Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 8 Part 3


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Nuuhhh, kuh, uhyiii……!!]

Her nipples were so swollen that they started to hurt. Her milk continues to flow, looking for a way outside of her squeezed breasts.

[Uwah. Take a look at that, everyone.]

After helping the tentacle to insert itself inside of Mikoto, Masumi lets go of the tentacle and invites all the girls to come over and take a look.

(Kuh…… Uuuhhh, They are, looking… Nhaah!?)

Numerous eyes keep on staring at Mikoto’s aphrodisiac-pumped pussy. Mikoto’s mind was burning in fires of shame, the stares were making her feel as though she was about to faint.

[See? Take a look at how indecent Shiratori-san’s pussy really is……]

Enouraged by Masumi’s words, the girls look at Mikoto’s pussy with no reservations. She felt weak and tried to swallow, but was unable to.

The tentacle dick was penetrating so deep inside of her, burning up her insides and making her feel as if they were being set on fire.

(It’s entering meee, nhaah, agh! It’s entering meee……!!!)

Mikoto felt as though her insides would be torn apart at any moment now. That’s how full she felt with the tentacle dick spreading her insides.


Her love nectar kept on overflowing, so much of it that it was foaming up. The rest was gobbled up by the thirsty tentacle.

[Fuah, uuuh, kuugh! Uhhgh!!]

At the same time, Mikoto could feel something amazing starting to happen around her cervix. Apparently the tentacle dick was already knocking her up there, rubbing itself against her inner walls and stimulating her G spot at the same time.

[Fuh, kii, iiiiiihhhhhh!]

Violated like that, there were waves of pleasure surging up through Mikoto’s spine. The tentacle dick continued to thrash around inside of Mikoto. Mikoto thrashed her head around, her red ponytail hitting the demon’s head. It must have felt good for it as well, for the tentacles wrapped around Mikoto began to swell suddenly.

(Aah, uuh…… It plays with my body…… however it wants to……!)

She could feel the back of her pussy being massaged by the barnacle-covered tentacle. At the same time her breasts were being squeezed further, bending and changing shape under their pressure.

SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE, GROPE, GROPE, GROPE…… Her breast were kneaded so strongly that Mikoto felt as though her breasts would fall off at any minute now, her flesh hurting beyond belief.


The girls sigh in admiration, seeing Mikoto’s restrained body squirm and sway under the tentacles’ influence.

[Mikoto-sama’s pussy is sucking up the tentacle with so much vigor!] [Ugh, uuh, uuuggghhh!]

Hearing those word, Mikoto’s shame was stirred even further. Her flesh was making a wet sounds every time the tentacle dick moves, rubbing against the delicate skin on her thighs. As her pussy was being pounded hard, Mikoto’s butt tightened in response.


The sounds of her pussy getting pounded was so loud that Mikoto could hear it clearly.

[Naah, uwaah, aaahhh!]

Mikoto could feel waves of hot pain spreading towards her womb. Her pussy was contracting violently all over the tentacle dick. As her flesh contracted over the monstrous protrusion, beads of sweat continued to crop all across her body.


The tentacles wrapped around Mikoto’s body shook and swayed even further.


The pleasure that attacked her in the next moment was like a sudden earthquake.

The tentacle dick inside of Mikoto was shaking like the tail of the rattlesnake.

[Ugaah, guuh…… Nnnaaaaaaaaaggghhh!!]

The back of Mikoto’s pussy felt like it was going to explode. The vibration from all over her body were reverberating across her uterus, and something hot and slimy began to swell up inside of it. In response to the violent caress of her pussy, Mikoto could see golden sparks in front of her eyes as the electric currents ran across her spine.

[Aaauuuuuuggghhh!!! D, dooon’t! Nooo! A, any, anymore andddddd!!!]

The voice that escaped from Mikoto’s throat was more similar to a wild animal than a human.

However, even though she was trying to oppose the tentacle that was violating her, her pussy was still enthusiastically clamping around it.

Love juices spill out of her contracting pussy.

Her G spot was violently scratched and stimulated.

The tentacle dick stretches Mikoto’s cavity to its limits, repeatedly smashing its head against the entrance to Mikoto’s womb.

[Ahh, uhh, no, dooon’t…… I’m going to break, I’m going to breeeaaakkk~!!!]

Her love honey was stirred so much that it was hot.

The pleasure from having her pussy filled to the brim and her G spot stimulated so strongly were making Mikoto slowly lose her mind.


The tentacle that was sucking on Mikoto’s clit was sucking even stronger right now. This pleasure was too much to bear. Especially right after Mikoto’s clitoris managed to return to normal. Right now it was attacked yet again.

