Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 7 Part 6


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



As her body shook and swayed, tears began to flow out of her eyes, just like a child would. Takeru would never cry like that, or make a miserable face like that. She looked so miserable and fragile that you would want to give her a hug and tell her it was going to be okay.

Volume 1 Chapter 7 Part 6
[My dick….. It hurts so much…… Ugh…… Like its going to explode……] [S, stop it, Takeru! Stop doing that, please! It’s dirty!]

Mikoto pleaded, bu her words didn’t reach Takeru’s ears. She once again pressed her lips against her swollen glans and began to suck and lick them interchangeably.

Was she trying to suck out everything that was accumulated inside of this thing? Or was she just trying to make her feel good that way, to forget about this feeling of being unable to cum?

[What’s the meaning of this, Fujisawa-san!? It should grow smaller, but now it’s……!]

While Mikoto was cursing Masumi like that, she went to her side and laughed slightly.

[You’re so horrible, Mikoto-sama!]

Instead of Masumi, it was the girls that answered her question.

[It’s not Takeru-sama who we love, but you, Mikoto-sama!] [We grew this splendid cocks just for you…… Not for Takeru-san……] [But since she’s Mikoto-sama’s little sister, she could at least make us all feel good, so we went and did just that. And then this…… We had no idea it could grow to be quite like that!]

Their words were full of pity and apology, but their smiles were betraying their true intentions.

[Why……!? Why you do this!? We’ve come here to help you all! So why do you keep doing those horrible things!?]

Mikoto shouts, but the girls’ laughs keep on muting her words. The more she shouted, the darker their looks would become.

[Horrible? Ara, you seem to don’t understand.]

Masumi giggled and spoke in the name of everyone gathered here.

[Can’t you see that Takeru-san is now experiencing a pleasure that is unavailable for any normal human beings? See? Just look how delighted she is.]

Mikoto turned her head towards where Masumi was pointing at.

Takeru, her little sister who not even once in her life shown a sign of misconduct or improperness, was stroking her dick like some wild animal, stuffing her reddened cheeks full of her dick, trying to swallow it whole. Her eyes behind her glasses were moist and hot, without focus. Her legs were wrapped around her elongated penis, trying to squeeze as much pleasure from it possible.

[Human beings are not all that different from animals, you see. Our lives are short, so why waste them on useless things when you can drown yourself in carnal desires instead?]

Masumi looks around and for some reason she looks really sad. Even though Mikoto knew it was all false, she couldn’t help but to feel attracted to it. She couldn’t turn her eyes from Masumi’s lips, as if she was under a spell.

[Now, you two, Mikoto-san. Just embrace your little sister and give yourself in to your basic instincts!] [Ugh…………!? Kuh, ugh!!!] [Get on all-fours and violate your dear little sister!] [Is, is this some kind of a spell!? T, that’s so foul! How could you!?]

Mikoto’s scream was hollow, and her knees bend against her will. The girls that were supporting her leave and Mikoto falls onto all fours, slowly crawling towards Takeru.

Her breasts spilled to the sides and her skirt was rolled up, uncovering Takeru’s peach-like butt. Of course Takeru’s butt was all red and swollen from all the times the girls managed to fuck her, and now both her asshole and her pussy were gaping wide open, unable to close properly.

(No, don’t…… I telling you, don’t! Stop it, me……!)

Despite trying to resist, the sweet and sour fragrances tickle Mikoto’s nose, and she couldn’t stop herself from getting closer to Takeru.


Smelling Takeru’s scent, the dick that was now in between Mikoto’s legs began to activate. The glans starts to twitch and shake impatiently. Transparent liquid drips from its tips as if it was urging Mikoto to stick it into something or someone.

[Kuh…… Aaahh, ugh, uuh!]

She slowly approaches her little sister, while her huge, melon-like breasts sway in between her arms. Soon their skin begins to rub against one another. Mikoto could witness Takeru’s sweet curves, flushed red and inviting.

The sight of Takeru’s fairy-like legs makes Mikoto’s heart skip a beat. Her minds becomes hot and clouded, as the indecent desires begin to accumulate within her.

