Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 8 Part 5


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Having someone stare inside of her asshole was a whole new level of embarrassment for Mikoto. In her eyes, the person once known as “Shirtori Mikoto” was now reduced to a simple block of meat with holes ready to satisfy anyone’s sexual desires.

[Yes, that is! That’s the voice! Let me hear it some more!] [Uhh, nnh…… Aah!? Y, Yaaah!!!]

Mikoto could see the tentacles wrapping themselves around Masumi’s body as well. Then they extend themselves towards Mikoto’s holes, spreading them open and preventing her from escaping.


The tentacles draw closer to Mikoto’s asshole and start to poke it gently. Next they spread it in all direction, leaving Mikoto’s asshole completely open.

[No! No, no, no, no, no! I don’t want to, I don’t want it up my ass again!!!] [Ufufu, I love your voice. It makes me shiver all over.]

Masumi’s eyes narrowed as she gazed upon the tentacles caressing Mikoto’s asshole. She licks her lips while looking at Mikoto’s tormented expression.


There’s a strange, gross sensation creeping its way up Mikoto’s belly. Her insides felt as though they were on fire yet again as they are pushed to the sides.

[I can’t even imagine how embarrassing it must be to have your body toyed with in such a way! Say, how is it?]

[Uhh, uuuhhh!? …… Ah!?]


Drops of hot liquid hit Mikoto’s face. They were coming from the drenched tentacles, staining Mikoto’s face and mouth.

[No…… Npuh~!!]

She wanted to scream, but a big tentacle was trying to force its way into her mouth, trying to stuff it full.

And even though she tried to close her mouth shut, the traces of tentacles juices found their way inside of her mouth regardless, spilling all over it and filling her nostrils with a mixture of both sweet and sour scent, causing her mind to be blanketed with pink fog yet again.

[Uhhn, really, Shiratori-san. You should have seen that expression on your face! I’m so envious!] [Fuhii!? N, noo……!?]

A number of thin tentacles approach Mikoto’s anus. They press aginst her delicate flesh walls, forcing them open and expanding her asshole to its limits.

[The fact that you can feel good from your ass means that there are so many possibilities to make you feel good. Truly , you have no idea just how jealous I am of you, Shiratori-san.] [I. I’m not… feeling it…… Ahh, ughhh……]

With her ass spread wide open like that, Mikoto could feel cold air entering her rectum.


As her insides shake with pleasure, a whole new sensation awakens deep inside of Mikoto’s womb.

It wasn’t pleasure in the sense that she’s been feeling up until that point. But it also wasn’t something bad, either.

(M…… Melting…… I’m, I’m starting to melt……)

Spreading from her insides, a pleasant warmth was gradually spreading all over Mikoto’s body, affecting even her inner organs and bones. She was feeling weak from all that pleasure and her ability to resist or fight back was also gradually being stripped away from here.

[Uuuhhh, kuuuhhh……] [Ufufu, what a lovely expression. You are the best, Shiratori-san. Simply the best.]

Giggled Masumi while gently guiding another tentacle right towards Mikoto’s backside. The thing that her small hand was guiding looked like a flower bud right before being ready to bloom –– its shaft was thinner than a normal penis but it’s glans were truly enormous, bugger than anything she had seen before. It was wriggling around like a snake, impatient to enter the insides of its prey.

[Hyiii!! No! No, no, no, please, no, nooo!!!]

Realizing what Masumi was trying to do, Mikoto started to thrash her body around, desperately wanting to escape from the cruel fate that awaited her. However, the tentacles were holding her down firmly, preventing her from escaping. The only thing Mikoto managed to accomplish was to spray even more perverted juice over her body and face.

[Please stop struggling so much. If the things I have read are correct, this is going to feel insanely good, you know?]

While laughing innocently, Masumi finally presses the tentacle tip right against Mikoto’s gaping asshole.



At the same time, a bunch of smaller tentacle penises penetrate Mikoto’s asshole.

With their every move Mikoto’s ass spreads even more, and the tentacles wiggle like worms, entering deeper and deeper inside of her.

[Ahh, aaaaahhhhh!? No, don’t! Please, no, doooon’t!!!]

As the tentacles wiggle their way deeper and deeper, Mikoto could feel her ass being on fire, while also getting filled with strange and gross liquid that was lubricating her inner walls. The tentacles manage to even scrape against the back of her pussy through her fleshy walls.

