Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 6 Part 6


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



(N, no way…… If that’s the reason, then why Takeru and I……!?)

No one here was asking for help. It is true that Masumi’s magic may have been driving the girls here crazy with lust, but no one in here was being attacked by youmas.

(Because of that, Takeru ended up like that!?)

Suddenly, Mikoto’s face tightens violently.

“Afuh!? N, Noooooo!!”

It happened in an instant. Someone inserted their saliva-coated fingers right inside of Mikoto’s asshole with a wet and obscene noise. While having her insides rubbed by wet fingers, Mikoto could feel a weak electric current travelling all across her ass, and then seeping throughout her entire body only to accumulate inside of her pussy.

“Please, just a little bit more patience, Mikoto-sama. We must be sure that you are well prepared for what’s coming next.”

The girls say that while taking out their fingers from Mikoto’s ass only insert them again, twisting them all the time.


Gradually, the movements of their fingers pick up their pace.

“Fuh, uuuhhh, aah, nhh, uguuuhhh, uuh, nhhh!!”

Loosened up, the fast fingering gradually started to feel good to Mikoto’s ass. The sweet heat begins to spread from her asshole onto her butt cheeks, and then all the way to her stomach.

“Ufufu, that’s should do it. It’s all nice and loose and slimy.”

The girls finally pull their fingers out. Even though their fingers were removed, Mikoto’s asshole was all prepared, spread open and gaping greedily.

(No, no…… The inside, of my stomach……!?)

Cold air flows inside of Mikoto’s belly. It was a strange sensation, one similar to having your insides tickled with feathers.

“I knew that she would be able to take two fingers at once, but still……”

“Mikoto-sama is a mature woman after all, so it should probably be okay to insert even more……”

While discussing something ridiculous, one of the girls puts her finger at the edge of Mikoto’s asshole.

“Ugh…… Kuh……”

She then puts her fingers inside Mikoto’s rectum and spreads it open by force, while the gaping space make an obscene sound.

Next, the rubber string was pressed against Mikoto’s gaping asshole.

“N, no…… Don’t, stop……! Gah!”

Pressed against Mikoto’s flesh, the string was pushed forward, forcefully spreading Mikoto’s insides open. Even if it was easily going in thanks to all of the saliva, its thickness didn’t change one bit.

(It won’t fit, there’s no way something like that can actually enter inside of me…… No, stop, please! You’re tearing me aparttttttttt!!!)

Just when Mikoto thought that she was going to pass out from all the pain ––


The first bead managed to force its way inside of her rectum, causing her asshole to close just a little bit. Mikoto unconsciously let out a sigh of relief.

“What are you sighing for Mikoto-sama? This isn’t the end, you know?”

“Eh? Ah…… Aaagh!?”


Next beads began to press against Mikoto’s rear exit one after another. Mikoto’s sphincter muscles were forced to its limits, relaxed, and then forcefully spread again. Mikoto could feel the string going up inside of her anus, pressing against her inner walls and spreading them open.


Mikoto’s pussy reacted to stimulation, secreting so much love juices that it began to overflow from inside of her. They drip inside and falls down her thighs, wetting her pubic hair and splashes on the girls’ hair and faces.

“Ara? It’s going in so deep. Almost all of it went in.”

The girl who was pushing the toy inside of Mikoto’s ass said that while being genuinely impressed. About half of the beads were already inside of her ass, the other half being well on their way there.

[Fuh, kuh, uuh, ngh……!”

Mikoto could feel her ears becoming bright red. She could clearly feel just how much of the toy was inside of her, as it was scraping against her inner walls.

(N, no way…… All, the way back……)

Was it really coming inside of her? Her rectum was tightly contracting against every single centimeter of the toy. Mikoto’s body was shook with pleasure so strong that her back and head bent backwards, and she could see the ceiling for a moment out there.

The anal vibrator finally reaches so deep inside of Mikoto’s ass that it was poking the back of her uterus through her flesh walls. Finally, the last bead went inside of her, with her ass tightly clasping on in.

