Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 7 Part 3


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[What’s that? You don’t like it? Sorry, but this is the only thing that a bad elder sister such as yourself can do!]

Says one of the girl while slapping Mikoto’s butt again, playing around with her butt cheeks all the while saying venomous words.

[Use that slutty, gaping asshole of yours to squeeze all of the curse out of Takeru-sama dick! Then she might find it in herself to forgive you!] [N, noo…… This is, noo……!!!] [Stop being so selfish, Onee-sama. You can’t be picky when you are so stupid and useless.] [Ugh, kuh, aaahh!!]

Thick and slimy glans rub and push against Mikoto’s butt, pushing Mikoto’s sphincter muscles aside to their limit again.

This time around, it was really way too thick and too hard.

[Kuh, uhh, hii, iiiiii!!!]

As the thick object penetrated Mikoto’s ass, a sharp sense of pain got sent to her brain. Her skin and muscles of her ass felt like they were on fire right now. Feeling all that, Mikoto thrashed about under the weight that was holding her down, trying to escape from the torment she was feeling. However, one of the girls grabbed Mikoto’s ass with a brute force,

[Crying will get you nowhere. You’re the reason why Takeru-sama’s clitoris became something like this. This thickness, Takeru-sama’s suffering…… Your dirty holes are going to pay for that!]

A force was applied to Mikoto’s ass, forcing the thick dick even deeper inside of her.


[Fuhaah, nnh……!!!]

The thickest part of this monstrous dick was currently entering Mikoto’s insides. She could feel the inside of her belly becoming full and hot.

…… It backed away just a little under the force of Mikoto’s muscles, but before long it resumed its journey inside of Mikoto.

[Kuh, kii, iiiiiihhhhhh…… Aaahhh! Soo hooot!]

Mikoto’s insides were being pushed to their absolute limits. It felt as though a burning tube was being pushed inside of her ass. As it twist and turned, it was slowly penetrating Mikoto deeper and deeper. The inside of Mikoto’s ass was spread so wide that she became overly sensitive, causing her to feel every single bump or vein on the object that was currently violating her.

[Nuuuhhh! You’re so tight, Onee-sama! For you to, squeeze me, so, hard…… Kuuh!]

While the monstrous dick was only halfway inside of Mikoto’s ass, one of the girls seemingly lost her patience. She grabbed Mikoto’s ass and pushed it down the bulging dick while raising her voice.

[Hikii!? Aaah! Stop, it…… Break, you’re going to break me, uuuhhh!]

Mikoto rectum was being destroyed by this rough penetration. Tearing pain was ravaging her insides time after time.

(Uuuhhh…… Ahh, stop……!? H, how, why!?)

Burning heat fills Mikoto’s insides. The shame of having her ass violated was only amplifying this sensation. Her ass was trying to expel this foreign object, but it was ultimately clamping on it even harder, forcing gushes of love juices out of her ass.

Mikoto’s pussy was also feeling the pleasure from having her ass screwed. Her skin stretched by the violent penetration, Mikoto’s butt cheeks turned red and swell from all the stimulation. Her nerves were running rampant.

(It’s, my ass, and yet…… The dick, is, the dick is……!!)

The pain was slowly turning into pleasure. Mikoto wasn’t able to stop it from happening.

[Hiyuh, hyii, uuuuhhhh……!!] [Ufufu, what a lovely voice. Look just how hard this dick has become.]

One of the girls sitting on top of Mikoto laughed with a nasty smile blooming on her lips while she kept on spanking Mikoto’s butt.

Suddenly, another dick appeared right next to Takeru’s head, rubbing its swollen glans against Takeru’s forehead, ridden with beads of sweat.

No, it’s dirty –– Mikoto was trying to avert her face from the nasty and smelly thing, but she wasn’t able to do that.

(W, what? Why, how is this…..!?)

Even though Mikoto was not feeling good from that, she was feeling every single sensation that was shaking her nether regions. Her womb was contracting and reacting to that. Her love juices continued to flow like hot lava.

Feeling the love juices and smelling their fragrance, the dick that penetrated her ass got even bigger.

[Ahn! Takeru-sama’s skin is so smooth and springy, it feels so good! …… Kuhn!] [Ahh, it must be so nice. I want to rub myself against her as well!]

A number of penises appear over Mikoto’s face. Then they were being rubbed against Mikoto’s soft skin, rubbing their fluid into it.

