Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 8 Part 9


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



She wanted them to enter her, to stuff her face full, to fill her pussy and ass to the point they would start to break and tear. With her lust ever increasing, her holes clamped down on the tentacles with even more strength than ever before. Her hands were working tirelessly to please the dicks that were warming her fingers, causing them to splurt their liquid all over her. Her ass and pussy were actively squeezing the tentacles, rushing them to release their pent up juices into their depths.

Her skin, wet and shiny with all the bodily fluids covering it, seemed to glow brightly in the dimly lit cave.

The tentacles inside of her butt picked their movements up a notch, causing her whole body to shake uncontrollably, making the other tentacles restless and agitated as well. Her ragged breath and sweet voices were unable to stop.


Meobachi’s sperm started to flood Mikoto’s womb in huge quantities.

The tentacles rubbing themselves against her and filling her mouth must have also slowly approached their limits, for their movements were becoming more and more rough, faster and desperate.

(I, It’s coming…… The hot stuff! The hot stuff is coming!!!)

Sensing that their ejaculation was fast approaching, Mikoto’s whole body tensed up as she prepared herself to accept it all and squeeze them all out of every last drop of cum they might have.

The bee youma behind her back screeches loudly, as if communicating that the way in which Mikoto was squeezing it felt good to it. It dug its claws into Mikoto’s boobs in a stronger manner, and accelerated the pace at which its stinger was penetrating her pussy, almost turning it inside out and making a mess out of her.

[Puah!? Hahyii!? Hayii, hayiii, haaahyyyiiiiii!!!]

The flesh walls separating Mikoto’s pussy from her ass were pressed against and scraped so strongly that the girl was afraid they might tear down at any moment now. Partaking to the youmas enthusiasm, she lifted her butt higher into the air and started to shake it vigorously, trying to make it even more pleasurable for them.

Her breasts bounced around, traces of love juices and saliva spilling in between them. Moving just like that created a completely new sense of pleasure, and Mikoto felt that she was once more on the verge of losing her consciousness.

[R, release it! Release it all! All of it! Right into my pussy! Meobachi-sama’s…… delishioush shemen…… releash it all!!! Releashshshshsh iiiiiitttttt!!!]

Finally, the moment she was waiting for was here and her whole body jumped ad twitched in excitement.




All of the Tentacles that were surrounding Mikoto came at once, releasing their cloudy liquids and spraying them all over her body and insides, turning her into a smelly mess.

[Aaahh!? Sho hot, sho hot, shoooooo hoooooottt!!! Shooo deep, shooo deep…… Sho much, sooo muuuch, shshshoooooo mmmmmmuuuuuuchchchchchch……!!!]

Being creampied so much made Mikoto’s mind slowly sink into a pure whire and warm void.


Unable to control her body anymore, Mikoto’s breast milk erupted in white threads from the inside of her squeezed boobs and she could smell a faint smell of urine, which must mean that her bladder also gave up from the intense ecstasy

[Foo, fuh, ah, ah, ah, aahhh, aahhh, aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!]

The torrents of white milk rain all over Mikoto’s clitoris, making it feel even better than before.

Her face felt so hot from climaxing over and over again.


White lumps of tentacle cum were dripping down her cheeks and neck, falling all over her hair and gluing it together.

Volume 2 Chapter 8 Part 9

Her eyelids felt heavy with all the cum splashed over them. Even her ears were full of spunk. causing her hearing to be somewhat impaired for a moment.

Lumps of cum stain Mikoto’s forehead, her flushed cheeks, shreds of her uniform and other wiggling tentacles, raining down upon her boobs without mercy. Right now Mikoto was stained white and marked with the putrid stench of youmas liquids, a mark that made her stand out amongst the dim lights.

[Fuaah, aaah, aaahhh……!! Eah, aguh……!?]


There was so much cum filling Mikoto’s throat that it was actually starting to flow backwards into her mouth. But there was also a portion that managed to flow safely into her stomach without hurting her one bit.

[Cough, cough……!!! Nnh, eeeh, aah……!!!]

Just spilling through her mouth was not enough, there was so much semen that it managed to get into Mikoto’s nose, making it hard for her to breathe. She somehow managed to get it out and breathe again ,but now thick threads of sperm were mixed with snot from her runny nose.

(Aaahhh, good…… Semen, sperm…… It feelsh shoo good……)

She felt so stuffed, but it was a pleasant kind of feeling, one that she didn’t mind.

Everything was making Mikoto feel good right now: the boiling cum filling her womb, lumps of hot spank shooting up her ass, thick and bitter taste sticking to her tongue, sliminess of liquids dripping down her body and the stench suffocating her nose.


Her pussy still continued to clump around the bee’s stinger, sucking it further and further inside. Drinking the precious cum, Mikoto’s belly slowly started to become rounder and rounder, until it went back to the state before she gave birth to all of those youmas.

The sperm that was unable to fit into Mikoto’s womb went back and overflown through her entrance, It kept on going down and down, eventually dripping off of her and forming a small puddle right underneath her.


Then the bee removed its dick-stinger from Mikoto’s pussy, dragging her insides behind it. Unobstructed by anything anymore, the semen gushed out of Mikoto’s pussy like a small fountain, with nothing being able to stop it from spilling. With the tentacles being pulled out of her ass as well, one could perfectly see her red insides if looked closely.

(M…… Moreee…… Fuck me…… Make a complete mess out of me……)

Even though she just received a huge helping of semen, she still wanted more.

After being violated so much by the youmas, her body would no longer be able to keep going without pleasure.

Mikoto then fell onto the ground right into the puddle of the semen that overflown from her, breathing heavily and unable to move. Her whole body stinging and painted white, she could only look right in front of her with unfocused eyes. A warm mixture of her love juices and youma’s semen kept on spilling out of her.

[Stick it in me…… Fuck me some more…… my beloved…… Meobachi… -shama……]

That was Sui’s voice, not Mikoto’s. Her whole body was shaking as she squeezed her boobs with one hand and pinched her nipple, while stirring her own pussy with the other free hand.

There was also Takeru, who had demonic sperm spilling from inside of her pussy and ass, crawling on all fours on the ground and wiggling her hips like a horny bitch in heat.

[Your…… delicious…… dick……! Uhh! Stick it in! Stick it in meee……! Naagh!]

She was inviting the surrounding youmas to partake to her as well.

They were no longer a trio of Exorcist. Not anymore.

After being repeatedly raped, the three women fell into the abyss of sinful pleasure and became nothing more but a seedbed for youmas to use as they saw fit.

And the youmas were going to make a good use of such potent seedbeds such as them.

[My pussy, it wants it…..] [Right there, right there, I beg of you…… Hurry!] [I’ll do anything for you, just please! Please! Fuck me senseless! …… I want to feel good again!!!]

With that, a myriad of youmas began to approach their prey and slowly deploy their tentacles ––––––



  1. No Yamada cameo this time. Thanks for the translation.

    I’m surprised they didn’t include the Mikoto scene in the ocean with the two locals.

    By the way, aren’t you missing the illustration where the youma are directly changing hosts where the Shiratori sisters were… docking. Should be page 217 according to the page numbers.

    • I’m glad that you liked it.
      The novels are slightly different from the games and OVAs, things that happen in them might not neccessarly happen in the novels.
      And we should have all the illustrations, according to the raws I managed to obtain.

  2. I’m glad that you like it.
    And yes, I am slowly working my way through the third volume. However, due to the nature of last year, it’s been going a lot slower than I would have wanted it to go.
    But rest assured, I am not going to abandon this series, not with the three more volumes to go!

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