed to be no springs in those mountains, I wonder from where those holy fountains came from? Try as I might before my admission here, but I couldn’t find any information. And try to imagine just how surprised I was when I found something like that in the basement.”


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