Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 7 Part 1


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Chapter 7: The Two’s Intercourse


[Oh my, goodness gracious! You really DID came from your ass, Shiratori-san!] [Kuh…… Uh… ughhh……]

Hearing Masumi’s spiteful laughter, Mikoto could only bite on her lips out of frustration. That orgasm just now made her lose all strength in her body, and she couldn’t move. Even though Mikoto wanted to lift her head, her body was a little bit slow on the uptake.

[You really have potential, Shiratori-san. Now, let us try an even thicker one.]

Said one of the girls while playing around with the toy stuck in Mikoto’s ass. Plop, plop, plop…… One by one, the rubber beads are being pulled out of Mikoto’s ass. Mikoto’s sphincter was still gaping wide thanks to the vibrator’s thickness, and the beads themselves were covered in transparent and sticky fluids. Strange, sweet scent was filling Mikoto’s nostrils. When the last bead finally left Mikoto’s rectum, her asshole was still left in gaping state, flashing her crimson-red insides, looking like a strange red, meaty flower.

[Fuah, uh, uuuh……]

Cold air flows inside of Mikoto’s burning ass. Finally being free of the foreign object, Mikoto’s belly felt free, but also surprisingly empty.

The restrains on her arms and legs were also gone, and her body was at last free to move. However, even so, she was unable to move even one finger.

Girls also release her from their grasp, and unable to support her body weight properly, Mikoto falls to the ground on the spot. Her exposed breasts were being crushed in between her body and the cold ground. Her thighs fold over slightly, pushing her reddened butt upwards. Her soaked and wrinkled panties were now barely even hanging on one of her legs, ready to fall off completely. Her crotch and inner highs were completely drenched, mainly because of the love juices spilling out of her pussy.

(Something… like… that…..)

There was still a little bit of fighting spirit left in her.

But that was about it.

She wanted to stand up, but her legs wouldn’t move, or be able to support her weight. The cold ground felt so good, and Mikoto’s body refused to get up.

[What sloppy elder sister you are, Shiratori-san. Please fix up your skirt. You’re making your little sister all embarrassed.] [Uh…… Aaah!? T, Takeru!?]

From the shadows in the center of the demonic cave, Takeru suddenly appeared surrounded by few other girls. Her slender body was wrapped in uniform, and her intelligent eyes were looking at Mikoto from behind glasses. The only thing that was overwhelming was the fact that her arms were twisted backwards, held behind her back by the girls. Her small breasts were moving up and down heavily.

[You’re safe……]

Mikoto’s elated voice slowed down. Takeru’s eyes were gleaming red behind her glasses, and her lips were frozen in a cold smirk, making her look totally unlike normal Takeru. Mikoto thought it might be because she was embarrassed that she let herself be captured by the enemy, but that was not it.

Her soft breasts were being played with and groped. The girls’s hands were stretching Takeru’s breasts and drawing circles over them, enjoying their softness and elasticity. Their fingers were even tracing all the way down to her belly and thighs. She looked like that because she was being molested.

[…… Ah!? W, what the hell, is this!?]

As Takeru drew closer, Mikoto finally became aware of the gravity of the situation.

Swelling inside of Takeru’s pants, there was a gigantic bulge. The rod-like object was pressing onto the material from the inside, stretching it to the limits. It was, almost as if…… She looked like a boy who’s been thinking nothing but naughty thoughts.

[I’ve managed to contain her illness in one spot. But since the curse was so powerful, it swelled so much.]

Masumi walked to Takeru and reached her hands towards Takeru’s pants.

[S, stop it…… Don’t touch her!]

Takeru shakes her body in an attempt to escape Masumi’s grasp. However, since she was still being firmly held by the girls, she could only tilt her body slightly. Masumi then touches the buckle of Takeru’s felt and unfastens it with ease –– WHOOSH!

After Takeru’s pants fell to the ground, a huge and swollen object sprung up from between her legs.

[My, oh my, look at just how much it swelled on its own! And since she wasn’t wearing any underwear it was rubbing directly against her pants so she could feel better.]

Mikoto couldn’t even hear Masumi’s mocking voice right now.

