Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 5 Part 5


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Once the men completely pulled out from inside of her, everyone could clearly see Takeru’s red insides, looking almost as if they were tuned inside out. The man’s dick was completely drenched with her love juices, and thick droplets were sliding down her thighs and dripping onto the floor.

[P… Penish-shama……! Penish-shama, penish-shamaaaaaa!!!]

Impatient Takeru cried out loud, tears welling up inside of her eyes, as it was hurting her to feel the hard dick pulling out of her insides.

[Penish-shama, I luv you shoo mushhh!!! Luv you, luv you, luv you sho, sho mushhh!!!] [Hoo, you love it so much that it makes you cry thinking that I won’t stick it inside of you?] [Ahh!? Hah, naah…… !?]

The dicks that were being rubbed against her face makes Takeru’s cheeks burn crimson. Those were looking to be even more affected by the youma’s as they looked like grotesque sea anemones. There were small tentacles wiggling out of their glans, and they traces all over Takeru’s cheeks with their barnacle-like texture, trying to enter inside of her mouth.

[Nh, nnh…… *smooch*……]

When the tentacles started to penetrate her mouth and release their sticky fluids inside of it, an intoxicating smell started to fill Takeru’s nostrils. She knew it was the youma’s aphrodisiac that they used to make their pray even more vulnerable to their attacks. The thick solution spreads around her mouth, mixing with her own saliva and dripping out through the corners of her mouth.

Once Takeru’s tongue reached towards the tentacle of its own accord, the root of the man’s dick trembled strongly and the odor of the fluids he was secreting became even thicker and more intense. His dick produced even more small tentacles that began to spread the aphrodisiac around Takeru’s mouth at an even faster rate.

[Fuahh, aaah, aaahhh……]

Even just inhaling this intense odor was enough to paint Takeru’s mind pure white. Before she even realized it, she was moving her head and mouth of her own accord, wriggling her tongue all around the dick and the smaller tentacles, wanting to give them as much pleasure as she possibly could.

And just as Takeru’s mouth was getting a hang of good rhythm in which she could pleasure the dick that was right in front of her ––


The man’s dick that was up until now still began to slowly move back and forth in a relaxed rhythm. Tekeru’s mouth was being caressed by it and its numerous tentacles, making sparks and stars appear right in front of her eyes. This, combined with the feeling of lingering pleasure from having her nether hole penetrated created a unique vortex of pleasure that was slowly starting to overwhelm her. It was like a hot wave that was drawing ever so closer.

[Ahh, Ahh, *chuu*, *smooch*……]

Driven crazy by increasing lust, Takeru opened her mouth even wider, taking more of the man’s dick inside of her and almost touching the root of his dick with her nose. She loved the fact that the dicks like that were giving her so much pleasure. Impatient to receive its cloudy liquids, her heart was throbbing non-stop, her mind was becoming blank, and her pussy was dripping more and more love juices as the time went on.

[*Smooch*, nnh, *swallow*……]

The weight of the penis was crushing her tongue, pushing her cheeks, the thick and strong odor was filled up her nostrils to the point she thought she would suffocate. But it was a delicious smell. The dick continued to violate her whole mouth, filling her up with more and more of its fluids. But still, her tongue bravely continued to intertwine itself all around the dick’s surface, licking clean every single nook and cranny it could find, until her mouth became comfortable with its pistoning motion. She even started to eagerly move her head and mouth around, letting the dick penetrate her mouth under many different angles, letting it experience lots of different kinds of pleasure. Soon, her mouth was filled completely and the insides of her cheeks felt as though they were burning.

[Good, this feels amazing! Now then, let’s give something to this place as well, so that it won’t feel lonely.] [Nhhmoah!?]

There was an entirely new dick now being pressed against Takeru’s pussy, as if it couldn’t stand the sight of her nether mouth staying empty like that. It was intensely green in color, with lots of protrusions and small tentacles wiggling all around it. All the while, the dick inside of her mouth wouldn’t stop its violent assault.

[Eaah, nnnhh, eaaooouugh……!!]

The smell made Takeru feel so hazy that she unconsciously raised both of her hands and grabbed the nearest dicks that she could get her hands on. She could feel her supple fingers burying right into the hot mass of wet flesh. When her fingers traced over the tentacles, she was surprised just how warm and elastic they were.

But those weren’t the only dicks that were caressing her right now. They were sliding all over her forehead, pressing themselves against her cheeks, tracing behind her ears. They were all over her thighs, breasts, waist and butt.

[Muh, eaah, naah! Peanish-shuamaaaahhh!!]

While holding onto the thick dicks with both of her hands, Takeru cries out in sheer joy while the tears spill from her eyes. Because of the youma’s aphrodisiac, every single part of her body that was touched by the penile secretions was soon turned into a huge erogenous zone. Her mouth, her breasts, her face, her fingers, her toes, even her back, every single one of those places were giving her unspoken amounts of pleasure.

[Pwenish-shwama, penish… -swamaaaa……!!]

Feeling the waves of pleasure overcome her whole body, Takeru’s back and waist started to shake uncontrollably. Her mouth squeezed on the dick that was inside of it, the grip on the dicks in her hands became stronger. Soon she was waving her hands like a machine, adamant on giving the men as much pleasure as she possibly could.

[Ooh!? Her pussy is squeezing me like crazy….. Kuuuh!? It’s sucking me innnn!?]

The man strengthened his hold of Takeru’s butt, making the movement of his hips even fiercer than before. Every time his belly would hit Takeru’s butt, a soft sound of flesh bumping into flesh could be heard.

[Noooah!? Naaaah!? Naaaah!!!]

His dick becoming bigger and bigger, it was scraping aggressively all over her G spot. Takeru’s wet insides, further moistened by the aphrodisiac, became so hot that she felt as though she was burning.


Every time the tip of the dick would hit the entrance to her womb, Takeru could feel a tremendous current running through her whole body. Her whole body would shake and tremble as the sensations were being transmitted throughout her spine to her head.

Also, the dick that was penetrating her mouth was secreting its perverted liquids directly down her throat. The small tentacles were running rampant inside of her mouth, stroking and wrapping themselves around anything that they could find.


Takeru’s mouth right now was making the very same sound as her pussy was making. Her saliva was spilling from the corners of her mouth in such volumes that almost rivaled the love honey she was leaking out, spilling all over her breasts and nipples. Her love juices were spilling all over her thighs and dripping further down, way below her knees.

[Eeeeaaaahhhhugh, egh, uhh…… Uwaaah!?]

The pleasant sensation from Takeru’s mouth mixed with the sensations from her pussy, creating something that was truly overwhelming, even for her. As the pleasure was slowly overwriting her consciousness, she was losing more and more sense of reason, even those bits that she thought were long lost as well.

Making loud, wet and lewd sounds from every hole in her body, Takeru strengthened her grip over the men’s dicks even further. She also continued to move her waist and swing her head like a madman, making even louder and wetter sounds resonate throughout the room. As long as she could have all those dicks exclusively for her own, she didn’t even care what would happen to her or anyone else anymore.



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