Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 7 Part 4


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Aaahhh, ahh, ughhh…… Kuaaah!]


Finally, her foresking is peeled off and her swollen rod emerges from beneath it.

Then Mikoto felt as though she was pricked by the needle.

[Fuah, aahhh, nooo…… Uuuuuuhhhhhh!!!]

Mikoto could feel small currents of pleasure as the cold air was touching against her erect clitoris. When she tried to pinch it with her fingers the sensation only grew, and her clit continued to expand further.

[No, uugh! No, don’t, stop iiittt!!!] [Geez, what a slutty elder sister you are.]

When the girls grab Mikoto’s wrists and pull her hands away from her crotch, her clit was already a size and thickness of a little finger. It was noticeably sticking out of her crotch. It has no glans although their faint outline could be seen. It was pulsing like crazy and curving a little bit towards Mikoto’s stomach in an indecent way.

[My, oh my, just look at this cute little thing.]

Masumi took a short break from tormenting Takeru and returned to Mikoto’s side. The girls grab Mikoto by the knees, and then spread them open while pinning her whole body to the floor, showing the results of the curse to Masumi.

(Uuugh…… N, no… It’s not that I…… enjoy this……!)

The position she was in right now made her look like a little baby than needed to have its diaper changed. With no underwear to cover her privates, both her slowly growing penis and love nectar-drenched pussy was clearly visible to Masumi right now. Her thighs grabbed by the girls’ fingers were flushed red in shame.

He bountiful breasts were also completely exposed for the moment. Her breasts, having been crushed under the weight of her whole body, were swollen horribly, with their veins being completely visible. Masumi observed them with utmost curiosity, as well as Mikoto’s bra that was still present there, although pushed back by the volume of her breasts.

Throb, throb, throb…… Mikoto’s swollen clitoris throbs and twitches. As it moves on its own, Mikoto felt as though she wanted to scream. She wanted to cry, but was unable to do so. Even though she was opening her mouth, no sound would come out of it.

(I, cannot lose…… I absolutely cannot lose…… I, I have to… save…… Takeru……!)

As she bit on her lips, Mikoto glares at Masumi, who’s been oogling her body with her eyes this entire time.

[You surely gulped down every last drop of it, huh?] [Aah!? Kuh, uuugh!?]

Masumi groped Mikoto’s left breast. It felt good, her small fingers digging into her swollen flesh. She also pinches her nipple, sending waves of electric currents throughout Mikoto’s breasts.

[Ah, looks like the curse is spreading to this place as well. It must be your thunder element that’s twisting its course…… No, maybe that’s not it at all. The fire element must be the cause of this, as it passes through your system and corrupts you.] [What does it mean, Masumi-sama?]

Masumi looks as the girls for a moment and then answers them with satisfaction in her voice.

[Apparently, Mikoto-san’s body adjusts itself to whatever kind of magic that is being poured inside of her body. Hence why her dick is growing so splendidly. So even if she doesn’t ejaculate, there won’t be any curse left in her body. Isn’t that wonderful, Shiratori-san? That perverted pussy of yours can be used to save all of those children and Takeru-san.] [W, what do you…… mean!?]

Even though Mikoto already understood her words, she wanted them to be wrong. As Masumi caresses Mikoto’s red hair, the girls laugh all around her.

[We need to fuck you more and more. Your body shall accept their sperm and purify it, thus saving them from the curse. Of course, that accounts to your little sister as well.] [Even though you are no-good Elder Sister, you can still use your filthy holes to be useful for something!] [That’s right. Now then, whose next? Any hole will do the trick, you just need to plunge yourselves into them.]

When Masumi said that, the girls roared and assaulted Mikoto all at once. Restrained Mikoto could only struggled in vein.

[N, no, stop it! Aah, don’t, eeh~!?]

The girls’ hands dance all around Mikoto’s immobile body. They grasp on her remaining clothes and tear them apart, setting Mikoto’s body free. The thin finger also remove her bra away.

[Does the curse really dwells in here as well? Seems like it. See? Just look at her nipples.]

