Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 5 Part 2


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Takeru bites her lips, trying to maintain her balance on the rocks wet with salty seawater.

Even more islanders started to emerge from inside of the air hole.

[Kuh, uuh……]

Seeing them Takeru’s chest started to hurt and her pussy became moist. She could feel her cheeks becoming hot as if there was liquid magma right beneath her skin.

[Since it has become such a big fuss I wanted to find a way to dispose of them somehow, but I would never expect for Meobachi-sama to accept them all as offerings! …… See, didn’t I tell you it would end like that? But they didn’t wanted to listen. That’s not good. Instead, they were trying to convince me that building a hotel resort would be a good idea, that we could make a living off of it.] [A slave, slave to the youmas…… Why, do you, sound so proud about that!?]

Takeru managed to squeeze out those words, but she was finding it hard to even stand up right about now.

Her pussy was drenched and her nether lips were oozing out so much love jouces.

Her breasts felt hot and her nipples stiffened like crazy, causing her skin to sweat intensely all over.

If she won’t manage to escape this place quickly, if she lets the curse ravage her body even longer, things could go really bad for her. She knew she would have to fight her way through, but she felt she was so weak she could hardly even stand right now.

[Fumu. It seems that this girl was trained to some extent, even if it wasn’t Meobachi-sama’s handiwork.]

Takeru heard that someone was saying that they should probably take her back to the mansion, and the army of islanders got closer to her, surrounding her and reaching out their hands for her.

(Mikoto…… Nee-san…… Please… Help me!)

As Takeru trembled in fear of wha the men were going to do to her, they grabbed a hold of her, causing her consciousness to give out.


It seems that the underground caves and tunnels were being used frequently to travel from one point to another, as there were railings, stairs and even lights installed all over the place. There was also a human-powered trolley and track alongside the path, and by the time Mikoto arrived at the inn “Oiso”, Takeru was already transported to the island’s Elder mansion.

[Hm? I can hear someone’s voice?]

When Takeru finally came back to her senses, she was looking at the unfamiliar ceiling in a dimly lit room that she didn’t recognize.

[–––– ru! Takeru! Please answer me, Takeru!]

It was Mikoto’s voice that was reverberating throughout Takeru’s mind thanks to the spell of telepathy.

(I, impossible……!?)

Takeru grabbed a small hair ornament that was in her hand and held in her hands right next to her ear. Telepathy was the technique that Exorcists used to communicate with one another over great distances via the magic stones. And since strong feelings were able to strengthen the connection, it was a great means of communication within family members.

But even so ––––

[I’ve managed to secure Sui! What should we do now!?]

Mikoto’s voice was resonating throughout the room loud and clear. As the men that were in the room listened to her voice, they sighed deeply while restlessly grabbing their tools and weapons.

[Misemi-sama is always listening in. You puny spells and tricks doesn’t work on him.]

Ogami laughed crudely while waving his hand at his men at the same time.


Her body was still drowsy, but Takeru could feel that she was being lifted up by someone. Feeling a manly chest against her back, her hips were raised significantly and her legs were being spread wide open. Her knees were being grabbed by another pair of hands, and her breasts were being dragged out of the cups of her bra and groped strongly.

[Takeru! Takeru!? Please, answer me, Takeru!] [It seems that your older sister is in quite the pinch right now.]

Said Ogami while stroking his chin and looking at the ceiling herself.

[That’s right…… Let’s give them a head start of about ten minutes. I wonder if those two will manage to get so safety by then?] [Eh……!?]

Takeru couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Why would they even wanted to do something like that? There was no merit for them in doing that! Smiling brightly, the Elder spoke in a loud voice, so that every man in the room could hear him clearly.

[If the hotel resort is built, there will be no shortage of young women! There will be no shortage of money! In order for that to become a reality, one of these girls must remain unharmed, so that she can testify that this island if perfectly safe! As regrettable as it is, but we must only satisfy ourselves with the two of them.] [This won’t do, island Elder!] [How can we know for sure that this youma-sama will bring us prosperity we desire so much!?]

One of the men challenges the words of the Elder while at the same time unbuckling his belt.


Takeru gasps at the sight of the dick that sprung up from the inside of his pants.

It wasn’t just your plain and ordinary penis.

It was something that was tampered with by the youmas, strengthen and changed. It looked like a twisted root of an old tree, all glistering and emerald-green in color.

All the way from the tip to the root of the shaft, it looked like an amalgamation of small tentacles pulsing and cramping together. Instead of glans, it had an oval-like protrusion with thick liquid constantly spilling out from the huge opening just at its end.

[It’s alright. This young woman here shall take care of all of our troubles instead of her two friends.] [Eh!? Ah……]

Looking at the Elder’s face, listening to his words, Takeru finally realized what his evil scheme was. She bit on her lips with regret, knowing that there was nothing she could do to escape or prevent that from happening.

Besides, she was once raped by youmas in the past. She could not stop thinking about that moment and she absolutely did not want Mikoto to suffer through the same type of ordeal she had to suffer. It would be too much for her.

[…… Yes, that’s right. I shall take care of all of your frustration and worries. That is why, please do hurt them. Don’t hurt Mikoto and Sui.] [Nice. Very nice. That’s a good girl.]

Ogami smiled lecherously hearing Takeru’s words and seeing the resolve in her eyes. They were full of bitter determination. After a moment, he ordered his men to take both Mikoto and Sui into some secure location––––.


[You may look like a girl, but you have some nice boobs out there, huh?] [Uh, ugh……]

Sensing countless gazes piercing her and ogling her milky-white skin, Takeru could feel her cheeks starting to blush furiously. Her shirt was torn off of her, and her black bra was lifted up, exposing her plump breasts with now fully erect, pinkish nipples. They were now in full display.

The skin of her breasts was shiny from all the sweat she was producing and her nipples looked like a pair of acorns or ripened fruit. It was the undeniable proof that she was also feeling excited from this situation and she hated herself for feeling that way. She wanted to cover herself up and run away, but she knew that she had to this for the sake of her dear elder sister and friend.

[Your legs are also quite nice. So long and silky smooth.] [Hehe. It looks like your pussy is also becoming quite wet, wouldn’t you say? Don’t worry, we shall soon help you calm yourself as well, hehe.]

The men took hold of Takeru’s legs and forced them open while bending her knees. Being spread wide open like that, her legs now resembled the “M” shape. The men kept on rubbing their hands all over her legs and then lowered her panties down, getting rid of them completely and tossing them away. Then the men carry on to remove Takeru’s socks, groping and licking her feet and toes during the whole process.

Stricken with youma’s seizure, Takeru’s body was currently sensitive all over. Rubbed directly, through her clothes, having her boobs and feet stimulated, it was all giving her unimaginable amounts of pleasure.

[Even though you seems like you don’t want it, you sure look happy about it.]

One of the men laughed loud as he pointed at Takeru’s drenched panties first and then at her moist pussy. Her panties were really adult-like, made out of a thin cloth that was almost see-through even in the darkness, and they were smelling of female in heat. A sweet yet sour scent.

(Don’t look…… Don’t look at me…… Please, don’t look at me while I’m like this……)


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