Mikoto’s sight was currently focused on that gruesome protrusion that was growing out of her little sister’s crotch.

Its glans were glittering, its muscles were bulging, and it was way thicker and longer than any human penis would ever be. It was poking towards the room’s ceiling, and it was twitching and moving as if it was alive, while constantly secreting some kind of transparent liquid from its tip. Whatever that liquid was, it was making this whole penis to glow ominously in the darkness.

A horrific protrusion placed upon the crotch of a restrained girl. A profane combination that was mocking God’s creation.

[What do you think? Isn’t it just wonderful? It’s made to resemble the real thing, so it can even ejaculate properly. And since your little sister resembles a boy so much, I think she goes perfectly with it.] [It…… It doesn’t suit her! What the fuck are you saying!?]

Mikoto wanted to get up in a fit of rage, but the other girls found their way towards her and restrained her. Her arms were immobilized in the exact same way as Takeru’s.

(Uuuh! Tkeru is right here, right in front of me!)

Driven by her rage, the aftereffects of Mikoto’s orgasm were slowly wearing off. Seeing her younger sister suffering the effects of the curse, Mikoto struggled to pull herself up on her knees, wanting to go to her sister’s side and help her.

[What a horrible thing for an elder sister to say! Who do you think we created this splendid thing for?] [F, for who……?]

While Mikoto was busy being furious, Masumi walked towards her and pointed her small finger right at her.

[Why you, of course, Shiratori-san. Since when you split up your little sister ended up being attacked by youmas, her physical condition worsened and she contracted a curse which backlash we can see right about now?]

Mikoto’s cheeks burned with deep crimson. Certainly, Masumi didn’t omit any single thing of importance.

(B, but still, this thing is!)

In response to Mikoto’s desperate gaze, the girls that were playing with Takeru became even rougher with her.

[What’s with that dissatisfied face! Takeru-sama ended up like that because of your blunder, didn’t she now!?] [Are you absolutely sure that you’re twins? Takeru-sama is calm and composed, while you’re nothing remotely resembling her in both physique and character…… You don’t even know the shame that Takeru-sama must be going through right now!] [No, that’s not it, that’s like that, Mikoto! I…… Fuah……!?]

Takeru tried to say something, but one of the girls blocked her mouth with her hand. Another girl wrapped her hand around that monstrous meat stick that was protruding from Takeru’s crotch.

While she’s being squeezed, Takeru shakes her head so hard that her glasses almost fall off, her knees shake so much that he had trouble standing, she also looked as if she was holding herself back from peeing.

[Take a good look, Onee-sama. This thing grew so large because of you.] [No, it’s not, like that, at all……!]

Why would those girls hurt her like that? Looking by the way they were calling her, the girls that were surrounding her were all the ones that were giving her the love letters.

However, Mikoto couldn’t say for sure.

But no matter what excuses they were going to use, what they were doing was just wrong.

[You look so pitiful, Takeru-sama. You dick is so hard that it must hurt you so much.]

Said one of the girls while using her hand to jerk Takeru’s gross protrusion. She brushed Takeru’s hair behind her ears, showing her flushed profile to Mikoto. –– TWITCH!

Takeru’s whole body shook as though she wanted to scream. The girls held onto her body, preventing her from breaking free and crying in agony.

[S, stop…… Stop it right this instant! Don’t you see you’re hurting Takeru!?] [Oh, Onee-sama, please don’t misunderstand. We know that Takeru-sama like is. She likes in in her ass even more. ] [Besides, if we leave it alone, Takeru-sama’s poor dick is going to burst. Isn’t that right?]

Says Masumi while getting closer to Takeru, her angelic smile ever present on her face.

[The curse is converted inside of this member in a form of a sperm-like substance. But a girl’s body does not have any place where such excess could be contained, that is why these girls volunteered to remove it using their mouths. You could even say that this is their job now.] [Uuuh……?]

Those words hit Mikoto hard.

It’s her fault that Takeru ended up this way. So it was her duty to help her now. She understood that much, but ––––

(I, I can’t do it…… Something, like that…… Something, like this……)

Mikoto couldn’t do that. However, if she won’t do that……


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