Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 7 Part 4


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



The metal tool stirred Mikoto’s insides as it poked he deepest parts. A sharp sensation similar to pricking of thousand needles assaults her deepest parts, causing her belly to simmer and shake strongly.

[Hyahh, kuh, ugh, uhh…… Afuueh!?]

A very strange and strong sensation assaults her belly. The tip of the metal tool finally pierced her cervix and plunged itself inside of her baby chamber. Mikoto could feel that whatever it was inside of her belly started to move around restlessly trying to avoid the foreign object.


Her belly stretched and deformed grotesquely in response.

[Fuah, aah, uhh, nhh, nhmm…… S… stop it! Your breaking me! I’m going to break……!]

Something thrashed about inside of her, casing Mikoto’s face to twist in agony and her eyebrows to frown. She could feel the things inside of her trying to move towards the place from where the tool came from. This meant that the time of birth was coming closer.

A new wave of love juices erupted from Mikoto’s insides, this time around a lot thicker and tainted with red. As her pussy twitched and spasm in pleasure, the youma around her clitoris bites into her yet again, sending a new kind of pleasure throughout Mikoto’s body.

[It’s alright, it’s alright. You’ll start feeling really good soon.]

A new man appeared right behind Mikoto, whispering into her ear while playing around with her boobs and laughing happily while he was at it.

As her boobs got rubbed together, they were distorting almost as much as her swollen belly.

[Kuh, nngh…… You, ngh, nnh……!]

Being violently groped like that, Mikoto could feel a hot and swelling sensation blooming inside of her breasts. It felt as though the bugs inside of her breasts were trying to get out, and the sensation was making Mikoto go wild.

(Aaah, no way…… Shit… Shiiitttt……!!!)

Unfortunately, it was just as the man said. As the metal tool kept on twisting and pressing against her insides, its coldness started to change from painful to pleasurable. As the hot ripples travel in between her womb and her breasts, Mikoto’s whole body was becoming flushed and sweat-ridden. Her nipples as if there was electricity running through them and the bugs swiriling inside of them started to actually hurt.

[Hah! Uuuhhh!?] [Kuh! Ugh! Nnh! …… Mnngh!!!]

Mikoto could hear the cries of bot Sui and Takeru, being raped somewhere else where she couldn’t see them. Out there, they were embracing one another, rubbing their swollen bellies against the floor and letting the men violate their butts over and over again.

(W… What is it? What is going on over there!?)

Both of them were so lost in their animalistic lust that they stopped caring about anything else. Their eyes moist with tears, their lips trembling in between hot moans, their pussy lips trembling in anticipation. Their cheeks were flushed red and their lips twisted in a kind of smile that made them a truly terrifying sight to behold.

[Don’t you look so envious, you two! We are going to fuck you two good as well, so you can experience that as well! Of that you can be sure!] [Eeh……!? Ahh!? Aaauuuggghhh!?]

Meanwhile, Mikoto’s back was arching tremendously under the amount of pleasure being delivered to her by the metal tool. Her limbs twist, her back shiver, her boobs bounce and her belly sways.

The intense feelings that were ravaging her only continued to increase.

Having reached her deepest parts, the metal tool was now slowly being pulled out from inside of her.

[Hii!? Agh, uguh!?]

Mikoto’s insides try to clamp around the metal tool, trying to keep it inside, and that sensation gave her even more pleasure, casing her belly to bulge even further. It felt as though her flesh wasn’t going to let the tool go that easily. The pleasure she was feeling when the tool was working its way out against her flesh got transmitted throughout her whole genitals and then alongside her whole body.

[Hahii, hahii, haaahyyyiiiiiiiii……!!!]

Together with those feelings, the tremors reverberating throughout Mikoto’s body also increased. When the metal tool stopped clogging up the entrance to her womb, a new wave of love juices gushed out of it, gradually leaking out onto the floor and overflowing in unimaginable amounts, making her thighs all wet and sticky.

(Uuuuuuhhhhhh!? Aah, it’s so hot! I’m burning… up… ngh!?)

Mikoto’s own secretions right now were mixed up with plenty of aphrodisiac from the youmas that were inside of her. Her skin, bathed in those secretions, was becoming so hot that Mikoto was unable to take it any longer.

[See, look how it’s coming out? What a nice and thick thread it is?.]
Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 4

The thread of thick juices that the tool managed to scrub from inside of her womb was long, thick, silky and glossy from all of the love honey that was covering it. Then the man took it with his fingers and pulled it in half with ease.

[Hiiha, nnh!? Haghyiii!?]

Feeling something incredible happening to her belly, Mikoto’s back arch even further.

[Look how strong it is. You’d be surprised just how easy it is to break something like that.] [Hyiigiii!! Aah, stop…… Gyah!?]

Every time the thread was pulled by the man, Mikoto could feel a rocking sensation running throughout her stomach.

It wasn’t anything as pleasant when the tentacles were going throughout her insides before.

It was something way stronger than the feeling of being violated by a youma-mutated cock.

[Hyauh, ahyii!! Kyauah, aaahhh!!!]

Having this thread played with by the man, Mikoto’s body responded violently and thrashed so hard that the other men had trouble with pinning her down. She felt as though the inside of her head was turning white and her whole consciousness was shattering to pieces.

It seems that this thread was somehow connected to the pleasure she was feeling. For her it felt as though she was experiencing climax after climax, causing her to scream without stopping, almost as if her entire being was being turned inside out.

(Ahh…… I, I see……)

Sui and Takeru must have gone through the same thing. The unimaginable pleasure must have been destroying their sanity in the same way as it was now happening to her.

If that’s so, then it cannot be helped. It wasn’t something they could fight back. If it feels so good, then there’s no helping it but to go crazy from it. The only thing you can do is to simply go with the flow and indulge yourself in it.

[Now, get on all-fours. No need to be afraid.]

[Eh? ……Ah!?]

Mikoto was grabbed again and pushed forward onto the tatami mats. Pulled by the gravity, her boobs press against the floor, her nipples brushing against its texture and sending shivers up Mikoto’s spine.

(What? What are you, doing……? What’s happening!?)

The pleasure was already messing with Mikoto’s mind. She was at the brink of her sanity. She felt that even slightly more pleasure than this, and something seriously bad might happen to her. That her mind would no longer be able to pull itself together.

But she was unable to move. There was nothing she could do to prevent this from happening.

Her heart was racing like crazy and tears were welling up inside of her eyes.

Even though she suffered so much humiliation that she thought she might die from it, she didn’t have enough. She wanted more of it. She wanted to achieve even bigger pleasure. Soon, she understood why she was feeling that way. It was the same kind of symptoms as the ones Takeru was suffering from.

She wanted the man to play with that strange thread of her that he pulled out of her womb more and more and more ––––.

She wanted the men to grope her boobs violently. She wanted them to caress and rape her butt over and over again.

She wanted it. She wanted it so bad! A long, thick, hot, sturdy dick!

(N-No! That’s not it! I don’t want it! I don’t want such a filthy and obscene thing as this!)

What was she thinking, desiring something like that!? Wasn’t that going against everything she stood for all this time!? Wasn’t that with direct contradiction to what she wanted to do right about now!? She wanted to save Sui and Takeru, and yet…… She was acting like a horny bitch in heat. Instead of focusing on what to do to get out of this situation, she was focusing on just how much of her thick love juices were oozing out of her womb, as well as threads of white and sticky milk that was leaking out of her nipples that were rubbing against the rough surface of the tatami floor.


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