Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 7 Part 6


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Driven solely by lust at this point, Takeru and Sui had their faces stuffed full of dicks while they shook and swayed their breasts and waists, tempting the men further into doing them.

(Aaah, nnh, mnh!? D-Don’t, no……! My body… My body is shaking so much……! Gah, aah, ugh!?)

The thread connecting them was pulled violently by the shaking girls, causing their love juices to fly in the air and stirring their aphrodisiac-filled pussies. Everything was causing Mikoto pleasure right about now: her pussy, her breasts rubbing against the tatami floor and her deformed belly inside of which the movements were becoming stronger and stronger.

The vibrations coming from inside of her stomach was causing her nerves to shiver all over. Her body was even more sensitive than it usually was. Her swollen nipples were tingling while rubbing against the floor. Her pussy felt as though caressed by electric currents every time fresh air would brush against her reddish insides.

Even though she shouldn’t feel that way. Even though she shouldn’t feel that way ––!

[Haaauuuhhhhhh…… aaahhh, nnnhhh, uuuggghhh!!]

As Mikoto’s waist begins to move on its own, sweet moans start to leak out of her mouth against her will.

[Yah! Aaahhh!?] [Ahyiiiaaahhh!!]

Feeling the sudden sensations coming from the gooey thread, both Takeru and Sui let out surprised cries, their butts shaking violently. Both of them felt that deep inside of their pussies.

[Good… It feelsh sho good……! Mikotooo, pleashe do it again! It felt shoo goooood right now……!!] [Do me, please screw me…… Mikoto-chaaan, make a messs out of meeee……!!]

Mikoto could hear the girls’ voices through the sound of their moans and the sound of their body fluids gushing out of them without stopping. Her own insides were soaking wet right now, and the excess amount of love juices were looking for a way to overflow outside of her. Before she could even notice it, her hands slowly started crawling towards her own crotch.

(No, don’t! I shouldn’t! I shouldn’t be doing this……!)

But Mikoto’s body was already starting to act on its own, betraying the rationality of her mind.

She could also no longer stop the sensations that were tearing her belly apart, so loud and clearly visible right now that she couldn’t even hide it even if she wanted to.

[Aaauuuhhhhhh!? My insides… they are itching and trembling… so much……!!]

As Sui let the penises out of her mouth, she let out a horrifying cry caused by the pleasure that was ravaging her insides through the thread. She leaned her body forward, trying to rub her boobs and belly against the floor as much and as strongly as possible.


The way in which Sui’s boobs were rubbing against the floor made both Mikoto and Takeru’s stomachs distort even further, sending violent spasms throughout their bodies.

Sui keeps on moaning and screaming, hitting her boobs against the floor even harder, which in turn causes her body to shiver even harder.

[Mmmnph!? Mupuh… Puah!?]

Unable to resist the sensations rocking her stomach, Takeru spits out the dicks from her mouth as well, driven crazy with all the pleasure Mikoto and Sui were giving her. Her boobs were hurting so much that Takeru reached out towards them with her fingers and started to massage them furiously, pinching her erect nipples and pulling on them without mercy.


The pleasure it was causing her couldn’t possibly be compared to anything else she has ever felt in her life ever before.

[Kyah, hyiih, nnh, yhiiiuuuhhh!!]

Blinded by the pleasure, Takeru falls onto the floor and starts rubbing herself all over it, squeezing as much pleasure as she possibly can right now. As her beautiful asshole twitches and spasms Takeru throws her butt upwards, just like if there was a human holding her and violently penetrating her bum right now.

Takeru’s movements also get transported throughout the thread, assaulting Mikoto and Sui at full force.

(Aaahhh, don’t…… so hot…… My belly, my breasts…… They are all burning, burning up, uuuhhh!!!)

As the movements inside of her stomach intensify, Mikoto feels as though there is a high fever ravaging her body from the inside. The youmas inside of her boobs are becoming restless yet again, irritating her overly sensitive skin.