(Uuuhhh, aaahhh!? D, deep, shoo deep, all the way back!?)

Both Mikoto’s ass and pussy were being filled with indecent pleasure. As her butt gets overly stimulated, Mikoto could feel new gushes of love juices being poured outside of her from the depths of her pussy.

[Fuh, fuhyiiiiii…… Npuaah!?]


Mikoto’s love nectar can’t be stopped from overflowing. As the thick tentacles keep violating her butt, her love nectar keeps on leaking out in response. Its volumes were so big that it was wetting Mikoto’s thighs and dripping down onto her belly. Some of the droplets wet Mikoto’s hair, causing it to stick to her breasts, neck, and arms.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK…… The tentacles within Mikoto’s ass, being crushed by the force at which her ass was coiling around them, were moving like crazy, faster and faster. It was painful. Mikoto thought that anymore of that and her ass might actually rip apart or explode.

[My, oh my, just look how wet and sticky you have become. You dirty girl.]

Laughs Masumi while looking at Mikoto’s wet and sticky face, guiding yet another tentacle in the direction of Mikoto’s pussy.

It was a tentacle with horrifyingly elongated glans, resembling Tengu’s nose.

[Uh, ahh, aaahhh!!]

Remembering a similar tentacle from not so long ago, Mikoto’s face got bright red and her voice trembled with fear.

It was that kind of tentacle that could drown you mad with pleasure even by the act of being inserted into your pussy alone.

It was now being pressed against Mikoto’s pussy, wriggling and shaking, looking to force its way inside of Mikoto.

[Noo! Noooo! Stop! Stop iiittt! Eeh!?]

Mikoto’s pleas were ignored and the tentacle pressed itself harder against her love honey-drenched pussy.


While turning and wiggling, the tentacle was slowly entering Mikoto’s hot insides.

[Hiii! Ahh!? Aaauuuhhh!! Nhh, nnh, nnh, uuuggghhh!!!]

As her insides were being rubbed against from both sides, Mikoto started to let out almost animalistic roars out of her mouth.

Finally, there was this unrealistically good sensation starting to spread from Mikoto’s both holes onto the rest of her body.

Mikoto’s whole body was bouncing around and her elevated waist was trembling strongly. She could her whole body spsm violently and her fingers and toes curl up because of the sensation.


The tentacles were moving as to match their rhythm, slowly working their way through Mikoto’s insides, wanting to reach as deep as they possibly could.

[Aaahhh, uuuuhhhhh, iiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhh!!]

Both tentacles were so hot that they felt as if burning iron was penetrating Mikoto’s insides. Mikoto’s ass was feeling it the most, feeling as though it was burning up. For every spark of pain she felt, ten sparks of pleasure would follow suit soon after.

Inside of Mikoto’s pussy, the tentacle was smacking against the waves of spilling love nectar, splashing it all over the place. This too was sending waves of ecstasy throughout Mikoto’s genitals and spine.

[Nnh, eaahhh, uuuhhh!? Aah, uuh, aaauuuggghhh!?]

Every time the tentacle tip would crush against Mikoto’s womb, it would send splashes of love juices outside of her pussy, making it look like some kind of a hot geyser. As the tentacles ravish her holes, her insides change shape as they are being teared apart.


Feeling up her holes, the tentacles were becoming slimy and wet with Mikoto’s juices. The sweet sensations were mixing with one another, driving Mikoto crazy.

Volume 1 Chapter 8 Part 5
[Nehyaaahhh!? Shtoph it, shtoph it!! Doooooon’t…… Pleash, dooon’t……!]

There was a tsunami of joy slowly going alongside Mikoto’s spine. And it was not backing away or disappearing. As the dicks continue their assault on Mikoto’s holes, animal-like roars were escaping her mouth.

Waves of wild pleasure flood Mikoto’s mind. As the pink euphoria overcomes her, the rest of her reasoning was slowly being washed away.

[Shtoph iiittt! A, any, thing, more, and I, I’ll, be, diven, craaazy from, from all thish…… Nkuaah!?]


The tentacles were growing so thick inside of her that it was starting to hurt her. The tip of the penis inside of Mikoto’s pussy was scraping against her cervix with violent motions. Each bump and protrusion on the tentacles was rubbing itself against Mikoto’s flesh with fierce vigor.


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