Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 6 Part 2


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Through investigation, it seems that Masumi discovered that Seisen Girls’ Academy was build atop the seal to strengthen its effects. The girls who kept learning here and worship God in good faith had no idea that they were in fact keeping a pagan deity at bay. Even if the teachers who knew about that were replaced and the original purpose lost to time, the seal strengthening ritual would still be carried on.

“It was a really smart thing to do. I was really impressed by that. That is why I wanted to see if I could make it all go to hell.”

Masumi was now getting excited with each new word, her usual angelic voice gone. But the gentle flush on her cheeks was as innocent as ever.

(…… No, it’s not that.)

I wasn’t just an artificial expression. It wasn’t an act. Masumi wasn’t really malicious. Indeed, this was a pinnacle of innocent mischief.

“So I taught the innocent girls of this Academy how it feels to abandon purity and drown themselves in carnal desires, encouraged them to commit obscene acts of their own free will…… All for the sake of resurrecting the evil god that the sages of yore decided to seal away. I wanted to bring him back to the world…… Thanks to my efforts those to-be pure maidens are now slaves to the desires of the flesh, worshippers of the devil itself……”

Masumi wrapped her arms around her blazer-clad torso. She was trembling with excitement all over, her eyes thinly squeezed in ecstasy. Her cheeks flushed red, she kept on breathing heavily, unable to contain herself.

“Values falling apart, order crumbling down on itself –– Wonderful. There’s nothing more ecstatic than those things.”

“Y…… You, you are……”

In the eyes of restrained Mikoto there was anger dwelling. She did all that just so she could satisfy her perverted fantasies and desires? That is why she got all of those innocent girls involved ––––––?

However, the angrier Mikoto got, the more innocently Masumi was smiling. She pushed out her small chest proudly as she proclaimed:

“In this place, I have gathered enough girls with bottled up sexual desires. Then I imposed a strict moral code onto them, just to make it grow even further. Then it was just a matter of time, waiting for the results to unveil right in front of my eyes.”

Masumi swung her hand over the heads of the girls that were holding Mikoto down. Then, the light of sanity returns to their eyes and when they realize what they were doing,

“Ah…… Mikoto……-sama……”

The faces of the girls looked intoxicated.

Their consciousness may have returned, but they were still under Masumi’s spell, and so they’ve begun to cling to Mikoto’s body, caressing her milky-white skin and stroking her hair out of their own free will. Why were they so attracted to her!?

“Wait…… S, stop it… Kuh……!”

Their silky hands stroked her inner thighs. Their fingers were silky-smooth and warm, pressing onto her and sinking into the elastic feeling of her thighs.

(No, what is this!? Why, aaahh!?)

Even though she didn’t want to, she was starting to feel it. The feeling of their soft hands tracing their way over her thighs was pleasant beyond belief, and soon enough joy and excitement were starting to heat up in between her legs. Each of their touch was making Mikoto shiver, and she could feel a numbing sensation going down her spine.

“You can do whatever you want with her. After all, you were doing nothing else but masturbating furiously every single day while thinking about the Shiratori sisters, isn’t that right?”

Masumi kept on stroking the heads of more girls, and they kept on regaining their senses. As soon as they realized that they were holding Mikoto in their hands, their eyes began to sparkle with unrestrained joy.

“Ahh, so this is how Shiratori-sama’s skin feel……”

“It’s so smooth and springy…… Wonderful.”

Coming this close to the girl they have been always dreaming about, their faces smile and their cheeks tinge red as they begin to grope and feel Mikoto all over. Their hair fell onto Mikoto’s body, tickling her face and legs.

“Uuuhhh!? S, stop it…… Uh, uh, uuuuhhhh!”

One of the girls kiss her thigh. Another one takes her shoes off and yet another one rips her socks off her feet. It was bad –– Mikoto could feel her chest trembling with anticipation for some reason. Just then,


Her breasts were now being felt by at least several hands. Now that their consciousness was back, the girls were openly lusting after the object of their dreams, not missing a chance to grope her boobs still covered by the white blazer.