Mikoto’s exposed nipples were huge and swollen, looking like gummy bears. Their size and thickness were like those of a little finger. Her skin was overly sensitive, reacting to even the slightest touch. Dared by Mikoto being unable to defend herself, the girls crept closer and closer.

[W, what? What are you…… Hyunh!?]

They caress her nipples with their soft hair, and immediately Mikoto felt shocks of pleasure running throughout her whole body. The groped flesh sweats intensly, making Mikoto’s body even more sensitive.

[I wonder, will any milk come out of those tits? Let’s see.] [Right, let’s see and then everyone can have a taste!]

A girl that seemed like the leader of the whole group stood up and after walking towards Mikoto she knelt in between her legs. She grabbed her own dick and rubbed it against Mikoto’s clitoris, to which Mikoto’s body jerked violently.

[Kuhyiii! N, noo, please, stop it…… Stop doing those weird thing to me, nnh!]

Just by touching it lightly, the bloated clitoris got so hard and erect that it was hurting so much that she couldn’t bear it. That alone was enough to make Mikoto’s mind to go blank.

[Ara, I’m really sorry, Onee-sama. I think I might have gotten a little bit carried away. In fact, I think I’m just going to stick it right here.] [Ah…… Aaahhh, no, don’t, please don’t, don’t… do it~~~!!]


The girl’s throbbing rod rubs against Mikoto’s honey covered pussy. Her pussy grows increasing hot as shocks of pleasure shoot across her.

She was waiting for this thickness, this tightness.

There was a fire burning up deep inside of her pussy, and volumes of new nectar gush out of it.

(No, stop it, please, no more…… If this continues like that, I will, I will……)

Unlike her anus, which was not meant to be used as a sexual organ, her pussy was designed especially for this very reason: to accept the manhood and its seed. So when Mikoto had that long and hard dick shoved inside of her, she was unable to resist it.

[Afugh! Aagh, Onee-sama’s pussy, it feels so good! It’s so wet and slippery…… Ahaah, everyone, please look at it, look how I slide it inside of her!]

Mikoto’s pussy spreads to accommodate the invading penis. Unlike her ass, there was no pain when the frontal hole got penetrated. Only ripples of pure joy from the very beginning.

[Uuugh, kuh, uhh, nhh, nnh……!!]

Rub, rub…… Mikoto’s pussy was happily accepting the girl’s dick, coating it with love nectar and making it grow even bigger and harder inside of her. This thickness was sending waves of pleasure throughout Mikoto’s pussy, drowning her in ecstasy.

[Uwah, amazing……. It got so much bigger!]

The girl looks at the place where her dick was connected to Mikoto, continuing to screw her pussy while saying that with joy.

(Don’t look, please! Don’t look at it!)

Curios eyes gaze at Mikoto’s pussy. Hot breaths are being blown onto her clitoris and it made her lose her mind.


Mikoto gritted her teeth in order to prevent herself from moaning, but the pleasure was too much for her to handle, as her pussy coiled around the member that violated her. Suddenly, the girl starts to move her hips at a fast rate, as if urged by something.


Her glans plunged themselves right inside of Mikoto’s cervix. It’s so hot that Mikoto’s juices can’t stop from coming out, making her stomach quiver and tremble.

[Nuuugh! Inside, incredibly…… Ahh, so hot……]

The girl moaned while thrusting herself inside of Mikoto, her dick reverberating throughout Mikoto’s insides. It was so thick that it was pushing Mikoto’s insides aside.

[Uwaah, it’s entering me so violently!]

The girl squealed, all the while picking up her pace. Urged by many eyes that were watching them, she was reaching even deeper inside of Mikoto right now.

[Uugh…… Ah, kuugh……!!]

Mikoto’s belly felt as though it was on fire. It was filled with her secretions and the long and hard thing not even once stopped pounding her. The sweet sensations that her womb was feeling were being transmitted all over her body. As more and more juices continued to leak out of her, Mikoto started to feel that the pink mist was slowly clouding her mind.

[Nnh, uuuuuugggggghhhhhh!! …… Amazing, it’s so slippery…… Guh!]

The girl’s face turns red as she grabs Mikoto’s hips and accelerates her movements even further.

[Hyiiiiiikuh, kuhyiii…… Hyaaugh!?]


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