(Ugh, uuh…… No, stop! Nhh……!)

Their odor was so strong and thick that Mikoto’s head got dizzy and she had trouble breathing. Combine that with the sensation of having her asshole penetrated, and Mikoto’s heartbeat increased in a spasm of panic. Her breasts were also feeling hot. Each time her nipples were grinding against the cold ground and the fabric of her bra, Mikoto could feel weak currents run from her breasts throughout her body.

[Fuah, kuh…… Guoh, uuuggghhh!?]


Hot sensation exploded inside of Mikoto’s stomach. The dick that was slowly creeping its way inside of her has finally hit the back of her cervix. The violent movements were stimulating her sexual desire and her juices responded accordingly, overflowing from inside of her pussy.

(No, nooo, it’s, in my ass, and yet…… My ass, yet… yet……!)

The sharp pricks of pain slowly began to change into pleasure. Moving deeply inside of her, Mikoto could feel shivers running up and down her spine. She could feel it moving, rubbing against the inner walls of her ass which were contracting against the foreign object.

[Auuuggghhh!? O, Onee-sama’s insides, they are…… Guuuh!?]

The girl who was raping Mikoto’s ass began to move her hips, making slow thrusting moves. Mikoto’s rectum responded to that pistoning, stretching and contracting accordingly, greedily clamping around the meat rod.


Moist with her ass juices, Mikoto’s rectal muscles loosened and tightened in rhythm of the thrusts, becoming hotter and sending waves of pleasure across Mikoto’s body. For Mikoto, who was tasting the erect penis fir the first time in her life down there, the pain was simply unbearable, and no amount of pleasure could make it go disappear.

[Hahiii, hahii…… Hyiiiiii!]

Letting out moans of pain, Mikoto’s waist was moving faster and faster all on its own.

Plunging the dick all the way to its base inside of Mikoto’s ass, it was so thick that it was stroking her uterus from the back.

(Ah, ahhh…… This dick is…… so, so hard……)

It was so thick that it was spreading her hot insides to their very limits, while it was still going inside of her.

[Kuahyiiiiii~~!! It’s coming out, coming out, coming out! It’s about to come out!!]


Mikoto’s womb tingled as the hot, lava-like semen began to pour its way inside of her insides.

The warm feeling spreads across her colon, making her ass feel incredibly hot.

Then the hands that were holding her in place gradually recede. The girl was swinging her waist for some time more, but then her movements eventually slowed down and stopped completely.

After discharging all of its lust, the pseudo-penis began to shrink and losing its thickness, making the strange feeling of being stuffed full disappear from Mikoto’s belly.

(Ohh, it’s, it’s still coming…… Ahh!?)

As Mikoto thinks that, her whole face turns bright red.

The drifting odor of semen was almost intoxicating, and as the pseudo-dick gradually receded from inside of her she could feel that not only was her body burning up, but her heart as well. But there was a part of her heart that felt disappointed that it was already over, and she couldn’t deny that even if she wanted to.

(No, such a thing, no way…… I must save Takeru, I can’t just……!)

Mikoto scolded herself, trying to focus her thoughts and bring them back from the white void they were slipping into.

Creep, creep……

Something was creeping its way up her thighs.

[Kuh, uh, nhh!?]

Pleasure strikes her like an electric shock. The source of that was Mikoto’s clitoris.

As a result of having tainted semen from the pseudo-penis injected into her, Mikoto’s clitoris was now growing and widening.

[Hiyuuuhhh!? Wha, what is…… Aaaggghhh!!!]

As the shocking sensation pierces Mikoto’s crotch, she was forced back on all fours and twists from the pleasure. She could see her own body twisting and jerking, changing into something horrendous. The shock was so great that Mikoto rolled on her back, bumping into other girls in the process.

[Oh my, what a selfish behavior! Trying to play with yourself all alone like that.] [Aren’t you ashamed of being seen like that?]

Words of ridicule come flying towards Mikoto from all directions.

As her clitoris keeps on growing, her foreskin is gradually pulled backwards, unable to contain her expanding rod. It was also entirely possible that some of her nerves might have got broken or torn during the process.

[Kuhii, hyi, hhhiiiiii!]

The feelings raging in her crotch force Mikoto to bend her knees. She could also no longer hold back her body from spasming uncontrollably. With all the girls being able to see her shameless places like that, she was trying to cover herself up, but it didn’t do anything. Her clitoris was continuously expanding without stopping.


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