“I want to rape her!” she thought. She wanted to just jam herself into her little sister’s insides and pound her to her heart’s content.

(No, that’s wrong! It’s the curse’s doing! That’s because I am under an evil spell……!)

Mikoto grips Takeru’s legs, which were closed together, and forces them open.

[Fuh, nnh!? Nhh, uuughn!?]

Mikoto lets out a sweet moan and her whole body shakes. Seeing how little to no resistance Takeru offered her, Mikoto’s animalistic desires get stirred up even further. Each time Mikoto’s hands caress Takeru’s skin, her dick twitch uncontrollably, as if though it wanted to be buried inside of the space between Takeru’s lustrous, nectar-smeared thighs.

She wanted to stick it inside of her. Her body trembled. Her dick heated up. She wanted to release all of that burning lava that was accommodating inside of her grotesque manhood.

[Ta, ke, ru…… Ugh, uuh……!]

As soon as Mikoto said that, the inside of her head went completely white.

The desire has swallowed her whole.

She wanted to embrace her lovely little sister. She wanted to hold her tight and become one with her. She wanted to connect with Takeru’s deepest parts.

(Be, because…… It cannot really be helped… Fujisawa Masumi put a spell on me…… Yes, it cannot really be helped……!)

While getting closer and trying to make excuses to herself, Mikoto screws her shoulders in between Takeru’s thighs and forces them open. Takeru’s sking makes a wet sound and soon enough her genitals are right in front of Mikoto’s face in full view.

(T, this is…… Takeru’s……!)

Seeing her little sister’s pussy for the first time, Mikoto thought it was really indecent. Her lips were so drenched with her love honey that they seemed to glow, gaping as if they were hungry for some more cock. The fragrance it was emitting was sweet, similar to a citrus fruit or a jam, and Mikoto couldn’t help herself but to be drawn closer to it.

[Uuuhhh!? N, nooo…… Stop it! …… Mikoto, snap out of it!] [T, Takeru, you’re so erotic…… How come you smell so good like that……]

Says Mikoto while stroking Takeru’s waist and abdomen with her hand. The tip of her dick was also beginning to rub against Takeru’s smooth thighs, twitching like crazy.


The moment the tip of Mikoto’s glans touched Takeru’s nether lips, both sisters arched their backs in unison.

(Ah, aahhh~! It, it feels so, so good~!)

Mikoto’s dick was being wrapped by Takeru’s drenched, fleshy folds. A hot sensation is created inside of her uterus and shots directly to her brain.

Mikoto’s mind turns blank. All the reason and shame were being blown away by the surging pleasure of inserting herself inside of her sister.

[This pussy of yours is so indecent! Its shape and smell are both so erotic and perverted! Takeru…… Oh, Takeru……! Ugh!]

Pleasure strikes the tip of her newly born dick.

Drenched and spread open, Takeru’s insides welcome Mikoto’s member without any resistance, and happily wrap themselves around the newly inserted guest. Even though her insides were already pushed to the sides, they were surprisingly tight.

[Nnh, nhh, kuh……! Ugh……!!]

Mikoto then swings her hips and pushes her prick inside of Takeru, diving inside of her while splashing droplets of love juices all over them and their surroundings.

[Kuh, hyii, ugh, uuugh!? S, so t, so thick!!]

Takeru’s eyes open wide behind her glasses and her voice leaks out in surprise. Takeru’s painful expression was stirring Mikoto’s lust even further. Her hips move and shake to the sides, stirring her precious younger sister’s insides.

[M, more, just a little bit more…… Kuuh, uuuhhh~!!]

Once she fully inserted herself into Takeru, she could feel something sucking slightly at the tip of her glans. It was the entrance to Takeru’s womb.

Takeru’s insides clamped even more strongly around Mikoto’s dick, her hot walls burning Mikoto’s shaft with hot liquids. Feeling that Mikoto felt the urge to back away, but then she was overcome with even stronger urge to penetrate Takeru even deeper, robbing her of any free will.


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