As her boobs continue to rub against the floor, Mikoto feels as though they are going so numb that they might actually fall off at some point now. Unable to deal with this sensation any longer, Mikoto tries to get back on her knees and to take her boobs as far away from the tatami floor as possible.

[Uugh!! Aaahhh!?]

Her boobs, now free of any constraints, bounce around like a pair of wild beasts, bringing Mikoto pleasure with each their shake and bounce.

And even if Mikoto was trying to stop her waist from moving, it was to no use. She was no longer able to do that.

[More. More, more, more! Moremoremoremoremoreeee……!!!]

Pulling on the thread with all of their might, both Takeru and Sui swung their hips like mad, their moaning voices slowly starting to sink into one inside of Mikoto’s ears.

[N…… No, don’t, don’t, don’t, please don’t! If you… do that… so strongly… I’ll……! I’ll……!!]

Intense pleasure assaulted Mikoto’s insides without mercy.

She could feel an incoming tidal wave that was soon to assault her body and take her with it somewhere she shouldn’t go to.

(M, my breasts…… Ahh, I’m melting, I can feeeel ittttt……!!)

The pleasure of her boobs freely bouncing around was sending waves of ecstasy inside of them, causing Mikoto’s erect nipples to become even more tingly and agitated. She tried to put her hands on her boobs to try and stop them from moving around so much, but it only served to amplify the pleasure she was experiencing right now.

[Hafuah!? Aah, nooo……! Aaahhh!?]

Going against her will, Mikoto’s own fingers began to knead her boobs intensely, trying to squeeze as much pleasure out of them as they possibly could. Mikoto’s mind was slowly getting its reason back, but what good was it to her if her body was no longer hers to command?

Her thin fingers press hard on her nipples, as if trying to push them inside of her breasts. They press around her boobs, trying out various spots and angles, making Mikoto feel better and better against her will as her whole body started to sweat intensely.

[Kuh…… Uuunnh…… Uuh……!!] [Look how she plays with her own boobs. What a perverted kid she is.]

No! No, that’s not it! I’m not like that! Mikoto wanted to shout, but her voice was stuck inside of her throat.

Her tongue was tied because of the sweet moans that were leaking out of her mouth and her mind was becoming clouded with pleasure yet again.

[If you keep on moaning like that, you can’t blame us if our dick will become so stiff.]

Said one of the men while approaching Mikoto with his dick completely erect. There was a bitter smile on his lips as he took his swollen member and plunged it deep between the valley of Mikoto’s breasts, delivering even more intense stimulation to her.

[Kuaaah!? Aaah, s, so stiff~!!]

The touch of the stiff dick on her aphrodisiac-moistened skin felt good to Mikoto. As the dick started to go up and down the valley in between her breasts, Mikoto was trying to tell herself that it was wrong, that it didn’t feel good at all, but it was all to no use.

[Ugh, uuuuuuhhhhhh!? Aaaahhhh!? Don’t, stop, noo…!! Ugh, uuuggghhh!?]

Mikoto’s hands squeeze her boobs together, causing them to encompass the dick that was raging in between them.

The aphrodisiac made it feel as though Mikoto’s cleavage was nothing more but another pussy for the men to use as they saw fit.

(It’s it moving! It’s moving, it’s moving, it’s moving so much!)

Driven by the lust of her own flesh, Mikoto slowly started to move her whole body as to try to match the movements of the man’s dick.

[Naah!? Aaahhh, aaahhh!?] [Hyiigiii!? Hagyiii, hyigyiii!!!]

Feeling the pleasure that was assaulting Mikoto’s body, Takeru and Sui also begin to wriggle around the floor, pulling on the thread so much that it looked as if it was about to snap.

These motions of having a dick in between her boobs and squeezing it from the sides were even more stimulating than rubbing herself onto the floor before. Even though it shouldn’t be possible, right now Mikoto was looking ever lewder and more indecent than ever before, pinching her own nipples and pleasuring herself like that.

The inside of her womb was pulsing strongly, alongside the strokes of pleasure coming to her through the thread.

The way in which her nipples were rubbing against one another was causing her to sweat a whole lot, gushing love juices all the time without any indication that it would soon stop.


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