Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 7 Part 2


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Her boobs felt like they were on fire, and then the men grab her legs by the knees and open her up forcefully, laughing at her all the time.

Right next to Sui, Takeru’s butt was drilled mercilessly while she was furiously sucking on a man’s dick, dripping saliva all over it as she was taking it all the way to the root.

[Nnh, mhh, chuu…… Chuu, sluurp……]

While she was moving her mouth, a mixture of pre-cum and saliva drips from the corners of her mouth while there are tears dripping down her cheeks.

[Is my dick so delicious that you’re actually crying because of that?] [Muaah…… Delishiush…… sho good…… Sluurp, suuck…..!]

While continuing to be raped and servicing various men, Takeru could feel her sexual desire being stirred up inside of her womb over and over again. While her ass was making loud and obscene noises, her pussy was dripping with love juices as it was gaping wide, falling onto the floor.

Get a dick thrust into her, get raped, get creampied, an then the whole procedure would just repeat itself when a new man would come and insert himself inside of her. All of that was making her whole body become hot and tremble with desire, and the sight of her lusting eyes and quivering pussy would only serve to stir the men’s desire for her even more.

And then there was Mikoto, sitting in the corner of the room with a big youma growing inside of her bloated stomach.

[Kuh, ugh…… Noooah……]

Her whole body was currently being surrounded by meaty tentacles that looked just like male’s genitals.

It was a group of youmas that the islanders called King’s Bugs. They may have looked like giant slime-covered tendrils with petal-like protrusions at the end of their heads, but in truth, they were hiding even more youmas inside of them.

Mikoto’s thin arms were covered by slimy tentacles that wrapped themselves around her tightly, stretching them up and feeling her arms with a strange feeling of warmth. Each of her fingers was swallowed by small mouth-like tentacles, and they were sucking on them restlessly.

There was a bunch of slug-like youmas gathered around Mikoto’s legs which were spread widely by the tentacles wrapped around them. Each of the slugs was the size of a small puppy. They were crawling all over Mikoto’s legs and abdomen, making her feel gross and making her legs feel awfully heavy and stiff. Another group of small youmas were crawling around her feet, only beginning their journey towards the upper parts of Mikoto’s body. Of course, there were also tentacles wrapped around Mikoto’s toes, sucking on them and feeling even her toenails with a sense of undisputable pleasure.

The tentacles wrapped around Mikoto’s boobs squeezed tightly, making a sound of flesh being stretched out like rubber reverberate throughout the room. Their warm and slimy fluids were completely covering Mikoto’s breasts, making them look glossy and shiny in the dim light.

[Uhh, ahh……]

Mikoto could feel something hot being stirred up inside of her boobs. Squeezed by the tentacles, white threads of milk keep on squirting from inside of her boobs, staining her flushed skin and erect red nipples, making them even stickier than before. Those tentacles were milking her just like you would milk a cow.

Her butt was also so swollen and red that it was hardly ever resembling a part of a woman’s body anymore.

Mikoto’s pussy was spread wide open by many small tentacles equipped with small suction cups and hooks. The tentacles were also sucking on her erected clitoris, constantly being rubbed by the swollen belly that was bouncing up and down to the tact of the shivers and tremors that were rocking Mikoto’s body.

(Ta…… Takeru……! S… Sui……!!!)

Mikoto’s eyes were desperately looking for any sight of her friends, but the only thing she was able to see was a dark-red wall of flesh and meat. Her view was completely blocked by the squirming and pulsating tentacles, covered in blood vessels that made them look just like human’s insides would.

[Fuah, nnh…… Ugh! Nnh!?]


A bunch of animal-like penises were rubbing themselves all over Mikoto’s mouth and cheeks.

Another portion of dick-like tentacles were poking at her boobs, and yet another group was sucking on her bloated stomach with their cups. Right behind Mikoto’s belly, there were lots of small, centipede-like youma crawling their way upwards, as if they were trying to locate the stop through which they could get inside of Mikoto’s body. The noises they were making could cause goosebumps on anyone, even if they weren’t afraid of bugs.

There were also massive tentacles pressing against Mikoto’s back and hips, massaging them strongly. Although Mikoto wanted to curl in a ball in order to protect herself from them, their massage was causing her muscles to become all loose and relaxed, making her completely defenseless against the youmas.

(N… No…… Nooo……!!!)

She also felt that something was moving inside of her womb, stretching it to its absolute limits.

Then there were the tentacles around her butt. Equipped with fleshy beads, and every single beads covered in even smaller beads, constantly massaging the inside of her rectal cavity. They looked just like twisted versions of Christian rosaries.

The tentacles inside of Mikoto’s anus were twisting and turning like tree roots. Her inner walls were being scraped by small protrusions, no bigger than a tip of a fingernail. All of those sensations were connecting with the pleasure that was ravaging Mikoto’s womb, making her lose her mind over and over again.

Provoked by the constant assault of the meaty tentacles, Mikoto’s insides felt as though they were about to be turned inside-out, producing so much love juices that it was hard to believe a single person could secrete so much of them. But none it was going to waste. For every time Mikoto’s juices left her quivering pussy, there were small youmas waiting for it, sucking out the precious nourishment with their long and thin tongues, as if they were sucking out a delicious nectar. That kind of stimulation was also affecting Mikoto’s whole body.

[Naah, haah…… I-It’s moving…… So, hooot~~……!!!]

Something was starting to move inside of her womb, causing her belly to become increasingly hotter than ever before. That hot sensation was gradually spreading around Mikoto’s whole body, travelling across her spine and reaching even the tips of her fingers and the ends of her hair.

Feeling that, the youmas trapped inside of Mikoto’s boobs began to move more feverishly as well, as if sensing what was going to happen.

[Kuh…… Hyaah!?]

The sensation around Mikoto’s clitoris was overwhelming.

The slug-like youmas began to move restlessly around Mikoto’s whole body, travelling towards her abdomen and gathering around that part in anticipation.

[Aaahhhuh, aah, nnh, uuuggghhh……!!!]

The sparks of violent pleasure created inside of Mikoto’s womb begin to travel throughout her insides and alongside her spine, throwing her whole body into a fit of rough convulsions. Twitching and shivering time after time, Mikoto was having trouble with controlling her own limb any more.

(No, don’t, please…… Cum, I’m cumming…… I’m going to cum again……!!!)

Right about now, while being tormented by the intense feeling of climax, she was nothing more than a puppet dancing on the tentacle strings that the youmas attached to her.

And just like a puppet, she could only do her master’s bidding.

The wet and obscene sounds her own body was making was causing Mikoto’s ears to turn red with embarrassment. At the same time the tentacles don’t stop to massage her body all over. Just then she could see a tentacle approaching her head, feeling its way around it. Upon finding the entrance to her ear, the tentacle inserts itself in it right away.

[Eaah!? Uuuooohhh!? Aaahhh!?]

Her whole nether regions contracted strongly in response to this sudden stimulation.

Suddenly the pleasure from all the tentacles surrounding her became that much stronger.

Mikoto’s butt contracted around the tentacles still inside of it, making their rough caresses that much stronger and intense.

The inside of her head was turning pure white.

She was being wrapped around a thick and sweet mist of pleasure, just like a cotton candy. She was no longer able to think straight.

[Aaaugh, uuuggghhh, nngh, aaauuuggghhh!?!?!?]
Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 2

Mikoto screamed out loud like a wild beast, unable to control her voice any longer.

Her love juices and urine gushing out from inside of her, Mikoto twitched so hard that her body almost broke free of the tentacle’s grasp, stretching them to their very limit.


And then it all started to subside. Before Mikoto knew it, it was already over.


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