Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 6 Part 1


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Chapter 6: Lewd Ceremony


Seeing her little sister surrounded by a bunch of men, Mikoto shouted loudly. Was it because of her seizure that suddenly activated right about now!?

[Nee…… -san……]

Takeru was letting out heavy moans as her flushed cheeks were being stained with white and sticky threads. Her cool and composed self completely gone, her face right now was painfully tense in ecstasy. Right about now the light of reason started to return to her green eyes, and upon seeing her current self she desperately tried to cover her exposed breasts with her limp hands.

She didn’t wanted to see Takeru in such state.

Because of that, Takeru was always thinking less of herself and hating herself for becoming like that.


Mikoto shouted as she started to run, wanting to get to her little sister’s side as soon as possible.

However, she was immediately immobilized by many thick and strong arms, which rendered her unable to make even a single step forward.

Then Mikoto’s arms got twisted backwards and pressed towards her back. /The staffed cat toy that was the key to manifesting “Raikou” was taken away from her and the talismans that were inside of her pockets got shredded to pieces. Without her accessories, Mikoto was rendered literally helpless.

(This is not important right now. I’m the elder sister here! I’m the oldest amongst our group! I must protect Takeru and Sui!)

It was too early to just give up! And with both Takeru and Sui being incapacitated with youma’s curse, Mikoto was the only one who could do something!

[Let go of me! Let go of me, you hear!?]

Mikoto tries to shake out of the men’s grip. She kicked her legs about regardless of whether or not they could see the contents of her skirt. She even tried to drive her head into the man’s chest or to smash his chin in.

[T, this bitch…… Stop fooling around already!] [Ugh!?]

Mikoto could feel something driving right into her solar plexus, causing her to go limp in and instant.

She got kneed by one of the men.

At that moment Mikoto felt as though all air escaped from her lungs. She fell on the wet tatami floor face forward, and right then she felt that the men stepped onto her shoulders and back to immobilize her. One of them grabbed her by her ponytail and shook it violently.

[I don’t give a fuck if the hole’s natural or artificial! Want us to cut your fucking limbs, feed them to the worms and fuck you in what’s left of you, haa!?] [Kuh…… Geh……!?]

Even though Mikoto wasn’t afraid of cheap threats like that, tears still filled her eyes. Without her trusted “Raikou” to back her up and her talismans to cast spells she was no different from plain and ordinary, helpless girl.

(Sui…… Takeru…… I’m so sorry……)

Even though her precious friends were right here beside her, Mikoto was unable to do anything to save them. –––– Just then,

[What a noisy brat you are. So annoying.]

The island Elder said while approaching Mikoto and grabbing her by her chin, so he could see her face better.

[However, it would be a shame to let such a fine body go to waste just like that. But maybe you could at the very least entertain us for a bit?]

All the men here seemed to understand what the island Elder meant by that. All of them started grinning in a terrifying manner as they grabbed Mikoto by the arms and started to drag her right to the center of the hall.

[Wh, what are you…… Ahh!? Wait…… No, stop that, you hear me!? I said stop that!!]

Next, some other men grabbed her by the ankles and lifted her upside down. Her skirt naturally flipped over, revealing what was hidden underneath it: pure white panties alongside thick, healthy-looking, smooth and white thighs. The gravity also caused her breasts to fall down, pressing softly against her chin.

[Mikoto!] [Mikoto-chan!?]

Mikoto could hear the distressed voices of both Sui and Takeru, but since the men surrounded her like a living wall, there was no way for Mikoto to actually see them and confirm if they were unharmed.

[I, I’m alright! Just you wait! I’m going to get out of this mess right away and save you, so……Ahh!?]

The men grabbed her legs and spread them wide towards left and right, causing Mikoto’s beautiful butt and pussy to be pushed forward, where the men could almost see them perfectly. Then they tied one end of the rope around her knees and the other end around her neck, so that Mikoto would be unable to move or change the position she was in right now.

[Ugh, kuh, uhh……!]

In this position, with her breast pressing against her mouth, it was really hard for Mikoto to breathe properly. The blood rushing to her head was making her face bright red, even redder than shame would get her.

[Hehe. In this way she looks and behave a whole lot cuter.]

The men gathered all around Mikoto, sniffing her all around and groping her, making full use of the fact that she was unable to move. Her thighs shone in the dim room, her peachy butt was plump and tight, and they could see the faint outline of her pussy through the thin cloth of her panties. Above all that, there was a flushed face of the embarrassed girl who was almost being suffocated by her own breasts. It was the perfect position for tormenting her, one that would allow them to witness every single one of Mikoto’s reactions.

[Wh…… What the hell are you saying!? Cut the crap and let go of me this instant!]

Mikoto shouted angrily, trying to conceal the embarrassment that started to flood her heart.

[There’s no way that I will ever act cute or obedient for the likes of you! Once the typhoon passes, you are going to reap what you sow! We contacted our friends on the mainland, so they are on their way here as we speak! So I’m never going to give up! Never ever!]

Mikoto shouted those words, but they were meant more for Takeru and Sui rather than for the men that was surrounding her. If they endure this hell for two or three days at best, Yamato will surely come here to save them! Maybe they will even send some additional Exorcist that would help to exorcise the youmas that were coursing inside of Sui’s body.

(That’s right, all we need to do is to be patient……)

Mikoto told herself that, and continued to tell herself that over and over again, just so that she could chase away the dark despair that was beginning to set inside of her heart.

[No need to be so cheeky, Missy.]

The men’s hands started to move across Mikoto’s thighs, groping them all around. Their hands felt so gross against Mikoto’s skin, but they weren’t concerned about that, groping her and digging their fingers into her young and springy flesh without any reservations. Some other hands were placed on Mikoto’s butt as well. And even if the men let go of her, new hands were already waiting for their turn to have a taste of Mikoto’s young skin, their sweaty fingers causing Mikoto’s panties to dig deep inside of her butt.

[So smooth, so moist, nice to the touch.] [Her flesh is so nice and springy. It reacts nicely when you touch it.] [No, stop it…… Nnh……!]

The worm-like fingers wiggled their way around the inner part of Mikoto’s crotch, feeling it restlessly. Mikoto didn’t wanted to admit it, but the way in which they were touching her was spreading a soft and sweet feeling all across her nether regions. They were only touching her slightly, but it caused her body to react in such a way. She tried to hide it, but unfortunately for her some of the men caught wind of this.

(S, something…… Something like that……)

To prevent sweet moans from escaping from her mouth, Mikoto bit on her lips and was doing her best not to be heard by the men. The more pleasure she was feeling, the weaker her body was starting to feel.

[Kufu…… Ah, nnh… Uugh…… Aah!?]

The pleasure, similar to slight electric shocks, was gradually starting to reach Mikoto’s pussy as well, sinking deep inside of it.

[Nnnhhh!? Starting to feel it? You must be really sensitive down there……] [N-No! You’re wrong! I’m not!]

Mikoto instantly tried to deny those words, but she couldn’t possibly stop or hide the fact that her thighs and butt were slowly starting to tinge in a deep shade of red. Seeing that the men became visibly happy, starting to stroke Mikoto’s crotch through her panties with renewed vigor. They were stroking it and squeezing it, rolling all around it and thrusting their fingers, experimenting with new ways of stimulating her genitals.


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