Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 8 Part 5


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko




At the same time the other tentacles got underneath Mikoto’s uniform, wrapping themselves around her breasts and legs. With her skin being overly sensitive right now, Mikoto felt as though she was ready to pass out from that feeling.

(Uuh, aaahhh, this is…… so… so intense…… I can’t……!)

The tentacles press their stiff tips against her skin. Right now they were just like normal dicks running rampant inside of her uniform. Some of them even had small tongues protruding from their tips, licking Mikoto’s skin all over and coating it with aphrodisiac even further.

[Nuuugh!? Aaahhh, nnnggghhh!?]

She could feel a sharp sensation at the very base of her thighs. Other youmas were climbing their way up her legs, stroking her clitoris with their tentacles and inserting themselves right into her urethra with tentacles that looked like single strands of hair.

[Hyaah, hyiii….. Hyiiiiii……!!!]

Between her assaulted nipples and caressed pussy and clitoris, a tremendous current was currently flowing. This caused the youmas that were still inside of Mikoto’s womb to become more agitated, using their small limbs and sharp fangs and claws to make a way for themselves to be free, stirring Mikoto’s insides up in the process.

SCRATCH! RIP! TEAR! –––– having her insides scratched like that made sparks of both pleasure and pain flash right before Mikoto’s eyes. Comparing it to the pleasure she was feeling the last time,


Endeared by Mikoto’s reactions, the octopuses accelerate their movements, going in and out of her butt even more violently than ever before, sending splashes of thick ass juices all over the place.

[Aaah, uuuh…… Nnh, oooh, ooouuuggghhh!?]

The youmas inside of her belly and throat secrete even more aphrodisiac now, making Mikoto more aroused and causing her whole body to become so hot that she thought she might burn herself any moment now.

(N, don’t…… Something like that, I mustn’t…… Ahh, but… But, but, but, but, but……!!!)

Her boobs, her ass, her pussy, her throat, her thighs…… every single place that was tormented by the youmas felt increasingly good to Mikoto right now. It looked as if her pleasure nerves were greatly enhanced. The sensations all over her nipples, ass and clitoris should be painful right now, but instead they were feeling so good that Mikoto was unable to bear it all.

[Yauuugggh! Yaaah, yaah, yaaaagh!?]

The sensations going on inside of her body were causing her sking to shiver and her limbs to tremble uncontrollably. Because of the heat that was burning up inside of her, her whole body was becoming sweaty with beads of sweat falling from her arms, legs, neck and boobs.


The youmas, feeling Mikoto’s excitement, began to move in an even more intense way, spreading her holes open as much as possible and coating them with their own secretions. The tentacles wrapped around her limbs and boobs squeeze her body in a rhythmic manner, as though they were trying to kiss her skin passionately. The youmas inside of Mikoto’s throat shake happily, their fluids turning Mikoto’s throat into yet another sex organ.

[Nnnhhh…… Nuaaahhh!? Aaahhh, aaaahhhh!?]

Mikoto let out a loud moan that reverberated throughout her body and went back right into her head, causing her mind to be clouded by pink fog. Even her lips right now were filling good, turning into sex organ like the rest of her indecent body.


The tentacles grabbing Mikoto strengthened their grip over the girl, leaving red markings all over her skin. Her left legs which was suspended in the air was pulled even further and her boobs were being mercilessly played with inside of her blazer.

(Ugh, I’m… I’m starting to lose my… my mind……!!)

Every time the tentacles dig into Mikoto’s skin, a sweet sensation is being born at that exact place. Being at the mercy of the pleasure, Mikoto could no longer distinguish anything from her surrounding, her sense of reason dissolving with each passing minute.

Her left leg was lifted so high in the air that Mikoto’s pussy was currently pointing towards the ceiling. Her gaping nether lips were thickly coated with love juices and emitted a thick, perverted fragrance. Her thighs and butt were also completely moisturized by aphrodisiac, shining in the dim light of the cave.

