Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 5 Part 4


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[What is this girl doing!? That’s not cute at all!? Does she think we’re stupid or what!?] [No, please! I’m not ridiculing you! I swear I’m not ridiculing you!] [Well then, you must beg us for it. In as polite of a way as possible.] [Don’t you think that just because you’re in heat that we’ll let you off the hook easily. If you are a perverted woman, then you can surely act and speak like one!] [Uh…… uuuhhh, nhaa, haah, nghh……!]

Stirred with her fingers, Takeru’s pussy began to make loud, wet obscene sounds. Her inner walls keep rubbing against one another, causing her to feel slight electric current to run through her thighs and pussy at all time. There was so much love nectar spilling from her insides that they were now dripping down her belly and gathering in her navel.

Volume 2 Chapter 5 Part 4
[My…… P… pussy…… My pussy……!]

Takeru finally managed to scream out those words aloud. As soon as she said that, the last shreds of reason she might have had dissipated.

[My pussy, my pussyyy…… Please, do me! Do me in my pussy!] [Haha! This bitch! She really went up and said that!]

Laughed one of the men while reaching out towards Takeru’s love nectar-wet butt and inserting one of his fingers inside of her wet crack.


A very pleasant sensation began to spread throughout Takeru’s insides.

However, soon enough Takeru realized that this finger wasn’t going to cut it. It was way too short and way too slim for her to feel satisfied.

[No! No, no, no, no, no! I don’t want your fingers! Your dick! I want your dick! I can’t feel satisfied unless it’s your dick! I want your dick so bad! Your dick, your dick, your dick, your dick!!]

Takeru screams as her body shakes violently. She rubs her boobs against the tatami mats and wiggles her butt intensely, pushing her pussy against the man’s fingers in a suggestive way. Right about now, she was acting way worse than a bitch in heat.

She then proceeds to take her shirt off, sliding it off her shoulders and exposing her supple and spotless back. The sight of her skin that was drenched in sweat was like a sight of a lonely lily in basked in the morning dew. She spreads her legs wide causing her love juices to spill onto the floor, making the blood in the men’s veins boil.

[I guess it cannot be helped. I’m gonna do as you ask and stick it in you.]

One of the men approached Takeru and just like that put his hands on her round butt and started to stroke it. His touch and groping caused Takeru to shiver in pleasure, her love juices overflowing like crazy.

Overflowing from inside of her pussy, the heavy scents hanging in the air caused Takeru’s head to become dizzy, making her eyes become clouded with pinkish fog.

[Nhh, ahh, naaah……!!!]

The moister Takeru became, the hotter her sighs were starting to become. Feeling the gazes of the men upon her, she grabbed the tatami mats with her fingers so strongly that her fingers started to hurt.

Stick it in, stick it in, please stick it inside of my pussy –––– boosted by those perverted thoughts of hers, Takeru’s pussy gaped and convulsed strongly, tempting the men to insert themselves inside of her. Her love juices leaked out, moistening her hard and erect clitoris, sticking her pubic hair together, and dripping in thick droplets onto the tatami mats. Her breasts were hurting so much it was hard for her to breathe.

[Amazing, look so thick this bitch is!]

Laughing enthusiastically, the man grabs his swollen demonic erection and starts to rub it against Takeru’s drenched entrance. The size and shape of this prick were more or less normal, but it color was venomous green, and there were several thin tentacles running all the way across its length, and there were small spots all across it, making it resemble an oversized goya fruit or bitter gourd.

[Uuuh, aaahhh!!!]

Just having her pubic hair and crotch caressed like that was enough to make Takeru moan loudly in excitement. She was so sensitive right now that even the fact of having her pubic hair caressed like that was enough to bring her to the edge of pure ecstasy.

After covering his stiff glans with enough of Takeru’s love honey, the man presses himself against Takeru’s reddish pussy petals. Feeling a thick and hard meat stick slowly penetrating her hot insides, Takeru let out a small shriek as her back shook uncontrollably.

[Shaking your hips like that before I even insert it properly? It seems that you really can’t stand it, huh?]

The man laughed in a cruel manner, grabbing Takeru’s butt firmly with his hands and then pushing his waist forward, right into Takeru’s flesh folds.


[Fuhaa, nnh!!!]

As the man’s meat pole slowly made its way through Takeru’s hot pussy, she could feel a hot sensation gradually spreading all over her body. The man’s hard protrusions kept on rubbing themselves against her erect clitoris and her G spot, creating a mixture of pleasure that was hard to resist.

Feeling more pleasure than she initially expected, Takeru’s whole body was shook with strong spasm, like of which she never even felt before.

It was hard for her shaky arms to support her weight properly, and as the other men kept on rubbing their dicks all over her face, she could feel her cheeks turning crimson red and burning hot from all the pleasure.

[Haaauh, aaaauuuggghhh…….!?]

No longer able to control her voice, she lets out a cry of joy.

(Ah, aaahhh!! It’s coming…… It’s coming inside of me…… The dick is, coming inside, of me, nnngh……!)

The feeling of flesh rod squeezing through her insides caused her to produce even more love nectar, creating a boiling-hot mass right at the entrance to her womb. Air mixing in with her love nectar, her pussy started to make unsightly noises totally unbecoming of a proper woman.

[You seem so happy, did you really wanted a dick so badly?] [I, I lofe it…… I lofe the dishk……!!!]

Takeru didn’t even bother to turn around towards that man to deny his words. Quite the opposite –– she confirmed them with a perverted expression all over her face.

She loved dicks. Everything about them. She loved their thickness. She loved their hardness. She loved their hotness. She loved them for all of those things.

Right now, Takeru’s pussy was filled to the brim. The bumps and protrusion on the demonic dick pushed the walls of her pussy to their very limits, rubbing against every single place with violent force. And once the tip of the dick started to reach her deepest parts, as her uterus was crying in joy she could see white stains in front of her eyes. Even if it wasn’t slamming into her insides violently, the feeling of this dick penetrating her was similar to having an red-hot iron rod going in and out of her without stopping.

[I luv it…… I absholutly luv it…… I luv dish dick sho mussshhh……!!!]

The feeling of being penetrated robbed Takeru of all reason and ability to think straight. Right now she was like an animal that was only seeking more and more pleasure to satisfy her urges.

[See? This horny bitch loves the dick so much that she can’t think of anything else beside it right now!] [But isn’t that rude? If you’re talking about our dicks, address them in a polite manner! Otherwise we won’t give you any! Now say it, you bitch!] [P-P…… Penis… -sama……]

Takeru whispered those words with a lot of effort. Her only reward was even more laughter and ridicule.

(Why? Why are you laughing at me? I did exactly what you wanted me to do! I said what you wanted me to say! So why are you laughing at me now?)

Because her head was currently filled with nothing but lewd thoughts, Takeru was unable to comprehend what was going on. Still, a smile full of joy bloomed on her face. She didn’t wanted for the men to dislike her. She didn’t wanted them to not give her the dicks she wanted so bad. Even though her eyes were filled with fear, she was soon laughing as well.

She was no longer an Exorcist that dressed like a boy would.

Right now she was nothing but a pathetic sex slave, one that would get on all fours, wiggle her butt alluringly and laugh together with her oppressors just so that she wouldn’t worsen their moods.

[What is it that you like? Please tell us that, please do it one more time.]

Said the man while grabbing Takeru’s butt firmly and slowly starting to retract his dick out of her.

[Naaahh!? Aaaahhh!? Aaahhh!!!]


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