Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 6 Part 8


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Wrapped in the warm aftermath of their own ecstasies, Takeru and Sui slowly separated from one another, looking as though they were about to faint. The men continued to pump their hips into them regardless, without even a slightest bit of concern for Mikoto.

[Nnh…… Aah!? Why!? Why, why, why!?]

Mikoto screamed and jumped up, feeling that her pussy was itching tremendously yet again, even though it should have been fully satisfied just about now. However, when she tried to reach her own hand towards her crotch she was suddenly grabbed and when she reflexively tried to close her legs they were forcibly spread open.

[Are you perhaps deaf? I told you, didn’t I? Your pussy is not yours to do as you please anymore.] [Looks like we need to tie you up again so that you won’t do anything inappropriate with those filthy hands of yours.]

Mikoto’s knees were tied to her shoulders, and her wrists were tied to her ankles so to prevent her from moving freely. It was even more frustrating since she could see her pussy clearly in this position, but she was unable to reach it.

[N, no…… No way……!]

She could feel something running rampant inside of her pussy and urethra. Not even Sui and Takeru’s fingers were able to send shivers that powerful throughout her whole body like that. The feeling of being ravaged like that was making Mikoto go crazy.

[Uh, uuuhhh……]

Mikoto tried to move even with her restraints on, but it was no use.

The ever increasing pleasure was slowly becoming unbearable, and the fact that Mikoto could not plunge her fingers inside of her pussy or to rub her own nipples was filling her with mortifying sense of anguish.

She wanted to make herself feel good, but she was unable to do that.

[Y, you stupid…… meanies……] [Huh? We didn’t promise you anything now, did we? Sorry to say this, but you have no choice but the bear with it.]

There was a big shadow dwelling right behind the island elder. It was a huge youma, one with slimy tentacles and flower-like petals made out of reddish flesh in place of its head.

And it wasn’t alone.

And it wasn’t the only kind that was there.

They were coming out of the murky darkness, wiggling its bodies and dripping drops of fluids onto the ground, closing in towards immobilized Mikoto.

(Ahh…… Aaahhh, I must do something, I must fight…… But……)

Seeing the youmas, Mikoto’s Exorcist instincts kicked it, but it was far too late for that.


Before she could do anything or react in any way, the myriad of gross tentacles reached out towards her, aiming towards her exposed pussy and boobs……


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