Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 1 Part 2


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



But work is work.

And so they have come here in order to get rid off of all the ghosts in this place on behalf of the construction company that wanted to build a resort hotel in this place.

(I am so terribly sorry for all of the commotion……)

Inside of her heart, Sui kept on apologizing to the remaining ghosts that were still lurking somewhere in the shadows here. They could clearly see that they were getting rid of them, but so far they didn’t try to interfere with their work in any way.

Are they actually looking forward to their journey to the other side?

Do they want to leave the place where they died such a horrible deaths?

Sui was also angry because many people claimed that they couldn’t talk to any of the ghosts, no matter what. They said that if you aren’t a seasoned Exorcist or medium, you might just end up being possessed by the spirits and used by them to God knows what ends.

(But…… These people doesn’t seem to be like that at all……)

They were just watching both Mikoto and Sui, they didn’t even try to talk to them or interfere. Sui wanted to know what was on their mind but needed to refrain from doing that, it could have end in disaster. But not doing anything was hard thing for naturally compassionate Sui to do.

[Umm, maybe it would help if you apologized to them, Mikoto-chan?] [Yeah, good idea. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry……]

After provoking Mikoto to apologize, Sui helped her to walk, since the red-headed girl was so shaken with fear that she had a hard time standing straight on her own two feet. Being sensitive to spiritual activity, Sui could feel that this whole place was full of memories for these ghosts –– pillars, doors, floor, windows, stairs, all full of both precious and painful memories. Mikoto only managed to relax once they finally left the building, all the tension disappearing from her shoulders at once. But the tears were still clearly visible in her eyes.

[Now then, it’s your turn, Mikoto-chan. Please hang in there.] [Y, yeah……]

Said Mikoto while nodding her head, slowly standing up and firmly grabbing her Exorcism Sword in both of her hands.

She closed her eyes, spread her legs and took a deep breath.

Her red ponytail swayed in the night breeze and her collar fluttered.

She then throws the scabbard away and raises the sword to her eyes level.

[Heaven and Earth both shall tremble before your wrath.]

She chanted the spell into the depth of the night. The girl that was scared of the ghosts was now completely gone, replaced by someone else entirely.

She was now a professional Exorcist, one that was about to do her job without flinching.

She lowered the tip of her sword and breathed out.

Her eyes focused on the darkness right in front of her.

[This is the flow of mercy, one that tears apart and cleanses.]

Continuing the chant, she slowly turns the sword in her hands.

From the ground, the spiritual energy of the Earth was filling Mikoto’s body. She then raises her sword above her head, letting it absorb the spiritual power from the sea breeze and the air.


There were small sparks that started to dance on the surface of the blade. They were born from Mikoto’s own power she held within herself, the Thunder “ki”.

The katana that Mikoto was carrying was named “Raikou”. It was an Exorcism Blade created by an Exorcist Blacksmith as a manifestation of the inner power of its wielder. In Mikoto’s case, that power was Thunder element. Now, the threads of thunder were dancing all across the katana’s edge, eager to be released upon Mikoto’s enemies.

The forest surrounding the school was getting awfully noisy.

The wind is howling and the leaves on the trees are dancing.

The power of lightning produced by “Raikou” was so big that it was influencing the atmosphere itself and bringing about a storm clouds.

With the increasing wind, I could hear the whole school building crack and break. The lightning from the sword was supposed to be released towards the school building and guided towards the talismans placed in the most crucial points of the whole structure.


Sui, who’s been rather calm all this time, suddenly turned blue on the face. She stared at the school building with wet eyes and trembling lips. She really wanted to say something here, but before she was able to do that Mikoto lowered her sword in one fell swoop while shouting the words:


As she shouts, the motion of her blade sends forward a wave of thunder.


When the wave of lightning hit the school building, it was as if the whole island shook at its foundations.

The blast noise was so loud that Sui had to cover her ears, accompanied by the roar of thunder and the sound of the windows breaking. The thunder ran through the whole building, burning away any remaining spirits that were still inside of it, without harming the building’s structure itself. Even if Mikoto was scared just a minute ago, now she was performing a job suitable for a first-class Exorcist.

After a while, she let out her held breath.

[…… Is, is it over?]

When the lightning finally subsided, Mikoto looked towards Sui with a smirk of satisfaction all over her face.

Sui raised her eyes and looked towards the school building, concentrating.

[Yes…… There are no more responses……]

Sh answered a little bit sadly.


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