Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 4 Part 4


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



It seems tha the youmas inside of Sui’s womb were keeping the flames of lust lit throughout her body.

Mikoto tried to ease Sui’s pain with purifying spells a couple of Times already, but her spells just weren’t strong enough to help.

[P, penis…… Please, give me some penis, into my…… my pussy…… Otheriwse…… Otherwise…….! Nnh, aahh……!]

Sui moans while twisting her body restlessly. She seemed to be in agony, seeing that there were no men in the vicinity. Her eyes were filled with tears as she continues to wiggle indecently, trying her best to comfort herself on her own.

(Takeru, please help us…… Takeru!)

If it was Takeru…… If only Takeru was here……!

When Mikoto was about ready to fall to the depths of utter despair,


Her cheeks had been smacked.

But it wasn’t Mikoto herself who has done that. It was Sui, even though she was barely able to stand on her own right now. She did that to help Mikoto snap out of it, even though the youmas inside of here were proliferating endless even now.

They were the Exorcists. There was no time for them to be depressed or to cry helplessly.

[Even though Takeru may not be here, I must do something! It is my duty as elder sister!]

Mikoto frowned her brows, furious at herself and her pitiful display right now. She grasped “Raikou” tightly in her hands as if to reassure herself.

She could still try to use “Raikou’s” lightning powers to try and exorcise the youmas inside of Sui’s body –– but just like Takeru said, it was a very risky of a thing to do.

However, there was no other way.

(I’m sorry, Sui…… I know that you can’t possibly forgive me, but still, please forgive me!)

While continuously thinking that, Mikoto brought “Raikou” closer to Sui’s face.

[Be slashed to pieces, be put to rest, and be cleansed!]

As Mikoto said those words, all of her surroundings fell silent.

She couldn’t hear the wind anymore. The rain smashing against the warehouse’s windows. Even her own breath. Right now her mind was clear, sharp and thing as a needle. Or the edge of the blade.

[Purge and rip to shreds.]

“Raikou’s” blade began to shine.

[Hyah! Nnh!?]

Sui holds her chest for a moment, and then her moist eyes open wide. Then her fingers sink into her own flesh, groping her breasts even more fiercely than before.


Her blouse stretched to its absolute limit, Sui’s buttons pop off and fly in all directions.

[……!? Sui!? What’s wrong, Sui!?]

Shouted Mikoto, throwing “Raikou” away and shaking Sui’s shoulders. Could the cleansing have failed? Or maybe it was too strong? Or maybe it had no effect at all, and it only made youmas more aggravated than before?

[Ugh…… Nnh? Mikoto… -chan……?]

Sui’s eyes become focused again and the fires of fever receded from her cheeks. Her cheeks stained with tears tracks, she blinked for a few times and then her lips smile awkwardly yet lovingly.

[What’s, wrong…… Why, are you… crying……?] [S…… SUI!!]

That one word was filled with so much worry and relief at the same time that Mikoto was unable to hold her tears back. While she was still hugging Sui tightly,

[M-Mikoto-chan……? I, it’s a little hard to breathe like that……]

Mikoto rubbed her cheeks against Sui’s.

[Really, what’s wrong, Mikoto-chan? Why are you…… Ahh!?]

Sui was laughing at Mikoto’s strange behavior at one moment, but then she looked up towards the ceiling and a short shriek escaped from her mouth.

Mikoto also looked up, noticing a huge body that was concealed on the ceiling. But it was already too late.


Mikoto was hit by a thick and strong tentacle, and the impact of the blow blew her away from Sui.


For a single moment, Mikoto was out of breath. It felt as though all air was pumped out from her lungs. Cut from their oxygen supply, her whole body suddenly became heavy and felt as though liquid lead had been poured inside of it. She tried to force herself to stand up, but her whole body was unable to support her weight anymore.

Youma was still lurking on the ceiling. Mikoto had to defend Sui and herself, and to do that, she needed “Raikou’s” power. It was so close, mere three steps away from her, but in her current condition Mikoto couldn’t beat even that distance. It was a hopeless situation.

[Mikoto-chan!] [Run, Sui…… Run away and don’t look back!!]

The moment Mikoto ordered Sui to run away from here, a huge orange sea slug fell from the ceiling right in between them, shaking it’s long horns.

It was the size of a small puppy.

Next, an octopus-like youma with a flower petals on its body fell down right next to it, and then a huge armored beetle joined them. One by one, the youmas that were hiding on the ceiling up until now were falling to the ground, getting closer and closer.

This warehouse that Takeru directed them towards was in fact a youmas nest. Mikoto desperately tried to reach out for “Raikou”, but it was just outside of her reach.

(Takeru…… Takeru……! This place is infested with youmas, its their nest, Takeru! Did you know about that!? Takeru!?)

Just as Mikoto’s face was about to turn blue with anger as the doubts about her little sister kept on raising,


The faces of the youmas twisted in something that must have been a cruel parody of a smile.


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