(Aaah…… S, so cold……)

It felt as though a small ice pillar was inserted inside of her belly. Her inside were clamping around the rubber toy so strongly that it felt as though her internal body temperature had dropped. Her rectal muscles were moving vigorously, trying to recover the seemingly lost heat. It was the most peculiar feeling, completely unknown to Mikoto. The inner muscles of her ass were doing their best trying to expel the foreign object out of Mikoto’s body, but it was only creating even more wild pleasure.

Chapter 6 Part 6

“Now then, let us turn on the switch, shall we?”

“W, wait……! No, stop, eeeh!?”

Once it started to vibrate, the toy felt a lot thicker inside of Mikoto’s ass than she initially thought. The vibrations were so strong that Mikoto could feel them reverberating throughout her ass and going right into her stomach……

But the girls weren’t going to wait. One of them put her finger on top of the switch on the handle sticking out of Mikoto’s ass, switching the vibrations to even more intense level.


The vibrations were so intense that Mikoto felt them inside of her stomach.

“Fuah, fuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh!!!”

Mikoto’s internal organs were stirred and shaken. Thei insides of her ass were squeezing onto the toy and her sphincter muscles were massaged vigorously.

“Hii, nhh, uuuuhhhh~~!!!”

Mikoto desperately shook her whole body and thrashed her red hair about. However, even though her butt was stimulated so intensely that the girls couldn’t keep up with it, the toy was still firmly inserted inside of her, unable to be expelled. Mikoto arched her back, lowered her hips and breathed heavily.

“Kuh, uuh, uuuuh!? Aaah, uuuuhhhh!?”

Her insides clenching around the vibrating rubber balls, it was so intense that it almost hurt.

“T, take it out! Take it out, take it out, take it out!!! Eeh!?”

“My, oh my, what a weak-willed older sister you are, Shiratori-san. Your little sister managed to withstand it a little bit longer.”

Hearing Masumi’s words, Mikoto’s face twitched uncontrollably.

“Wh, what did you, do to Takeru!? You, you dare to…… call yourself human!? Takeru is so sick that she needed to be bedridden!!”

“Now, what are you talking about, Shiratori-san? You were the one who went to me and asked me to take care of your little sister, weren’t you?”


It was the truth. One that Mikoto couldn’t deny.

Certainly, it was Mikoto who asked Masumi to take care of sick Takeru. At the time she thought it would be a good idea, seeing just how eager Masumi was to help her, and how bright the enthusiasm in her eyes was.

Even if she was do some horrible things to Takeru, she wouldn’t be able to defend herself at all.

Mikoto’s fighting spirit, after crumbling away and succumbing to shame while having her asshole violated, was suddenly revived. She mustered her voice from the back of her throat, raised up her head and started to fling curses towards Masumi.

However, Masumi stayed indifferent to any of them.

“Please, stop making such ugly faces. I have properly taken care of your little sister. Her fever has already subsided and she should be on her way to see you soon!”

Sh leaned closer while she whispered that into Mikoto’s ear, and Mikoto somehow knew that she was telling the truth. She could also sense that something was terribly wrong here.

“But before we get to that, we must make you cum at least once. Well? Feel like cumming soon?”

‘C, cum!? What are you saying!? With something, like that, kuuuhhhhhh!?”

As Mikoto said that, a mysterious sensation began to consume her asshole and uterus. A cataclysm born inside of her asshole was now resonating throughout her whole body, concentrating in her pussy. Something huge and hot was swelling deep inside of her womb. As her asshole was violated more and more, her pussy began to respond accordingly, gaping wide open and twitching as if was longing for something.

“Fuaaah, kuuh, uuuhhh……”

Still, even with all of that, she thought she was going to be fine. If it was only this much, she thought she would handle it. She still wanted to fight back.

“It would be best if we hurry it up. Girls, please help yourselves.”


Hearing Masumi’s words, the girls responded with enthusiasm, reaching their hands towards Mikoto.

“Aah!? S, stop…… Uuh, nhh!”

Myriad of hands reach out towards Mikoto’s breasts, fondling them with much force. Finally being able to play with their beloved idol, the girls lost all sort of breaks.


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