Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 6 Part 4


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



“Hmm? Don’t tell me, slippery fingers aren’t enough for you?”

“It’s overflowing! Mikoto-sama’s naughty juices, there’s so much of them that you’re practically drenched!”

“You’re feeling it from your asshole, Shiratori-san? What a naughty body you have there.”

“You’re wrong, it’s all from my boobs!”

The female students intensified their obscene caress. They unbuttoned the front of her blazer and opened it up. White and supple hands reached out inside of it, taking hold of her bra’s cups and taking them out.


Although Mikoto’s breasts were groped painfully, she didn’t feel any pain. The girls’ fingers were pleasant against her skin, her erect nipples rubbed against the fabric of her underwear.

The thin fingers penetrating her asshole got deeper and deeper with each stroke, even more fingers joining them. Going in and out of Mikoto’s ass, her insides were contracting violently and burned hot. Mikoto’s sphincter, spread open by that foreplay, was spreading beyond its original shape, never to return to its original tightness.

(Aaahh, no, stop it, stop it!! It’s melting, my asshole’s going to melt!)

Mikoto’s head was getting dizzy from all the pleasure she was feeling at the moment. The warm pleasure she was feeling was travelling all over her body, ultimately stopping at her uterus. There, all of her ecstasy was accumulating. She was feeling so hot inside that she thought she was going to melt from the heat.

“I think it’s about time you gave in, Shiratori-san. But if you’re going to become my slave, I might be willing to let you go.”

Says Masumi while sitting on top of the youma’s thick tentacle, looking down on Mikoto.

“W, who would… do something like……”

As Mikoto’s face turned red, the fighting spirit returned to her. No matter what happens to her, she can’t lose. Her heart filled with resolve, she gritted her teeth and frowned her brow, ready to oppose Masumi.

“Ufufu, what a lovely face you’re making, Shiratori-san. However…… Earth!”

Masumi points her fingers towards Mikoto and then moves them just like a conductor moves his baton around.


Suddenly, huge earth spikes raise up from the floor ring in between Mikoto’s thighs, keeping them widely open.

“What is…… Agh!?”

At the same time, thin and slimy tentacles wrapped themselves around Mikoto’s ankles and wrists. They pulled Mikoto with little to no problem, and next thing she knew, she was already positioned in a very lewd way.

Having her arms and legs pinned to the ground, gravitation began to work on Mikoto’s breasts. Like that, they were about ready to spill from inside of her shirt. Her skirt is pulled all the way to her waist, making her peachy butt fully exposed from behind. Her panties were now soaking wet and tightly sticking to her skin, showing the shape and the color of the flesh that was underneath them.

“Shiratori-san says that she wants you girls to try to make her cum. Please, give it your very best shot.”

“I, I never said such a thing!”

However, Mikoto’s protests were pretty much ignored. The girls cheered enthusiastically, and crowded all around the girl who was on all fours, completely defenseless.

Mikoto’s right breast was squeezed violently and shook up and down. The feeling of being groped only added to the sensation of them being pulled down by gravity. Next, they focused on her left breast, releasing it from Mikoto’s bra. Feeling the cold air brushing against her skin as well as the girls’ touch, Mikoto was quickly starting to feel good.

“Kuh, uuh!”

Her skin being overly sensitive right now, she could feel weak currents coursing through her breasts with every single touch, responding to the obscene pleasure building up inside of her. Mikoto was starting to feel increasingly hot with every single touch. She could also feel something strange starting to accumulate inside of her breasts as well.

“They look so full and heavy. See, the fingers are being pushed back.”

When they rubbed her nipples mercilessly, cloudy threads of milk began to spill from Mikoto’s tips onto the girls’ fingers. Next, they started to rub her all over, in search of even greater pleasure.

The girls flocked around her defenseless butt.

“What a splendid-looking shape. I’m so envious.”

They all stared at her cherry-colored anus with mysterious expressions. Some of them rubbed her butt cheeks with enamored expression. Their long hair tickled her soft skin. Provoked by pleasure, her soft nether lips were moving impatiently, ready to receive some new foreign objects.