[Yah, uuugh! It’s opening! I’m being… spread wide open…… Aah, uuh!?]

Rocked by the overcoming sensations, Mikoto’s boobs rock and sway heavily. They were additionally coated in thick layer of Sui’s bodily fluids, and that fact alone was making Mikoto feel even more excited and hotter. The youmas desperately cling to her skin, making it impossible to get rid of them. Mikoto could only resign herself to their whims and what they would decide to do with her.


In response to the stimulation that was ravaging her body, the youmas around Mikoto’s breasts became more active and started rampaging on their own. As they were dribbling around her nipples, Mikoto could feel their every single move and its sensations reverberated throughout her even stronger than it was felt by her.

(So hooot, aaah, good……!! My boobs… they feel as though they are on… on fire……!!)

Her whole breasts felt as though there were sparks coming out of them. She wouldn’t be surprised if at some point they were to spontaneously combust at this rate. Her flesh was burning hot. Her boobs felt like they were on fire. She wanted to grab them and squeeze them together to calm this sensation down, but she was unable to.

When the nether part of her body twitched and shook, the upper part responded in kind.


Mikoto’s flushed boobs danced in the dim light, droplets of sweat flying in the air from them and falling to the ground. When the tentacles loosened their grip over them for a moment, it felt good as well, as Mikoto’s heart was filled with a sweet sense of liberation.


[Kuh…… Aaagh!? My nipples!? My nipples are……!?]


As Mikoto’s nipples got assaulted with great deal of fervor, she could feel that prickling sensation even in her abdomen. Then the ecstasy runs throughout her boobs.

Because of the youmas inside of her boobs and the milk gathered there, being caressed like that was more than Mikoto could handle for the current moment. Her sensitive skin was overreacting to the slightest touch and its color was changing from milky-white to flushed-crimson.

[Fuhaa, fuhaa, aaahhh!? M, my, ass, my ass….. Eeehhh!?]


As the tentacles from the octopus youma were reaching deeper and deeper inside of Mikoto’s butt, they swelled considerably and became rougher with their movements. As if carried through her inner walls, the pleasure her butt was feeling got transferred to her belly, increasing in intensity.

The youmas inside of her pussy also started to scrape her more violently, as if they didn’t wanted to lose to the octopuses in terms of intensity. Mikoto’s love juice-covered insides become more and more irritated, feeling pleasure unlike anything else. The excess amounts of love juices foam about and overflow from her pussy outside, dripping down onto the ground.

Mikoto’s stomach was bulging and swelling like crazy right about now, with her bladder feeling so hot as it was about to burst. This rampage was bringing Mikoto on the verge of the most exquisite ecstasy.

[S, simmering, simmering, uuuhhh, so hooot~! My boobs, my stomach, sooo hooot!!! My pussy, my ass, my everything!!! Hooot, hooot, so, soooo hoooootttttttt!!!!!!]

Mikoto screams while writhing on the ground, her ponytail sweeping the ground beging her.


The youmas making their way out of her pussy broke her body into a terrible convulsions one after another.

Having her nipples teased like that for so long, the lumps of hot breast milk were about to boil over from inside of her, erupting like hot fountains.

Feeling that, the tentacles inside of her butt accelerate, and the most obscene kind of pleasure fills Mikoto’s ass. All the ways in which she was being violated was pushing her mind closer towards the brink of pleasure from which there would be no turning back once she crossed that line.

[Haah, haa, haah, aaagh!?]

When her hips jump up strongly in a slight climax, she rose a high-pitched voice.


While Mikoto’s eyes rolled backwards, hot threads of white breast milk erupted from the tips of her nipples with enough force to go through her blazer’s fabric without any issue, soiling Mikoto’s face in the process.

(Fuah, aaah…… My boobs…… so good……)

As the white substance was leaking out of her, another strong tremor erupted throughout Mikoto’s boobs. Mikoto watched in warm bliss as the white and sticky threads fly in the air, staining everything that comes in their way.


There were also gushes of love juices being ejaculated from her pussy with much force.


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