Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 2 Part 2


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Not to mention that Sui have rejected her fair share of men who tried to ask her out. But anyways ––

[What’s wrong, Sui? We are all girls, so there’s no need to be shy~.] [Would you like to change without anyone looking at you?] [Y, yes…… That would be great if you could leave me alone for a minute.]

While Sui turned her back on Shiratori sisters and started to undress, she was unable to see that their eyes shone brightly. When she took off her shirt and removed her bra,


This was another cause for Sui to have complexes over her body. There was this thing that she thought that her breasts may be too big for her small self, but there was also another reason. Yamato would always laugh at Mikoto for having “Monstrous Boobs”, but the same could be said about Sui.

[What’s the matter, Sui? Are your breasts really so amazing that you can’t take your eyes off of them?] [N, no…… That’s not it!]

Brought back to reality by Mikoto’s words, Sui started to change into her bright pink swimsuit, all the while her cheeks were burning crimson.


This island is called the Cresent Moon Island. Originally, it was your typical volcanic island. For years it’s been pretty much the same, almost round shape, until some decades ago the island’s land finally started to erode, causing the southwestern portion of the isle to collapse into the sea. Currently the middle of the isle was this was bay with the arms of land encompassing it on both sides.

This place where the three of them were staying at had the only sandy beach on the entire island. You could see the reefs under the water and both waves and currents were calm here, despite facing the open ocean.

[Uwah…… It’s so gorgeous……]

Sui held her breath upon seeing the sight before her, which was like taken straight out of a postcard. The white beach and the sapphire water was spreading as far as the eye could see, accompanied with rocks that looked like chest pieces cast all over the chessboard.

[The seeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa is heeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee!!!]

Mikoto raised her voice while casting away her hoodie and raising her arms high into the air. Her red ponytail sways in the gentle breeze as her fair skin shines in the summer sun.

[Mikoto-chan, wait for us!]

Shouted Suit towards Mikoto, and as she was about to chase after her, she realized that Takeru wasn’t readying herself to go swimming, but instead staying in the shade of the beach umbrella.

[Takeru-chan, aren’t you going to swim?] [There are still some documents on this island I would like to ready. I’ll leave it to Mikoto to get all sunburned, while I will relax over here.]

As she said that, Takeru took out an old-looking book from inside of her handbag. The book was pretty worn out, with the title written by hand on the cover. Sui had a hard time deciphering the title though, since the letters were all elegant and difficult to read.

[If you would like, you can do and play around with Mikoto no problem. Just leave your things here and I will look out for them. Also, if you want to apply some more sunscreen onto yourself, just let me know.] [In that case, I’ll leave them in your care.]

Sui took off her hoodie as well and then left to join Mikoto playing in the sea. Takeru smiled at the sight of two of them having fun and resumed her study of the materials in her possession.

Sui’s white skin was covered in a cute, pinkish one piece swimsuit that was adorned with raffles around the chest area and legs. There was also a red ribbon stuck in between her breasts protruding from the swimsuit’s cups, their sheer size stretching the fabric of the swimsuit to their very limit and naturally drawing the eyes towards her breasts. Her legs were totally exposed and her precious place was protected only by the thin portion of the swimsuit’s fabric.

[Come on, Sui! What are you waiting for!?]

Mikoto was already in the water, splashing it all around herself while floating on the water’s surface.

[Mikoto-chan, you should wear sandals so that you won’t hurt your feet against the rocks!] [Yeah, okay! I understand!]

When Sui entered the water while wearing sandals she could feel that the soft sand disappeared in an instant, replaced by the sharp rocks.

[Uwah…… So many fish out here.]

Apparently they weren’t afraid of humans, because a flock of small fish started to gather around Sui’s feet without any kind of reservation. Their small scales were shining just like jewels. When Sui brought her face towards the water’s surface she could see a shrimp scurrying about and a crab walking on the rocky seabed.

[Sui! Let’s see who can first get to those rock over there!] [Eh!? Ah, wait! Mikoto-chan! It’s not fair that you get to have a head start!]

If the resort was really built in here, this beach would have been so crowded right about now. But there were only three of them right now. We could splash water around however we want, scream as loud we want and fully enjoy the emerald see as much as we want.

For a line of work that was ridden with dangers all the time, it was the best possible reward. At least that what Sui though while playing around together with Mikoto.


After a while.

[Maybe somewhere around here……?]

Sui’s cheeks were dyed deep-crimson and she herself looked as though she was about to cry. Right now she was at the edge of the beach, right under a steep cliff. Here, there were lots of rocks that were bigger than humans, preventing anyone else from seeing what was happening here.

The seawater around these parts was not too cold, but play around in it for long enough and your stomach will start to feel cold. After playing around so much together with Mikoto, Sui was overcome with a huge urge to relieve herself.

But there was no bathroom around the beach. There should have been one at the town or back at the inn, but she would have to cross a small hill to get there, since they were both on the other side.

The painful and frustrating sensation was raising with each step of hers, filling her abdomen with a very uncomfortable sensation. There was a small forest right near the beach, but she would have to climb a small set of stairs to get there, which was a little bit impossible in Sui’s current predicament.

That is why she decided to come over here, to this secluded location amidst the rocks.

[Ah, umm…… I’m sorry for doing this, but I really need to pee……]

Sui apologized to the surrounding rocks while crouching down, her cheeks now deep-crimson in color. The rocks here were all eroded by water and were full of holes ridden with various insects, and the waves would find their way in here from time to time. Looking at the surface of the water, Sui could see a whole lot of sea creatures just minding their own business in the water.

For Sui, being seen by sea creatures was embarrassing, but it would be even more embarrassing to be seen by humans. Sui crouched down by one of the shallow pools of water and carefully shifted the fabric of her swimsuit to the side, all the time minding not to make any sudden movement as to not wet herself prematurely.


Her lower body felt surprisingly cold from being in the water for so long, and it was feeling even colder upon making contact with fresh air. Single drops of urine that were dripping out her were falling into the water puddles, creating ripples on the water’s surface.

While Sui’s chilled lips gaped slightly, her red insides could be visible in the pool of water. It was really weird to look at it being reflected like that and Sui could feel her whole face becoming hot in an instant.

But Sui was already at her limit.



Although Sui was reluctant to do this, a thin stream of golden liquid began to flow from in between her thighs.

[Fuah, aaahh, aaahhh……]

Expelling this golden liquid from her urethra felt undeniably good. The pain she was feeling just a moment ago was suddenly gone, and as the golden torrents continued to flow, there was a cloudy bliss amassed somewhere inside of Sui’s head.

(Uhh, it’s so embarrassing…… This, this feels like I’m a little child……)

But a child would not feel any kind of shame from doing something like that. For a young maiden who was about to become an adult, exposing herself like that in the open and peeing under the blue sky was making her so embarrassed that she felt as though steam would start to come out of her ears. The difference was pretty extreme.

[Ehh!? Ahh!?]


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