“N, noo! Stop, stop it!!”

Mikoto tried to resist, and shook her long ponytail. This, however, didn’t change anything, and only made her butt shake some more, making her look like a dog in heat. The more they rubbed her butt, the bigger the girls’ enthusiasm got.

“You fools, if you are going to be so violent, it won’t feel good for her, not in the least.”

Scolded by Masumi, the girls backed away a little bit. But then, one of them reached out her hand to Mikoto’s panties and pulled them off of her.


Mikoto’s privates were drenched in pleasure. Her nether lips shook and shivered under the girls’ touch, oozing love nectar without stooping. It accumulated inside of her, making her insides all wet and sticky. The wet fabric of her drenched panties bite into her skin while being removed, sending a different kind of sensation through Mikoto’s body.

(N, no way…… Why, such thing……!?)

Pleasure continued to spread throughout Mikoto’s butt. Before long, her anus started to feel like another overly sensitive erogenous zone. Even though it was filthy, even though it was not meant for that, Mikoto’s hips were reacting on their own, shaking and encouraging the girls to stroke it further, to squeeze even more pleasure out of that forbidden zone ––––

“Oh no, what should I do, Mikoto-sama?”

Mikoto could heard such voice calling from behind her.

“If you shake your ass so much, they are going to see your drenched pussy, you know?”

“Uh…… Uhh!”

It was that kind of position that would completely expose her most embarrassing part to those who were watching her from behind. Mikoto felt ashamed, but her embarrassment was growing ever bigger since she was unable to hide herself or escape from the girls’ passionate gazes.

(No way, this position is……)

Her arms and legs held in place, her body was now bend over. In the back her crotch was exposed to the girls, and in the front her breasts were spilling out of her blazer. She had nowhere to hide as the girls played around with her privates and pinched hard on her nipples, causing her skin to flush red and become increasingly hot.

This position and Mikoto’s predicament was were so embarrassing, but Mikoto couldn’t help herself to feel even more pleasure from being touched all over by the slender fingers and ticklish hair. It wasn’t even that unpleasant anymore.

“Ufufu, your pussy is such a weird shape, Shiratori-san. So amusing.”

Encouraged by Masumi, the girls bring their faces closer and observe Mikoto’s pussy. Her panties, now almost see-through from all of the love juices, made the shape of her vagina completely visible. You could even distinguish the color of her pubic hair.

“Mikoto-sama, even though your hair is red, down there you are black like us!”

“So wonderful. It’s so nice and tight…… It’s way prettier than my own.”

With each of their word being spoken, their hot breaths tickle Mikoto’s pussy.

“Uh, uuuh……!!!”

Even though she was still covered by her panties, she felt as though they were touching her directly. That feeling of being exposed was exciting Mikoto even further. The pleasure was amplified by shame and the feeling of being caressed by many fingers, making her overly sensitive genitals squirm and secrete even more nectar.

(No, stop, don’t look…… Please, don’t look at me!)

The girls’ stares were prickling Mikoto, as she was sure that they could see everything from behind her, and that feeling made her ever wetter than before.

“Uwah, Mikoto-sama, you’re nipples are so swelled!”

One of the girls pinched on Mikoto’s nipple while groping her left breast strongly.


The pleasure surged inside of Mikoto.

Even though she tried her best to keep her voice down, some of her sweet moans leaked out of her mouth.

–––– Squirt, leak.

From inside of Mikoto’s cloth-covered pussy, a silent wet sound could be heard. Her whole body tightened suddenly, her pussy contracted violently, and her love juices overflowed from inside of her.

(Aaah, no, don’t, nooo……!)

The pleasant warmth spreads out throughout Mikoto’s crotch. It drenches her panties and overflows even further, dripping down her thighs.

“Oh my? It seems tha something leaked out of you, Shiratori-san.”

“It’s true. Look just how thick her juices are!”


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