Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 8 Part 1


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Chapter 8: At The Ritual’s End


[Haah…… Fuah, nnh……]

When the afterglow of her ecstasy finally passes, the thick veil of pink smoke clouding Mikoto’s mind finally disappears.

But even so, she was still disoriented and had no idea what was going on as her dick juices continued to be thrusted out of her.

(Nnh…… M, my dick, it is… it is……)

Her clit was no longer feeling so bloated and on fire, but it was not shrinking. Her hips were still moving, provoking her to release all of the spunk which was accumulated inside of it.

She then rubbed her cheeks against her little sister’s sweaty and flushed skin, trying to pull out from inside of her.


When she pulled her dick out of Takeru’s pussy it made a wet and indecent sound, followed by the volumes of thick cum that were flowing out. After she finally stopped cumming, Mikoto’s clit was slowly shrinking, coming back to its original size.

(Takeru…… is…… Ugh!)

Mikoto was still half-erect, and that flesh bulge rubbed against Takeru’s abdomen. She tries to take it away from her but she was still somewhat hard, maybe not as long as it was just a moment ago but still elongated. Still, you couldn’t call this thing a normal clitoris anymore. Same could be said for Takeru’s.

[W, why…… Something like that……]

She sprayed Mikoto’s face with so much of her own dick juice! So if Mikoto’s dick was beginning to disappear, why was Takeru’s still intact and so energetic!? While she was feeling stunned from this morbid sight, Masumi came closer to Mikoto.

[What plagues Takeru-san body is the curse of the youmas. It is not something which can be dispelled so easily.]

Masumi presses her thin body to Mikoto’s, bringing her petal-like lips closer and whispering sweet words right into her ear.

[Mikoto-san, now it is your turn. You need to comfort Takeru-san’s poor dick with your pussy. Hmm, no, it’s not like that. You must both feel good for the curse to be lifted.] [Ugh…… Uuuhhh……]

Mikoto could feel her pussy tremble at the sound of those words.

She watched as her own spunk, which she pumped Takeru so full off, was now leaking out of her pussy, dripping onto the ground and gluing her pubic hair together. It certainly did help Mikoto’s penis to return to normal, but at what cost? It made such a mess out of her little sister, spreading her open and flooding her with so much filth. And the white flood was not stopping to overflow, the excess amounts looking for a way out of this cramped space.

As Takeru continued to suck on her own dick, her wet eyes were filled with indecent desire.

If her dick was this huge, Mikoto could only imagine the amount of pain and suffering she was going through right now.

[What are you hesitating for? Hurry. You must do it. Surely you want to save your little sister, right?]

Masumi forces Mikoto to the ground, and at that moment the rest of reason that was in Mikoto’s mind snapped away, leaving nothing but sweet emptiness after the last attempt at fightning.

(N, no… That’s not it. It’s not! That’s wrong! Something like that won’t help Takeru in the least! …… But……)

Takeru was also frozen still. Mikoto could see it in Takeru’s eyes. If she won’t help her now, her little sister would be lost forever. In the midst of her pleasure drowning mind, a fighting spirit was quietly awakening. She clenched her fist on the black cat toy hanging on her left wrist,

(Thou art the corridor that connects the realms and traverses the boundaries……)

Mikoto casts a spell in her mind so that Masumi wouldn’t find out, trying to summon the Demon Slaying Sword, “Raikou”. However, Masumi didn’t seem worried about that in the slightest. As soon as she saw the light of reason returning to Mikoto’s eyes she just casually let go of her.

[Ufufu, I knew you would try something like that.] [Eh!? …… Ah!!]


Something long, wet and slimy entangled itself around her arms and legs. With her whole body held tightly, Mikoto’s movements were restrained yet again.

[Kuh!! Ugh!!!]

Mikoto’s hand was forced open and the stuffed cat toy fell onto the reddish ground. She was then forced on all fours again, with penis-like tentacles wriggling all over her thighs and pussy.

[Release me! Let me go!]

When Mikoto was thrashing about, wanting to be released, she then saw a huge golden eye staring right at her. It resembled that of an octopus, with a single horizontal line serving for its iris. Mikoto could only watch as similar tentacles were now approaching Takeru.

[You are so naughty, Shiratori-san. Even though I wanted to show you some kindness and let you with your sister all alone.] [Become the white lightning that banishes the demons and cleanses the land!]

She was too slow with her incantation.

Immobilized Mikoto was being pulled away from her dormant weapon. The demon raises her body in the air, so that he can see her completely with its huge eye. Then it spreads her body into the X shape. She was off the ground slightly , with no way to keep her balance.

[Sad is the person who cannot accept the kindness of other people.]

Says Masumi while sitting on one of the demon’s limbs, that beautiful smile of her ever-present on her lips.

[Oh well, no harm done, I guess. For helping me to break the seal, I shall reward you with the greatest pleasure there is, unlike anything that humans have ever tasted.] [Uuugh!? N, no! Nooo! Aah!!]


Two tentacles went up Mikoto’s arms and entwined around her shoulders, smearing her neck and collarbone with their slimy liquids, working their way towards Mikoto’s chest. Her breasts were shaking and swaying under the tentacles actions.


The tentacles squeeze and grope her skin, which was still overly sensitive from all the torment she went through not so long ago. Their lengths, thickness and temperature were similar to that of Takeru’s cock. But their feeling was totally different. They didn’t feel like a penis at all, they were more like a tongue.

[Stop…… Ugh, nnh……!!!]

The tentacles were wrapping themselves around Mikoto’s breasts, playing with them and squeezing them violently. Mikoto’s breasts start to hurt because of that. The tentacles rub themselves against Mikoto’s nipples as well, causing them to send sparks of pleasure through her body.

(H, how is this……!? Why……!?)

It was feeling so uncomfortable that Mikoto couldn’t focus her thoughts at all.

As the tentacles continue to play around with her breasts, hot moans begin to escape from Mikoto’s mouth. Traces of the white and sticky milk begin to be squeezed out of her breasts yet again, dripping down onto the tentacles skin.

[Please rest assured, Shiratori-san.]

Masumi got delivered right in front of Mikoto, cupping her breasts in her own small hands.

[According to the old records that I found, our Lord can manipulate and control the lewdness that dwells deep inside of people. Soon you shall feel pleasure so great that you will feel as though you were about to die, but worry not –– you won’t. I’m so envious.] [T, this is…… Naaahhhh!!]

The demon pressed it body against Mikoto’s waist, effectively lifting her lower half up. As it was smearing itself against her, Mikoto felt as though hundreds of barnacles were rubbing themselves against her sensitive skin. The tentacles bring Mikoto’s legs closer to her torso and shoulders, and her arms are being stretched behind her head, leaving the girl totally exposed and defenseless. There was no way Mikoto could hope to escape, being at the demon’s mercy.

[Kuh, uugh! …… Fuah!? No, stop it…… uuh! Uuunghh!!]

The tentacles stopped holding her feet and focused on her knees instead. Her legs were being raised in such a way as to open her up as wide as possible. Her thighs here flushed red and her pussy was quivering from all of the sensations. The smaller tentacles opened her up, showing drops of love honey that were about to overflow from inside of her.

(Uuuhhh…… Ah!? W, what is this……!?)

When the tentacles came into contact with her body, Mikoto felt a sudden burst of heat in her lower half. Mikoto could see with the corner of her eyes that the girls were all staring at her again. Not, that’s not it. Those were the girls, but they weren’t themselves anymore.


The tentacles she felt on her back were now moving towards her butt, spreading the tormenting heat across her skin.

[Fuahh!? Ahh…… Aaahhh……!?]


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