“Shiratori-sama’s boobs are so wonderful…… They are so big, but they don’t sag at all.”

“What splendid elasticity. My fingers are sinking right in, only to be expelled right back.”

Their small hands were crowding all over Mikoto’s breasts, playing with them and stretching them to their very limits. Naturally, one person would never be able to play like that with breast that were so huge, but these girls were currently feeling every single corner of her breasts, tracing every single bump and curve, making sure not to miss anything and to thoroughly enjoy what they were doing.

(T, these girls are…… So good with their hands!?)

Their movements were so skilled, knowing just how to avoid hurting her, and knowledgeable on how to give her even more pleasure. Was that the results they managed to achieve by masturbating every single day without fail?

“Fuh, uuh, uuuh, nhhh……”

Chapter 6 Part 2

Being groped by several fingers, Mikoto’s breasts were overflowing with pleasure. Something hot was gathering inside of her breasts, her skin was becoming hot and swelled. When she came just a little bit, some sort of liquid squirted out of her nipples, leaving dark stains on her bra and blazer.

“Stop, stop…… Ahh, nhh……!”


Something warm and sticky envelopes Mikoto’s ear. One of the girls holding her from behind must have bitten her. At the same time, other girl brushed her red ponytail aside, kissing her naked nape.

“Shiratori-san…… Just as I thought, you smell so good……”

“Nooo, iyaaahhh……!”

The girls pinning her legs to the floor started kissing and licking her thighs, whether they were awakened by Masumi or not. Their warm and soft lips traced all over Mikoto’s inner thigh. She felt a soft suction sensation on her skin. The pleasant sensation blossoms in Mikoto’s legs and gradually spreads all over her body.

“Ufufu, you’re so sensitive, Shiratori-san.”

Masumi kept on staring at this scene, while Mikoto was drowning in the rain of hot and passionate kisses.

“Look. Our Lord is pleased as well.”

“Eh…… Ah!?”

A huge moth-like monster spread its thick, flesh-colored legs wide as it woke up. Its goatish, golden eyes shine deep in its raising head. It had a bunch of flesh-like bumps on its abdomen and legs as well as around its head. Those bumps were moving and twitching, and soon new tentacles began to emerge from inside of it, accompanied with weird, wet sounds.

“Our Lord is almost ready. We can continue the ritual.”

“R, ritual……!?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Woman shall assault woman, upsetting the balance of this world.”

As if Masumi’s words were some kind of signal, the girls that surrounded Mikoto intensified their caressing. At the same time Mikoto’s legs were spread open, allowing the thin, snake like tentacles free access to her crotch. The simmer forth with supple movements, climbing their way over her skin towards Mikoto’s exposed panties.

‘No…… No, stop…… Uugh!”

The tentacles press themselves against Mikoto’s crack over her panties. Being rubbed against there, Mikoto could feel shivers of pleasure resonating throughout her body. Also, the girls’ fingers were rubbing her, stretching the material and enjoying the feeling of her body.

“Shiratori-san’s place, it’s so pretty. So tight and pink.”

“Mikoto-sama, can I touch you directly? It’s such a waste that you are wearing that underwear.”

Says one of the girls while applying more strength into her fingers.


The girl’s fingers slips Mikoto’s panties away, up until now firmly sticking to her private area. Then, her finger finds its way to Mikoto’s crack and pushes her folds aside, seeking its way inside. Mikoto’s nether lips spread wide, and her pink flesh unfolds before the eyes of the gathered girls.

Exposed to the cold air, Mikoto’s pussy was drenched in sweat. As soon as a wave of shame overwhelms her, thin fingers seek their way deeper inside of her.

(Ahh, no…… Don’t, if you touch me there……!)


Mikoto’s privets convulsed with pleasure, her pink flesh overly sensitive to the touch of another person.


Even though she somehow managed to prevent herself from moaning, her lower body was quivering wildly. As the core of her body was becoming increasingly hotter, she could hear the moans of other girls in her ears and the scent of their sweat assaulted her nostrils.


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