[Noooouuuuuuhhh…… S, stoop! Please! Nuagh…… Naagh!!]

Her chest was also feeling full of something burning hot. The tentacles kept on stroking her nipples, urging her milk to come out in whitish threads.

[Fueaah!? Nooo, don’t, dooon’t!!! My nipples, pleaseee dooon’t~!!!]

The same small tentacles enclose themselves around Mikoto’s nipples, beginning to suck with all of their might. More tentacles were awaiting their turn.

(Uuuuuuhhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhh! I feel it, I feel it so muuuch~!!)

The pleasure of having both her clitoris and nipples sucked was erotic to the max and filling Mikoto with even more extreme shame. White stains were flashing in front of her eyes. Ecstasy runs through her breasts, squeezed and surrounded with tentacle flesh. Additionally, her breasts seemed to have swelled one size. Her skin, covered in sweat, was glowing in the dim light.

[My, oh my. Your breasts are so shameless as well, Shiratori-san.]

Mikoto could no longer hear Masumi’s words properly.

[Noooah, uuuggghhh!!]

Lots of mini-tentacles swarm around Mikoto’s breasts and nipples, as well as Mikoto’s swollen clitoris. The pleasure was causing her restrained limbs to bend horribly. Her knees shake and the body around Mikoto’s butt continue to rub her with its barnacle-covered skin.


The finely bubbled love juices continue to gush out of Mikoto’s pussy. Her head was jerking in unison with the twitching and shaking of the rest of her body.

[Nnh! Hnn, aah!? Naaahhhhhh!?]


Mikoto’s pussy was ravaged by an intense vibrations. Sensing Mikoto’s raising ecstasy, the tentacle dick adjusted its movements accordingly, picking up the pace at which it was pounding her pussy.

[Fuaah!? Ah, uugh!!]

Every time its tip scrapes against Mikoto’s cervix an incredible feeling rocks her whole body. There was so much pleasure currently surging through Mikoto’s body that she felt as though she was struck by lightning. However, the tentacles didn’t let go of her breasts and the dick didn’t back away from inside of her pussy.

When the strength leaves her lower body, she fall slightly, forcing the tentacle dick even deeper inside of her.

[Noo, nnh!!! Noo, aagh, Noooooo, mmh!!!]

The entrance to her womb was being repeatedly pounded, sending shiver across her entire body. Lightning kept on creeping up her spine.

(No, please, no more…… I’m starting to feels strange…… I’m starting to feel really weeeeird……!!!)

As the tentacles tighten their grip around Mikoto’s body, she was desperately fighting the sweet tremors which started to reverberate throughout her womb and chest.

However, the demon was holding her in a firm grasp. Mikoto’s struggles weren’t doing her any good, quite the opposite –– they were urging the tentacle dick to screw her even harder and faster.


The tentacle dick was matching the rhythm of its movements to the way in which Mikoto’s body was bouncing up and down.

[Ah, uuuhhh!! It’s, it is, stirring, me, up, so… so…… Aaauuuuuugggggghhhhhh!!!]

The tentacle’s glans stir Mikoto’s pussy up vigorously. The overflowing love juices flow out of her pussy and smear all over the tentacle dick, making it even more slippery. Mikoto’s uterus was under constant attack from the tentacle, being pushed more and more open.

(Aaaaaahhhhhh! The hole, the hole is……!)

Every single bump and protrusion on the tentacle dick felt as though it was a rotor. The same kind of sweet sensation that assaulted her ass not so long ago was now scratching her G spot without mercy, so much that tears began to well up in Mikoto’s eyes.

[Funya, funya, funyaaaaaahhhhhh~!!!]

Hot moans escape from Mikoto’s mouth as her mind was turning into a hot mess.

The pink fog filled her head and pleasure was the only thing that was remaining there.


As her body bounces on the tentacle dick, Mikoto’s cheeks are on fire.

Her nipples were also feeling strange from all the caresses they were receiving.

The thin tentacles continue to wriggle about all over her body, seeking their way inside of her so that they could get a pieces of the action as well.

[Naaahhh!? N, don’t…… Eeh!? S, something like that…… it won’t fit…… Haah!? Hyiiiiiihhhhhh!?]


A sharp sensation penetrates Mikoto’s breasts. Some of the tentacles have somehow managed to spread her nipples open and were currently entering inside of her breasts. And since lots of nerves were located inside of her breasts, Mikoto started to feel pleasure that was balancing on the borderline with intense pain.

[Hahyiii! Hyah, haaaaaahhhhhh~!!]

There’s a hot tsunami rushing from her crotch into her brain, jerking tears out of her eyes.

She feels something welling up inside of her and Mikoto’s body jerks like a spring in response.


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