Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 3 Part 1


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Chapter 3: Mind Break


[Sui! Hang in there, Sui!]

Even though Sui was still conscious, she didn’t respond to Mikoto’s words. Her whole body felt so hot as though it was burning, and her cheeks were flushed deep crimson as well. Beads of sweat were dripping down her forehead and neck, and hot heavy breaths were gradually escaping from inside of her mouth. Her chest was also moving up and down in a heavy rhythm.

All three girls were currently back at their room in the inn “Oiso”.

[There are youmas inside of her body.]

As Takeru finished examining Sui, her eyebrows risen up in surprise. She was wearing her usual uniform, but right underneath it she was still wearing her daring swimsuit. Same thing goes for Mikoto, as she was holding Sui’s hand there were droplets of sea water dripping from her long ponytail.

After Mikoto and Takeru manager to rescue Sui from being attacked by the youmas, she lost consciousness for a while and they carried her back to the inn.

[The damage…… So far there is none, but the youmas coursing through her system is not something we can ignore or leave alone.] [So, so Sui is…… She’s……!?]

Mikoto suddenly got up, tears welling up in her eyes. She was feeling responsible for letting Sui go to the toilet all of her own. The fact that an apprentice got attacked by the youmas while she was playing around in the sea was breaking her heart in half.

[It’s okay, calm down. We can still help her if we only acquire the right tools.]

Said Takeru with a faint smile, to calm Mikoto down. She knew that Mikoto was feeling responsible, but beating yourself over that fact wouldn’t accomplish anything. Besides, it was an accident, not anybody’s fault.

[First, we shall wait until the youma inside of Sui falls asleep.]

Said Takeru with a voice full of confidence while making all necessary preparations. She poured some water from a jug into a bowl and dipped a small talisman in that water. She also asked Mikoto to fetch her some chopsticks while she began to prepare some complex ofudas.

[This should erect a barrier around this room and ease Sui’s suffering, even if for a little bit.] [That’s right. We could technically use your Lightning “ki” to get rid of the youmas on the spot, but in Sui’s current condition I would have serious concerns regarding her health. So instead we are going to weaken the youmas first. If we manage to cut the off from their energy supply, they should become easier to deal with……]

Hearing Takeru’s words, a sudden “Aaah!” got out of Sui’s mouth. Her hands sprung up form under the futon and reached out to her breasts, beginning to grope and fondle them like mad.

[Mikoto, hold her down for me!]

Takeru shouts, taking the water with the spell infused into it and forcefully pours it down Sui’s throat. Sui’s shoulders tremble as her whole body begins to be covered in beads of sweat.

[No, Noooooo…… Nngh!? Nnh!? Gah, ngaaah……!?]

Sui’s bright red lips trembled around the bottle’s neck as she continued to gulp down its contents until there was nothing left.

[Puah, fuaah!]

When Takeru withdrew the bottle, Sui’s seizures slowly began to stop. The medicine managed to suppress Sui’s lust and resentment, weakening the youmas’ influence over her. Free for, that burden, Sui falls into a deep and sound slumber.

But she was not healed. It was only a temporary measure. In time, her lust and negative emotions would accumulate again, stirred by the youmas and she would have another attack like that.

[…… Maybe we should contact the Headquarters and consult them about Sui’s condition?]

Said Mikoto, in response to which Takeru looked at her from behind her glasses.

[What do we do about the youmas here?] [I haven’t decided yet. But we were asked to get rid of those ghosts so that they could build a hotel here. With youmas in the vicinity, such a thing is impossible to do.]

Takeru let out a deep sigh while scolding her little sister. She then fell silent for a moment before she added:

[Since there were so many youmas here during daytime, it may be possible that this island is in fact youmas’ nest.]

Youmas nests usually contained a seedbed of some sort, or a youma that was feeding all others, nurturing them and allowing them to grow in both size and power. Ordinary youma could appear almost everywhere, but since they were separate individuals you could get rid of them via the means of brutal force alone. However, when a seedbed was involved, the youmas would continue to multiply without end, until the seedbed was dealt with first.

[If there is indeed a seedbed somewhere on this island, we must make sure to deal with it before anything else. Now, if Sui was fine and healthy, we could use her keen senses to locate the seedbed immediately. However……]

As for now, Sui was in no condition to fight. Besides, she was just an apprentice. No matter how hard the things could get, they mustn’t involve her in fighting any more than absolutely necessary.

[I think that the best course of action would be to wait for the reinforcements from the Headquarters before we make our move. But we can investigate some more in the meantime.] [Somehow, I thought you would say that.]

Mikoto smiled brightly as she returned to her usual, cheerful self. There was a powerful conviction shining in her eyes, a true flame of passion.

[Who knows, it might turn out that there is nothing in here on this island. We don’t know unless we find out. So let’s do our best before the reinforcements arrive.] […… I’m glad. You know better than anyone that waiting is directly opposed to my nature.]

Seeing Mikoto all pumped up, Takeru smiled as well. She took the book that she was reading on the beach in her hands. It was the research paper written on the culture and geography of this island, written sometime in the Meiji period.

[According to this document, this island was once known under the name of Cocoon Island or Silkworm Island. The fishermen were afraid of this place since it was thought to be infested with demons, so even if they had to anchor here seeking refuge from the storms, they would never actually go to the land.] [Cocoon or silkworm, demon island…… You think it all youma related……?] [I do believe so, but there are no official confirmation, so it’s only guessing. People were living here as early as the early Edo period, and even before there were probably native inhabitants here, but since they were of different cultures, there are no official records that could confirm or deny it. The description took mere two pages, so the information wasn’t so rich to begin with.]

Takeru let out a sigh and closed the yellowish pages of the book.

[There are way too many rumors regarding ghosts, and way too few regarding youmas. We don’t have enough information to be sure about anything……] […… Say, Takeru……? What if, you know…… what if? The people of this island might be all under the influence of youmas? …… What do you think?]

With an unusually difficult expression, Mikoto lowers her voice and whispers to Takeru. If it was indeed like that, it would be dangerous for them to gather information from the local people. Worst case scenario, they could be fed false information. Surprised Takeru responds with a serious expression.

[We cannot deny that possibility. And judging by the fact that the police was unable to do anything about the mass suicide case thirty years ago…… The chances are not zero, but let’s not jump to conclusions. I must think about it.] [Then……] [Leave the talking to the locals to me.]

Takeru stood up, her face looking exactly like that of a seasoned Exorcist.

[We must be careful as to not let the people know that we are investigating demonic activity. But just in case, keep “Raikou” at the ready at all times. It may become necessary.] [Right.]

Said Mikoto while taking out a small stuffed cat toy from inside of her pocket and grabbing it in her hand.


Takeru went right away and asked the innkeeper about any people around here who might be familiar with the incident from thirty years ago. As a result, she was shortly after introduced to Ogami-san, who was in fact an island chief. He was a kind and compassionate old man, the eldest on this island right now, born and raised here.

[Are you one of the people who purified the school? You see, the island chief is also in the camp that supports the building of the hotel, so he will be very happy to see you.]

After that the girls smiled and were brought to the island chief’s manor. It was a medium-sized building located on the eastern cape of the island, far from any other town or village, and the trek over there would take almost an hour in one direction. Because of that they would be back shortly before dawn.

[Now then.]


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