Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Epilogue


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


EPILOGUE: Fetal Movements

[Tachibana Yamato-san came to this school today. I must say, he’s a pretty good-looking young man.]

Masumi says to Mikoto, who lifts her head and cocks it slightly. For some reason, that name sounded awfully nostalgic to her. But, she was unable to remember why. The smell of burning incense and the odor filling the room were making her thoughts cloudy and unfocused.

To the side, she could see her sister Takeru, whose glasses were all cloudy with sticky white semen while she was busy with furiously sucking the majestic tentacles that here assaulting her mouth. She was so engrossed in her task that she probably didn’t even heard Masumi’s words.

The flesh-colored tendrils were violating her mouth so fiercely that her cheeks and throat were getting distorted, forcing tears into Takeru’s eyes. Seeing just how ecstatic her profile looked while she was servicing them like that, Mikoto was overcome with a sudden urge to suck onto something as well.

[He seems to be pretty worried about the two of you. Would you like to go and see him?]

The tentacles gathered around her, gently stroking her beautiful thighs, while Mikoto lowered her head helplessly. She was a good and obedient girl, so why was Masumi saying such mean things to her while the tentacles kissed her nether regions, tears began to fill Mikoto’s eyes as well. They pushed her soft flesh lips aside, forcing themselves in and sending waves of shivers across her body.

[You don’t want to meet with him, huh? Oh well, I guess it’s only natural.]

Says Masumi while laughing slightly, all the while poking Mikoto’s swollen stomach with her feet.

Mikoto’s skin sways under the pressure, light ripples being send across her stomach. Just a few days ago it was flat and well built, only to now become huge and swollen with the new life that way growing inside of it. Of course, the baby was a demon, the one bestowed upon her by her beloved Master.

[After all, your precious babies are going to be born soon.]

Masumi looks all over the cave while smiling. Following her gaze, Mikoto could see several more girls that were in here with them, their arms and legs firmly sunken into the flesh-like walls. Each and every girl out there had their stomachs bloated just like Mikoto. Also, there were long and fat bugs crowded at their breasts, sucking at their reddish nipples for the precious nourishment.

Those were the children of the demons.

Although Mikoto and Takeru were yet to experience it, some of the girls in here had already experienced giving birth to demons. And they were so cute that even the babies born from other girls were crawling to them as if they wanted them to hug them tightly. Just then, stimulated from Masumi’s poking, Mikoto’s belly began to shift and distort from the inside. The time of her very first labor was drawing near.

[Once your baby is born, let’s invite Tachibana-san in here. What do you say, Shiratori-san?]

She didn’t care in the slightest. As long as the thick tentacles were to give her more and more pleasure, nothing else mattered to her. The pleasure was the only thing she could think about.

She raised her butt slightly, exposing the thick, beads-like tentacle that was penetrating her anus fiercely.

[What is it? You want something to go up your pussy as well? If that’s the case, let’s make some space down there, shall we?]

Says Masumi while commanding the tentacles, making them extend their long and thin tongues inside of Mikoto, reaching out for what was growing deep inside of her womb……




  1. Thanks for whole volume translation.

    Yamato’s here, and it’s over… Such an impressionable debut.

  2. I like all this group project, just add more nocturne novel like the longest series on Pun – pure love complex, you need long project (to be your backbone which are novels 500+ chap, Riaru and Road kingdom good but both still not that long) thx anyway I have been reader since your early day thx again

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